Just some notes for tomorrow…

Some things to tell the therapist tomorrow would also be my… interesting memeory patterns and ability to differentiate or recognise things. For the longest time I never can tell the difference between hunger and nausia. I lack the ability to identify a headache.
I cannot tell when I am hungry or not. I’ll note to someone “I think I should eat something…” In response there will be, “Well, are you hungry?” I’d reply, “I cannot decide if I am or not.” In the end the person tells me, “Well, then I’ll decide for you. Go eat.”
Then when it comes to remembering something, it is also quite… ridiculous. Either, I am easily distracted, it does not compute until a long time later, or I forget all together.
Well, that is what this small post is mainly for. My dad will be leaving tomorrow and I will see the therapist later on. Other than that, I slept from nine to… around three this afternoon. Why? I suppose it was due to my muscles being a real pain and the lack of my usual sleeping patterns. Bleh.

Do I remember…?

Hrm… I knew I wanted to type up what has gone on, but now I recollect- wait. I might know now.
Um, yesterday my father arrived here around 3:30. He brought down a computer keyboard, monitor and mouse. I cleaned up the keyboard to replace the one iIwas using. It matched the tower better.
In midst of waiting for my mom to come home a package came. It was addressed to my mother, but I was questionable. When my mother was home I opened the package when she went off to get a knife to do it instead. It was my order. I was all smiles.
Sometime later we went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. When we were back home we watched two shows together. After that my mom came into my room to watch the weather due to a tornado warning. Whilst she did that, I stuck on my head phones and worked on one of my packages. A Mobile Suit Gundam kit… joy. I spent all night on that then.
By four, I was done. I took a shower and then hit the bad. Simply put, I was achy.
I woke up around eleven to go out furniture shopping with my parents. I have no idea how long we were out. They let me pick out a bed frame and with it some night stands. There was also something meant for an entertainment center, but we figured I’d use the empty space for something and the rest could be the shelf space I needed.
When that was accomplished we went to get groceries. The price was high. We got home and unpacked. after that I cleaned the kitchen some and did some laundry. Finally I collapsed on my bed. The running around finally started to effect my tensed muscles from last night… in fact, even my fingers still hurt for the night before.
I have no idea how long I slept, but I woke up again around six when my father finished making dinner. All of us at at the table, talked some, and in the end I retreated to my room and now am here. CP is on and I’ve done a bit of searching again.
I guess that is it. My dad will be leaving Monday morning. I’ll see the therapist around five thirty that night. Okay-oh…

The effects of then and now…

Okay then… can I recollect? My mother asked me to try to write this down, but it has been hours and even just a few minutes after the conversation it was very foggy. Lat me see… It was about my ability to hold a job more or less.

I brought up… something I had noted to her the night before. It was about how I took to school, then college and thus questioned if once I manage to get a job… will it turn out the same? Vague… so can it be elaborated?

I’ve mentioned this to the girls as well. I went to school. I graduated early. Did I care about school though? Did I strive to go to college and get a degree? Not really. I could care less in the terms of wishing. I only “cared” about those things through obligatory ways.

You need to graduate from high school. You need to go to college to have better chances of getting a job you want. Right? That is the gist of things from what I have seen. The thing is though, I lack ambitions and goals. I suppose one could say I lack drive.

I never had an idea for a major. I had no great dream of what I wanted to be when older. I just knew I had to do what I had to do to get by. If that meant school, I’d do it. If that meant college, I’d do it. It goes on.

The thought came along one morning while I was eating soup. It is written in this on April the twelfth even.

“I had managed to complete my junior and senior years in two months and a half. I was not driven to graduate early. I was not some genius who was able to skip years of school. I just wanted it over with. The same would have been for college. I did not want to do it. It was considered a necessity if one wished to get somewhere in life. I intended to go through it like I did with the preliminary schooling. I think I finally came down to the fact that I was utterly miserable, only did things out of obligation and no longer could handle that anymore. I was becoming utterly sick of the whole thing. Back then I remember times I would wonder what life really was. It was all clockwork and would remain clockwork until the batteries died down. That depressed me.”

