I am sleeping too much. Evil.

Oh, and I helped my mom strip off wallpaper. It was sort of fun actually. Sadly I started to get dizzy, which resulted in headaches later.

Um… yeah. That is likely it.

Labor day will bring family members. Ehhh…


I guess I read a book of 500 or so pages in a day, or a day in a half. It is hard to tell at the moment, but seeing this, I can only assume it took around that long. Then again I skipped more tedious parts.
Why? It was a story written in 1869. The style back then was to fill half the book up with the story and the other half with bouts of philosophies and silly knowledge that has no relevance whatsoever. Of course, such a form of writing would be considered incorrect these days, and yet it manages to be a great literary work. How silly.
Still, I admit, it was rather good. It also gave sight that if you read to the end, yet made sure not to read the last chapter, you would result in the happier of endings. Read the last chapter, you will have a tragedy. How quaint, no? Heh. Therefore, I took both. I already knew the ending and knew I could spare myself the tragedy by stopping at the second to last chapter… but do I? Of course not. I am one for tragedy. I think my few writings have shown such. It was a nice read, despite tedious at some moment.
I laughed to my mother, the way it was written was similar to how my mind flitted about when younger – I was not medicated. I found great humor in that at the time. I still find it calmingly amusing now.
I was drawn to it, of course, by the infamous character that is lead in that blasphemous story that is finished and yet likely never shall be. Sadly, I lack the great philosophy in regards to how the book went, but then again I wrote my story of different leverage. I guess that shows more of a relief, despite the bit of discomfort. I lack in politics. My mind is unable to comprehend such things. I can follow if told and perhaps get the gist, but… oh hell. Why am I trying to explain something that I alone will understand considering this is a journal? Ha! I’m a clod.
Either way, no matter how I try such a thing as politics in the setting I have chosen are quite foggy. I cannot help it. One cannot write what one does not fully understand or knows. Therefore, the issues of ruling and those other lovely things are simple embellishments littered here and there just so it is known that things are taking place around the character, but they do not particularity deal with said character. Then again, I am not writing the story for social and political enlightenment.
No, the main cause was merely due to a similiarity the two main characters (the literary and the amatuer). The main character of the literary work had a disfigurement. My character did not quite have a disfigurement of such extreme and yet at the same time did. They both had similiar rankings and in a sense similiar origins. Their purposes… different. The characters they interact with… different. I guess I was seeing if there were any real similiarities.
I have done the same before. I read a book written in 1910. There were vague similiarities. Happily, after reading the work, I found not many things were similiar despite there were certain areas of slight relations. Miniscule, but still noticeable.
It seems that whenever I come across something that looks like it could be of similiarity to my story, I read it to assure myself that the text is not terribly close to how my story goes. That would be utterly depressing. I have seen many things that will be automatically be catagorized under a more famous title. Some would say, oh it is a modern/alternative take on _____ (fill in the blank of some well known title.) That would be too depressing if the same went with my story.
Then again, I can already see it being compared to famous stories. I stumbled upon such stories! I noticed, I read and I compared. For me, I find faint relief when I see only the same sort of premise and yet not completely. At the same time, it is a bit disheartening to find since that small thing will tie it under a catagory of some well known work.
The first contender I ever worried of was the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. The beginning of the story seems similiar to the story I have noticed. Over time though, that soon ends once it has come to somewhere between pages 60 to 90 in the form of WindWord pages. After that it drifts into something different from that happy fable. Sigh…
Well, my head feels weird. Nothing new, it is… but lately weird, strange, et cetera is what has become of my head. I seem to have fogs, dull headaches, fatigue and still I have been sleeping far too much. It is burdensome and I am beginning to feel much a sloth due to it. Yes, yes… I get my chores done, but once they are concluded again I collapse onto my bed and slumber ridiculous amounts. How pathetic. It is amazing I woke up enough intervals to read that blasted story. Then again, how much of it have I retained to the point of keeping it in a clear sighting of mind? Not well, not well.
I really should lay down and sleep I suppose. I am quite aware that I am rambling through keys and have not strayed too far from the comment of how the writer of said text I mentioned to have read recently tends to daddle tediously into some topic that has no reason to be there whatsoever. Then again, this is a journal and I am a chestnut.
Though, yes… I have reason to be tired now, I guess. I went out to get groceries and such hub-bub. I was nutty at that time as well, but it was much fun. I had gotten a jacket whilst my mother and I looked for shirts to give my father. It was in the mid 90’s and I plunked that jacket over my shoulders and slid my arms through the sleeves. I was going around in long khaki pants, a t-shirt, a jacket on top of that and sandals! I loved the nonsense and my mother likely thought me mad. It was a bit hot, but I was just dandy.
Okay… I am out of it.
Sort of.
Notes? My dad is coming down tomorrow. My eldest brother, his girlfriend, my “aunt”, my other “aunt” and possibly the son of the “other aunt” yet also brother of the “aunt” shall come. How complicated! I love my need to keep names out of things. It makes it all the more confusing! Yet, I know. I know!
Damn. I’m becoming far too loopy. Yes. I must be off. Off!


