The Holiday Season…

Well, my cat returned home yesterday evening. The tests and the stay cost me about three-hundred and something in the teens. He is on a new diet and has two things of medication he needs. He’ll need to go in for a checkup ten days from now.

He seems more distant at the moment and less responsive. I’m sort of afraid of bothering him. Despite that he seems fine overall. I fed him his new food. He likes it. His eating will have to be moderated now. His diet is all wet food from now on I guess. Due to the meds, he eats at 6, 12 and then 6 again. We have to keep dry food from him, so all the other cats in the house have to eat under the same timing.

His kidneys are working better, but all those times we thought he was spraying to enforce his alpha-male status had really been kidney failure. So, he still has issues in that and likely will never have his kidneys work up to their full potential.

I just hope he gets to feeling like his old self again.


Well, Thanksgiving is coming up. We are doing the usual by going to visit my mother’s cousin and aunt. I expect it to go as always. The week after my dad’s brother will be stopping by to visit us. How long, I have no idea. My dad is being a dolt because he intends to have him sleep in the living room. Jeez, Dad… He’s your brother, he’s a grown man, he is in the earlier stages of MS and… well, damn it. He needs a room.

Anyway, then comes December. Some point Mom and I are going for our usual ritual in getting hair cuts by driving about two hours to accomplish the feat. Heh.

On the fifth I believe I’ll have that teeth cleaning. I was supposed to have it sometime last week or perhaps before that. My mom never wrote the appointment down though, so we never remembered it.

I think I was also supposed to see the head-doctor the day after my birthday, but something happened and that was to be moved to some other time.

Anyway, my Christmas present for Mom arrived yesterday. I’d check it out for any possible damage, but then it would require undoing all the tape, and since it did not come in a box… well… that will just be too much trouble.

I still have yet to get E. brother his gift and my sister one as well. I know what I’ll get them; it is just for the sake of timing. After all, I won’t be seeing my eldest brother this Christmas, and what I intend to get my sister is candy since she is a sugar fiend.

My other brother is out of luck. I helped him with that car thing earlier this year. That amounts to about thirteen gifts from me.

As for my dad… my mom and brother had this idea to get him something for his car. I know what it is; I just don’t know what it is called. In any case, it is decided it will be a joint effort between the three of us to get it for him… so, until that happens, I can’t really do anything.

Well… that is all I really have to write. I figured I’d get all this down just for the sake of it. Okay then.

My Cat… My Cat…

Jeez… Well, My cat went to the vet’s for his teeth cleaning. Now it seems he has kidney problems. I guess it is a good thing the doctor mentioned about doing some tests on him. It is even better that my dad agreed on it despite it would cost an extra forty-something to do.

Most of the stuff my dad just told me has sort of gone over my head. He spoke of tests, something about chemicals and they’ve set my cat on something to flush out his kidneys. In any case, I won’t be seeing my baby all weekend.

I don’t like that.


I don’t know what will happen. I kind of wish Dad just wrote all of it down. I might comprehend it better if I read it, but there were some things the vet spoke about that he did not quite follow either. Oy.

Anyway… just needed to write this down.

Happy B-Day Sister…

Friday was normal other than the fact that my right foot hurt every time I pressed down on the outer edge. Dad seems content with his new job.
My sister had a birthday party Saturday night despite the actual day is five days away. My mom and I got her a card earlier that day after shopping for a dress she would wear to an annual Christmas party at work.
Sunday went as usual for the most part. My foot was still showing issues, just not as intense. With that also was shots of pain through the left side of my torso, particularly around the pectoral region. It started sometime in the night and lasted all through the day. My mom figured anxiety. I took a chill pill. No, Sir. I did not think that was the case anyway.
Monday was the same old. The side thing stopped by noon and the foot is still oddly tender. At noon my dad came home for lunch as well as to take me to pick up some antibiotics for my cat.
Tuesday went per usual. Wednesday my mom went to the capital for a class, I think. She was hoping to meet my sister there, but their schedules conflict greatly, so that plan was shot. The reason being is that my sister’s birthday is the fifteenth. None of us will likely see her until Thanksgiving. Sure, it is a week away, but still. Oh… and the card, I wrote down, “Feeling old yet?” Heh… Anyway, she made it home safely by eight-thirty.
It is now Thursday and everything is pretty much the usual.

Just for fun and a bit of mockery, I made a list. The whole Disney Princess franchise says every girl is a princess and all that jazz. All you have to do is dream… Yeah. Well, those are just their talk. Their walk is completely different. It shows in the designs and junk. There is a formula and no matter how “modern” they try to make future female characters… it is the same old tune, baby. Oh… and though a character is put after a quote, it applies to all of them.