My mother told me that having a job was not like school. I just needed to find a job that was also something I liked doing. The thing is though what do I actually like doing that could become a possible job?

The therapist I saw on Monday asked me what I did and what I enjoyed doing. That was a hard question for me. What I enjoyed doing…? Enjoy is a funny word. How does one know what enjoyment is? I’ve always lacked the ability to understand and pinpoint such things.

At the moment I am more at peace than I ever have been. I am content and I believe I am rather happy. I never thought I’d say or write such a thing when younger. Well, here I am. The thing is, will that remain later on?

I am a precise, intense and picky person I believe. At least, that is so in regards to things I work with. Kyle for one knows just by the conversations about computer art programs. I suppose that is due to my OCD tendencies if anything. If things do not go to my standards, I become irritable. I’ll try to control it… but if it continues, I will snap. I suppose that is why I could not do in a normal school setting.

I snapped a lot in my last years in regular schooling. I always tried to compensate for the down points by making myself more comfortable. However, such things were not highly acceptable. Some teachers allowed such, others did not. I know such luck will not occur in real life. People will not be so sympathetic in the “real world”.

Examples of what occurred in classrooms was how I spent my free time or even how I made myself comfortable for learning. Rather than sitting in the desk, I often liked to sit on it. Other cases was sitting differently than the others in the classroom.

In seventh grade Honors English class I sat in a desk that was a yard away from all of the others. I just moved there one day. It was not being used. The desk was the sort they used in elementary school classrooms. It was a big rectangular desk with a separated chair. it was right next to the window and I’d sit there somewhat away from all of the others.

In eighth grade I did the same oddity in my Science class. The room was set up for Science and experiments. The “desks” were like long lab tables. There were even sinks that were not usable on them. I moved to the end ledge where people do not sit. Thus, while everyone else was facing forward, I was sitting to look at the wall to the wall counterclockwise of the one they were facing. Both cases, the teachers allowed such.

In high school it was less acceptable, but some allowed me to do my own thing. A science teacher I had in tenth grade for Chemistry – god, I loved her – allowed me to get up when I had free time and draw on her board. she let me draw at my desk on my free time as well. When class was not occurring she allowed me to sit on the desk. I recall another time when the day was more or less a catch-up day I asked if I could sit near a window. The outer part of the room was lined by a long Science table used to do experiments on. It had the sinks as well. She allowed me to.

Another case was my English teacher that year. She was like one of my best friends. I’d stay in the room during lunch time and talk with her. Sometimes she’d try to get me to eat by sharing her lunch with me. Anyway, I always sat next to her desk at a podium that was next to it. She did not seem to mind. Perhaps it was because it kept all of the rowdy kids at bay – because it was not an honors class and a lot of the kids in there were out to do as little work as possible. The teacher mainly was out just to make sure they passed.

She was fine with me going ahead of everyone else. Sometimes I’d be a week ahead of everyone in the English class and would have time to just do whatever because of that. The teacher was fine with that.

I’ve always done best at my own pace, be it slow or fast. When it comes to getting something done I will usually try to get it done as soon and efficiently as I possibly can make it as possible. I like to get things over with.

When I’d get assignments that could be done in a week, I’d get them done the night of the day I had them assigned or at least as soon as I could. When I was allowed to work at my own pace at the alternative school I went break speed and got it over with in less than three months. When asked to do something I will usually do it as soon as asked just to have it done and taken care of.

I go at it intensely… and usually end up tiring myself quite a bit once it is done. I’ve always been considered serious. I’ll agree with that. I suppose that is why I do things as quickly as possible while at the same time making sure it is done to the best of my capabilities. If it is accomplished then I can relax again and not worry. If it is not, then I’ll be wasting time.