Sleeping like a normal person is trying and likely induces insanity! I was out of it from Friday to this morning. even after this morning I fell asleep again and did not wake up until one in the afternoon. I still feel tired for some reason.
I did get some things done today, though, like take off wallpaper for my mom. She was complaining about it, so I figured I’d give it a try even though I did not really know how to. Eitherway, I got it right enough that my mom did not find anything to be chided on. I did get dizzy at some point and stopped in case I were to keel over and fall head first into the tile flooring. I certainly cleaned my pores out, I am sure. I never knew that simply taking off paper would work up such a sweat. Oh well.
I did that and figured I likely needed some food since I had been sleeping so much the past few days, thus lack of much food intake… in fact during the morning I had weighed myself before I ended up in bed once more. I was about four pounds under my usual weight. Well, I fixed that in a jiff.
I think I had a mild headache, according to what I have come to understand what a form of headache can feel like. Yes, I am that dense. I cannot rell what a headache is. I’m very black and white in my thinking sometimes. I expected a headache to be one feeling – the head feels like it is being split open by a hammer. ‘Guess I was wrong. I blame it on the media. Heh.
Oh, and it seems that my “Aunts” are coming down here for Labor Day. Huh. My dad and brother will likely be coming down then as well.
That is all, my head is still bothering me too much.


The attempt to sleep like normal people is failing. Today I crashed. I managed to get up at 9:30, but I was feeling so tired and my head was bothering me so much I gave into laying down. I slept all day for the most part. Jeez.
My eldest brother and his girlfriend visisted today, thus I rarely saw them. My dad is going back tomorrow. My second brother is coming back tomorrow. I’ll be able to get into routine in terms of cleaning.
Also… I hate to say it… but I think I am starting to feel something akin to jealousy or discarded. Silly, I know, but… well, it is happening. I have been seeing these certain pictures at a place I check into on the web. The dates on the pictures are not that far away from the day I see them. I seem to be discouraged and it has not even been two months yet, but… There is a difference this time. I know what the difference is as well.
Oh well.
I have some things to do now, so I guess that is all.

Sleep changing sucks…

Bleh. It is only day one and I cannot say I’m all smiles. I went to bed around one AM. That is early for me. I usually go to bed around six to eight in the morning. I woke up a few times, but ultimately got up at ten-thirty. I would have gotten up at nine, but the house was frekaing cold, so I avoided leaving the bed, thus causing the second round of sleeping.
I forced myself up when the hour and a half passed because I had no intentions to keep sleeping. As said, I am trying to change my sleeping patterns. It was still freezing. The reason was because my brother turned the A/C down per usual and he was still home in bed, thus it was not turned up at all.
The rest of the morning to early afternoon was a struggle for me. As said, I usually sleep during the daylight hours. I was afraid that I would fall asleep at my desk. Luckily, I pulled through. I have not fallen asleep at all since getting up. I guess tonight I’ll go to bed at twelve and hopefully fall asleep not too long after. I hate trying to sleep and then recieve none until many hours later. Such a waste of time it is to lay in bed and be unable to sleep.
Anyway, my dad got home safely. He entered while I was in the middle of sorting keys. My brother surprised me by getting me forty of them. I did my usual repeating of “Cool” as I first looked at them.
Sigh. I’m still sort of tired, but I am trying to be strict. Geez… Too bad the real world allows no leniency on those who naturally sleep strange hours. Oh yeah, I found out what that feeling was yesterday – the one dealing with the girls. It was disappointment over them never stopping to send an email that could have merely been the length of one sentence.
The only reason I found out what happened to them was through this other person I know. Simply put, it rubbed me the wrong way to know she knew and that I likely never would have had I not mentioned. Sigh. Oh well.
That is all.