Rules to be a Disney Princess:

Know you are ALWAYS right. – Chorus
NEVER listen to your guardians. – Ariel
Your waist MUST be as thick as your neck. – Jasmine
Be the MOST beautiful lady in the entire land. – Snow White
Be able to break out into song at ANY given time. – Belle
The shortest you can have your hair is at your SHOULDERS. – Mulan
Sing PERFECTLY even though you’ve never had a lesson in your life. – Aurora
If a man is charming the MOMENT you meet him, fall for him even if you don’t even know his name. – Cinderella
Be able to talk to animals or inanimate objects and have them understand or respond without being considered INSANE. – Pocahontas
Oh, yeah… and DREAM. – Chorus

Okay, I’m done. Heck, yeah.

Uh, Yeah…

Well, Saturday I found out the whole case with Dad. Mom was the informant. She’s the only one who tells me anything about the family. Thursday he called the place, or something. The job was not given. My automatic thought was “Assholes.”
It is not so much about not giving him the job… it is what they did before their answer. My dad merely went there to see if he could run the shop at their gold course. The dude automatically says he’d rather my dad do something else. Told him what he’d need to do, spoke of pay, looked at contracts and all that crap. Then suddenly he stops… drags it out, makes my dad wait and then he says never mind. Asshole.
I hope my usual view of things did not jinx him. My mom and brother spoke about it in the beginning when that guy led my father on. They calculated pay and all that junk. I just looked at them and when they talked about numbers it went over my head. Money really does not… I just don’t grasp the whole getting excited over it. Yeah. It is necessary. I’m glad we have it. I know it is necessary to have a decent life. It just… when people get into huge numbers and the like… I’m just, “Uh… okay.”
Anyway, I think on Tuesday my second brother is taking him to his part time job to see if he can do anything there. Mainly it is to get my dad out of the house. He is getting antsy here. Dad always has to be doing something. I tell him I think he could learn something from sedatives. He semi-took it as a joke. Mom thinks he has anxiety problems and could probably use some medication.
Sunday my brother worked on the backyard some more and all the rocks have finally been placed down. It looks good. maybe someday there will be a bush or two on it even. Heh.
We surprisingly all congregated to the dining room to eat as well. Usually we go to our own little niches. My mom decided to eat there, so I followed. soon the boys settled down with us. It was good. My sister called in the middle of the meal, but that is not surprising. my mom hoped it would be E. brother calling, since she and my father constantly ask him to call or email. He did not call until later into the night. I must say I was surprised.
Monday went without a hitch. My dad and brother did spend about five hours installing a storm door though. I watched and did what little assistance I was able to. My mom was very pleased by the surprise of it when she came home.
Tuesday was pretty normal too. My dad and I went to Lowe’s to get some wood and such to finish up the door. Then we stopped by the grocery store to get my brother some more bottled water and some ingredients to make tortilla soup for supper. After that I meandered to my room. Somewhere from then to eleven thirty he and my brother had disappeared. they came back around twelve fifteen. I had forgotten about dad seeing about a job. He pretty much got it.
Wednesday Dad left for work around eight-forty. That was something different. His job before retirement required him to leave at six and come home at five. Another difference though is that this is mainly a part time job. He came back around five. he seemed to have enjoyed it according to Mom. After that Mom went to the gym and my dad fixed tuna salad for her and him as well as giving me a lift to get myself something from Wendy’s. Mom returned, we ate and watched TV. ‘Same old, same old…
Anyway, that is all on recapping. Only real thing I’m aware of occurring in the future dealing with me is that my cat has an appointment the sixteenth to get his teeth cleaned. He’ll have some meds on the Monday of that week… perhaps antibiotics. I cannot be too certain. Luckily for him it is my mom who made the appointment and knows the details.
Other than that… well, it is my sister’s b-day on the 15th. I can only shrug.


E. brother no longer works for Samsung for reasons Mom and Dad do not know. He either applied to Target or got a job there. Other than that, he seems fine.

Dad is depressed. Mom and Other brother are thinking of ways to get him out and about until the job is settled. it is looking uncertain. The people keep putting it off. Mom thinks that it might be because of this being off season for house selling.

Sister… no idea.

Other brother seems fine.

Mom seems fine.

We still have that cat. He is now Smokey by name. His eyes are becoming clearer and have a yellow tint now.

I’m in a fog/slump/whatever thing… hence the lack of entries, writing and action Internet wise. Bleh.

Um… Halloween was good this year. While I was up, there was only one ring of the doorbell. It seems the trick is not to turn on the porch lights here. After all, a lot of people on this street are old and retired. Due to that though… what a waste on candy. I told Dad just to get raisins. I’m sure my parents would easily snack on them. Oh well.