I suppose that is humorous for one such as I to say. I mean, am I not the one who is always at home, works my own hours at keeping the house clean and then usually spend the rest of the time on the computer? It is true, but that does not mean I am wasting time. At least, to me I am not.

Like this past week and a half, I’ve been working on this computer. I’ve been putting it in order and trying to make it as close to my standards as possible. I lost sleep, forgot to eat, spent up a lot of energy from concentration and the like. I did not consider it a waste of time. If I were to give up on my conquest and let it be, I then would consider that a waste of time.

Some would say all I do is sit in front of the computer and read. Is that a waste of time? Perhaps. But is it not much similar to those who sit around and read text books for classes? The only difference is that you are being graded on one case. At least, I see it like that on my side.

Why? I read. I gather information. I draw at times and create – something you do in an art class. I’ll teach myself things. I taught myself basics on HTML. Because of that, when in high school, I found Web-mastering utterly boring and restricting because I did not need to know the terms and what the heck HTML stood for. If I am never going to use it, I consider it a waste of time, memory and interest.

Well, that and I lack the ability to remember as well as comprehend names. That never was a strong point of mine. The idea of those who will always remember a face but not a name would be a good analogy. People can talk about something I already know and understand, but the communication is not bridged because they use lingo while I rely on just on hand learning.

I suppose it is due to my particular way of being able to be taught – I’m a visual learner. Words do not process for me that well. Ironic perhaps since I write quite a bit. Then again I know what I am getting at to begin with.

Anyway, I explained many of these things to my mother. Yes, we are getting back at hand here. I ramble too much. Well, we then tried to tap into things I do have an interest in. We came to that I like working with my hands. I like putting things together. I like puzzles. I do not do well with restrictions. I work at my own pace.

With the first three, I gave examples of why I believe. I noted that when I was being analyzed by the psychologist, I enjoyed the testing. I liked doing the puzzles, word associations and the like. I noted I always liked doing that sort of stuff. I had wanted to do small engine repair while in high school, but my schedule would not allows such. Why I wished to was to simply be able to tinker with things using my hands.

I recall doing puzzles, be them jigsaw or game like ones. I explained that I liked doing those because you do not require any specific knowledge or rules. You cannot be taught it step by step. You figure it out on your own. Someone cannot just say, in order to solve this you must start this way, then use such and such mathematical problem, know the date of this, etcetera. It does not require a great, learned knowledge. It requires commonsense and the ability to use it. At least, that is how I view it.

I suppose I also like doing that sort of thing because it is all based on your abilities alone. Sure, once and a while you can ask for help, but it is not something that requires great explanation. I never did well with others trying to explain things to me. It just does not seem to work with how I process information.

I also like analyzing, but to my own accord. I doubt I could put it to use when it is so limited. It has to peek my interest in order for me to want to analyze it, but when I do, I am fervent. I supposed I am a rather… particular individual.

There was another mentioning to my mother. I cannot quite recollect how it came to the conversation, but it was about how I react to things. As known, I will get irritable when things go out of balance of my specifications. Heh, I guess “routine” might be everything to me… even though it is a routine even I have a hard time pinpointing. It is just a nature thing.

Still though, once it is off and if it does not go back into order soon, I do not… meet the standards of how normalcy occurs. I remember hiding under desks at school just to get away even though the form was not quite… rational. I would become utterly irritable. If things would continue on I’d either lash out or inflict something upon myself. That is how I cope.

Like how I am able to work with things, I am also physical in how I cope. I would hit or kick people. I was not vocal. I never did well with words. That is my sister’s department. I lack a slick, stinging tongue. To compensate for that, I react through physical means.

I remember a time at high school when I was in Algebra 2. It was my sophomore year. The Algebra teacher was gone for the day and a substitute was there. The day before there was an assignment. I finished it early as usual and turned it in. She told me to work on something. All of the other students got into groups because they were allowed to.