*Trying a sleep change…

Well, I found out the whereabouts of the twins. I ended up having a feeling that… was not of the most positive. It was not anything like annoyance, anger or anything negative like that… but it was not relief or something a person usually felt when finally knowing the answer after much concern. Emotions are hard to place.
Tomorrow my dad will be coming down. He’ll be staying until Sunday this time. Friday my second brother is leaving for a break, going around the area we used to livve at. My sister is back from her trip to LA. She is all fine and dandy. She is moving into her appartment now. My eldest brother is still a disappointment and my mom thinks she very well will have to seel my grandmother’s house much to her displeasure – sentimentality afterall.
*Yesterday, my mother came into my room and poured out her annoyance/troubltes/something over my eldest brother. I cannot say I am much help on the matters, but I could listen. I hate it when people ask for certain input, though. My mom asked about some things that I cannot fathom. Oh well.
Tomorrow I am going to try to make my sleeping pattern more towards one of “normalcy”. Fat chance that is, but I am going to try. It will be one huge struggle for me. Trying to stay awake all daylight hours never was a strong point of mine. I sleep oposite. I’m not diurnal and I have struggled plenty on trying to become such, but it never worked. Even harder, I can only sleep around four hour long intervals, thus having my sleep split into two different times a day. Simply put, the endeavor shall be a bitch.
That is all I am writing.

Somewhat sick…

Yesterday was long and busy. We left the house at eight and returned around seven thirty. The time spent in between was hours in a car, getting haircuts, me wandering about and purchasing something, leaving, and getting things at a pet store – one thing being a TALL cat tree.
We stopped two times to eat. One at ten thirty at IHOP. Two pancakes were too much for me even though I had not eaten thing before that since five in the evening the day before. We ate again sometime around five. Despite the six hours passing, I was not hungry, but ate anyway. That is where the sickness came. Too much food in too close a timespan in regards to how my body is.
I felt sick by the time we came home and I was tired since the night before I only had a light sleep of just a few hours. Either way, however, we left again after unpacking the cat trees and animal food out of the back seat. We had groceries to get and it was already eight.
When the whole thing was finally over and the groceries were put up, I decided to hit the bed. I doubted highly on the capability to sleep, and I was correct. I could not be comfortable due to being out all day. thus required a shower. I had chores to do since they were not taken care of during the day, but I declined since I likely would break things in the state I was in. That did not mean I recieved sleep however.
Therefore, I was in a state of being able to do nothing, yet unable to sleep. The night went on and I have no idea when I really did manage to slumber. I woke up around twelve today, did some meager chores and I still feel rather out of sorts.
I had a headache earlier. When food is mentioned, even by television, my stomach feels as though it is turning. I tried eating bread and not even that was mild enough. I doubt I’ll be eating for a long time. Perhaps even over twenty four hours – ’tis not uncommon for me.
Sigh. My head is hurting again. That shall be all.

Fairytale Princesses Can be Annoying….

Heh. Yeah, I just now finished the story “The Frog Prince”. After becoming a prince again, the guy should have gotten up, spit on the princess and left. Bah.
Anyway, the other thing I merely wished to write down is that once the school starts around here, I very well may end up doing volunteer work at one of the schools. Here’s hoping I can keep up with the sleeping change. Jeez.
Oh, and the twins are still nonexistent. I have not had word from either for quite some time now. I have actually lost count so I shall assume it has been a month. If longer, then… well, it would not surprise me.
Friday I will be on a bloody trip and will have my hair cut as will my mother. I’ll likely meander about the mall during the time she is getting her hair done – she has hers dyed and cut. Sigh… the time to kill. Good luck to me then.

Not in a Writing Mood…

Other than that, some notes in the following:
This Friday my dad will be coming down.
My mother mentioned he has intentions on getting me a small fridge so no one will take any of my cokes.
On the 7th I’ll be seeing Cindy again; I have no idea what we would really talk about.
On the 11th my mother intends to drag me up to see my eldest brother and for the both of us to get our hair cut.

Bleh. I hate leaving my room. Even more, my brother’s place is… well… Yuck.