I did not have anything I could work on in the classroom and I had a pretty tiring day so I just rested there with my head on my desk. That did not do well with the substitute. She insisted I do something. I tried, but what was I to do? I had no homework, I already did my math assignment, I did not have a book to read… I tried drawing, but I was not in the mood. She got onto me again. I tried yet again. Perhaps I’d write. I did not get that far though. I reached for something to write with in my bag, but ended up pulling out a pair of scissors.

That day I started snipping skin off my wrist. There was no slitting, no slicing the veins… I just started taking off small bits of skin. I remember finding the blood absolutely beautiful. The substitute walked past me a couple of times, but did not notice. I found that humorous. She noticed when I was simply resting and yet she did not notice I was making myself bleed. Simply put, I considered her an idiot and continued. I think I noticed the other kids were becoming aware what I was doing, but they did not say anything. I was… very… I just did not care. in my mind I thought, “You wanted me to do something. Are you happy now? I’m doing something! I’m not resting my head on the desk because I am freaking tired and feel sick! No! I am doing what you said! I’m doing something!”

I suppose one could say I was a bit upset. Heh. When the substitute was finally informed… I do not quite remember. The principle or someone like that was obviously informed. They had the class ushered out. There were some adults in there later, but all I remember out of them was my Geometry teacher from the year before. They took the scissors away from me and I was crying, sobbing or something. I was sent home for the day. I remained pretty upset.

Things like that happened before. Back in middle school grades six to eight and then what years I was in regular high school. I did not manage to get the sharp object before though. Still, I had plenty of breakdowns in the middle of a class, I saw one of the school counselors often, and pretty much… Just survived I guess one could call it.

Another thing that was littered about my school career was hitting and kicking people. That was how I dealt with things. I did not know what else to do, and it just came naturally. It was how I vented. Yeah, I wrote often as a venting process, but they did not do a thing for physical venting. Nothing else did as a substitute either. I tried. I did. But putting the adrenaline into exercise or the like did absolutely nothing.

The whole point of that train of thought is, I will likely still be that way whenever stressed. I do not think that will do for whenever I am in a stressed moment and I instinctively/naturally lash out and hurt someone. Nope… you cannot do that. If you do you will be sent to jail for assault.

I know I’ve tried calming myself during those times. That at most postponed. In the end it would come out though. My mom could tell times when I’d be irritable. I do not know well, since it is not of my view point… but I do know whenever I am in such moods I try to leave the room and hideaway until calm again or I ask the person to leave me alone because I do not want to end up doing something I’d regret. Usually it seems just leaving would do the trick… but that would likely only work at home. The other option usually either causes more questions or makes the person being told such to be affronted or something. Simply put, it is not a win situation.

So, what would one be able to do in regards to having a job when he or she is like this?

Sigh. Anyway, I’ll be seeing the therapist again on Monday at five thirty. My dad will be coming down this Friday, perhaps arriving around six. I’m getting off now. I’ve written quite a bit.


She was nice. I enjoyed talking with her. Whether this will result in ANYTHING seems unlikely to me, but still it was pleasant. I just thought I’d write that down for the heck of it.
Oh, and my dad will be coming down on Friday. We more or less got the house. Now he is excited and my parents intend to look around for some furniture to replace the extremely… well, the few that need to be replaced. Heh.
Also, CP and Neko are finally making appearances again. My poor girls. They are swamped in classes. It is too be expected though. The end of the semester will be coming up soon. The professors are likely cramming all of the things they did not manage to teach in par with their intentions into their present lessons now.
I cannot think of anything else to note.

The good and the bad…

Well, the good is that we have the house in our grasp. Another good is that my eye sight has only changed to be 25×20, and it is not a necessity to change my glasses, though I could have them changed. I have gotten all of my previous files onto this new computer. I am starting to get accoustomed to it, despite not as quickly as I would like. I cannot expect Rome to be built in a day though.
To a completely different topic…
Something I wanted ended up being from Hong Kong, so it is an absolute no. The disapointment was intense and made me sick. Another bad thing is my cooking abilities are going down notches. I left the oven on and ended up falling asleep. Thank heavens I had not stuck the pizza in there. By the time I woke, the pizza was thawed completely though. The other case was pasta. I let it cook about five or so minutes over. By the time I checked, half of it was burned into the bottom of the pot and the rest was a gooey mess on the top.
My main troubles is the GIMP program; it is a real pain for me. All of the tools that allow selecting are, for the most part, the sort I do not care for. The thing about layers confuse me and always have when I have fooled around with other programs on rare occasions. The ability to change coloring to my whim is difficult and well… the list goes on. I will likely ask Kyle if there is ANY way I can install and use something else.
Other computer related things are trying to get certain things to work media wise, but I think I am getting it down. I will need to ask Kyle about files that are made for Microsoft – WMP… I got one to play, but the picture really… sucks compared to how it would play on my previous computer. On every scene that has much movement/action it becomes blocky and pretty much I cannot tell what in ninth circle of hell’s name is occuring.
I am getting there though!
For miscellania…
I have managed to catagorize the music files more to my standards for the while. I will have much more work to do, but the job will be faintly easier I think.
On the 24th I will be seeing a therapist. I think it is unecessary, but what do I know?
My mom thinks I should work at a store we tend to get supplies for our pets at. She decided this when she saw how I took to the animals there. I would not mind, but I argued that the job is not the play with the animals, which is what I was doing and likely would do while on the job. Still though, we think it is best I do not start a job until my dad is here. Then I’ll have transportation and he can take care of the house in my place.
Well… I cannot think of much else… bye-oh…

Kyle is Insane…

Well, the other day, Kyle decided to pull out the big guns. He sent me a computer, which he built. My first train of thought when I opened it was, “What in the world has he done?!” My second thought was to call him up and pretty much yell out some randomness that would show my utter shock. I stopped that when I considered he might be busy and that he does live around six or so hours away from me.
In the end, I contacted him via messenger and we got to chatting. I finally moved many files I wanted to keep from my old computer elsewhere. I had the intentions to hook it up myself.
It seems my brother and father deem me helpless at such things. How silly of them. My brother kept telling me that he’d hook it up for me. Well, I thought I knew how. I mean, I’ve unhooked my old computer plenty of times and opened it up to later reclose it and then hook it up again. I took my luck, and tried. It took me a while, because the set up was faintly different. After a few times of not having it come on, I finally got it booted. The only thing I really needed to read on the instructions was for the password to the computer. The rest I relatively remembered, or lacked the necessity to look back on.
The only real issue I had in the end was the Internet. Kyle logged on and we worked on it together; he put me through steps. It finally worked. The rest of the night was spent replacing things on my Firefox. Links and all of that jazz needed to be retraced and put back on. Then I worked on placing back files I had saved in my email account on.
After all of that, I decided to see if I could work the scanner. It was a bloody pain. I think I have the idea down, it is just very complicated that I am limited. Perhaps over time it will get better. Once that was accomplished I tried out the pain program. It is nothing like the kind I’ve been using. It is a bit discouraging, because I do things on a certain basis. I figure I’ll learn over time, but… well, it is frustrating. I will likely be out of commision in regards to my DA account for a while. Sigh.
Kyle mentioned the music files on it. I looked through the music files and was blown away. I later let all of them play through the night.
I went to sleep after that. When I woke up the next day I did my chores and then got back to trying to get the computer closest to my standards. I worked on the Internet and eventually spent most of the day working on the music files. I have yet to accomplish the task. I’ve been getting rid of some of them because they just are not the sort of things I listen to just to listen to. The rest of the time was working on putting them in an order that works to my standards.
No matter how much I’ve accomplished though, it still is an ongoing “battle”. Somewhere in between I worked on trying to make a share port with my brother’s computer since I saved my other things on there, considering that my email account could not load so many things of such sizes. I made a port, I just did not know how I could make it allow me to access them from my side. My brother helped me with that when he woke up.
The rest of the day was pretty much doing all of that – working on making the computer to a level that I am comfortable with.
I did spend two hours away to spend time with my mother, and later when I recollected I lacked in eating, I tried to cook noodles. My easily distracted mind forgot about them and I burnt half of them and the rest were mushy goo. That was a waste. I commented to my mother that perhaps it was a sign I should not eat. She recommended I should try to eat something. I did so. Thank you, TV dinners.
After that I did some more work, like burning a few of the songs onto CDs so I will not be so overwhelmed, and now wind up here.
So… time to back track.
On Thursday evening my father got here. What happened before that, I have no recollection. Friday likely had little done, since I remember almost nothing. Saturday, he and I went grocery shopping and I am sure there were some other things, but again I cannot remember. He got the DVD Narnia though. My sister came by later. She and I watched the DVD that night. Sunday is another day I cannot remember well, but my eldest brother and his girlfriend came down and in the end the family ate dinner together. My sister, brother and his girlfriend left that night. Monday is a blur and on Tuesday morning around six my father left for his appartment. I also left the oven on for hours because I fell asleep. In fact, most of the time was a blur likely because I slept a lot.
There is not much left to say. Tomorrow, or today however it is seen, I will have an eye appointment around 2:30. Friday, my mom will be checking the house we have been hoping to get. Friday is also the day we will know whether we will be getting it or not. Here is hoping.
Oh, and the twins are nonexistent at the moment. I have not seen them for about a week now. For shame.

*Just how far? …

While I was eating soup this morning I came to the thought of how I took to school when younger. I had managed to complete my junior and senior years in two months and a half. I was not driven to graduate early. I was not some genius who was able to skip years of school. I just wanted it over with. The same would have been for college. I did not want to do it. It was considered a necessity if one wished to get somewhere in life. I intended to go through it like I did with the preliminary schooling. I think I finally came down to the fact that I was utterly miserable, only did things out of obligation and no longer could handle that anymore. I was becoming utterly sick of the whole thing. Back then I remember times I would wonder what life really was. It was all clockwork and would remain clockwork until the batteries died down. That depressed me.
It does not now. I think I am still in apathy about things. What came to me though was… If I ever get back out into the world again, it will likely be the same things all over again. I’d do what I have to do, push on, and hope for it to be done… Just like school. Only, this will be even longer. This will be… Working until I finally die perhaps.
My mom was in the room at that time. I felt like telling her these thoughts, but she was doing her prayers. Eventually that led to her reading and holding a religious figurine. I thought of asking her if she enjoyed doing what she did. Despite the times of tiredness and the days that are bad… Did she enjoy working? Did she enjoy what her life was like? I remained silent though because I never wish to interrupt others. I believe that was a sort of fault when I recollect how I would leave Kyle in a classroom whilst he was talking to someone and I decided to go.
Anyway, I could not contain all of these thoughts while waiting on my mother to finish. By then I’d likely forget all I wanted to say and remember. Therefore I rose and made a beeline for here to type this down.
I like my life right now. That is something I had never said before in my past. When I was little, when I was in elementary, when I was in middle school, high school, and college… I do not believe I ever uttered or wrote those words before. Now I am. How long will it last though? Perhaps I am being selfish. I wonder if I am lazy. My sister is working her way through college. My brother has a job. My parents both work hard. I merely stay home and look after the house. I sleep my own hours, eat on my own terms, and clean the house on my own time. That is a damn good life. I will not deny that. I am content with it.
The problem is… I still consider obligations. I still consider how I “should” live. I “should” go to college, or I “should” get a job outside the home. I am sure I could. I just wonder how long I’d go when it comes to that round. I know college did not last that long, but then again it was pretty much the same as my preliminary schooling. Well, I have not had a job yet, so I do not know if it will turn out. If the future does end up with me working at a job and I find myself reacting to it as I have done with other things that are “required”… Then my future will be a bleak one. It would likely depress me too.

Fight Your Inner Penguin…

The dentist appointment went smoothly and I had no real problems with my teeth. My dad will be coming down this Thursday and leaving on Tuesday. My brother should be back tomorrow. For Easter everyone is coming down here. Some point, I do not know when I will see a therapist. It has all been sorted out more or less. Now, it is time for the whole reason for this update…

Nyx says:
Fight your inner penguin….
Kayel says:
What does my inner penguin want?
Kayel says:
And why am I fighting it?
Nyx says:
Nyx says:
I just like the phrase.
Nyx says:
Also, nuns, baby. Nuns.
Kayel says:
Must you fight your inner penguin in order to be one with the duck?
Nyx says:
Nyx says:
Nyx says:
I know. Your inner penguin is your conscious. It has to be. Penguin = nun = conscious.
Kayel says:
You know what’s scary?
Nyx says:
Kayel says:
That actually made sense to me.
Nyx says:
Nyx says:
Nyx says:
Wonderful boy-o.

That occured last night. I love that sort of stuff. Joy.


Heh… I had one today. My mom forgot all about it, and she forgot to ever mention it to me after she had made it, whenever that was. All went well. I have no problems. I also got a new toothbrush from the deal, which is good since I needed one. Mine looks like a tree.
Friday I will be seeing Mrs. Wynn. Just thought I’d type this up for no apparent reason. Joy.

Not in an Updating Mood…

My dad got here on Friday. We went out to eat, at The Lakehouse. He made fun of a guy speaking in Espanol, which in turn ended with my lightly hitting him on the forehead and reprimanding him in what little Spanish I knew.
Saturday was a busy day for him. My mom’s car battery was having problems, my brother needed new shoes, the dryer died on my mom, and I am sure there were a few other things. My sister dropped by that afternoon.
Later we went to check out three houses. We loved the first one and the second one. We had to drop off my sister so she could do her homework and then chaecked out the third one. The entire family liked both the first ones so it was something of a toss up. I was adment about the second one though and argued the points of both places and the best one for the long run, which all pointed to my choice. Heh.
We just might go for it. I am not too clear about such things, but I think my parents are trying for it. Anyway, after that, we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. The talk at the table left much to be desired on my behalf. All of the talking in the car grated my nerves a bit, if my recollections are correct. My sister, brother and sometimes my dad all were talking. Sometimes they were trying to talk over each other…. I just was getting irritated by it. I tried to listen to the music on the radio, it was even playing a song I had not heard in a long time… I could not hear that over their voices though, thus it made me more annoyed.
When we got home I pretty much jumped out of the car even though it was still on and faintly moving. I had to hide out in my room. I cannot remember much about the rest of the day other than my sister coming into my room and borrowing a DVD from me.
Sunday… I cannot remember quite how it started, but I think I was up all night from around twelve and onward, so, I was moving around all morning. My dad woke up whilst I was making some noodles around five in the morning. The day continued and we left for the grocery store after he washed my sister’s car. After getting the groceries my father suggested stopping by Hastings. Over time, I have concluded that Hastings rarely has any of the stuff I am looking for in particuliar so I had best not get my hopes up there. We then left for home, unpacked things and then the day sort of blurs off.
My dad got preheated lasagna and we had that for dinner last night. I watched two rounds of Without a Trace with my parents, and then all three of us went to bed. I was out pretty much all night and into all day today. I did manage to get most of my chores done though.
All throughout this time, I worked on making screen caps, read and at one point drew Sileas.
I cannot think of much of anything else. I will be seeing Mrs. Wynn this Friday though.