New Mall…

Ah… today was eventful for me. It was another haircut expedition, but this was to a new mall and my dad was coming was us. Since my mom has had surgery in both her eyes to cure her cataracts, driving to an unknown area wasn’t on her list of things she was able to do. Therefore, my dad drove us.
We left slightly after seven thirty this morning. The trip was a quiet one. I believe both my mom and I fell asleep. Poor dad. I woke again when we were outside the city limits.
He got us to the mall quite smoothly and after making sure we could get to it again, we decided to stop for brunch. We ate at Denny’s around ten and finished in time to wander the mall to get a feel for the layout. It is a very nice place – then again it is relatively new. It had clothing stores, entertainments stores, cell stores, eye stores, even a dentist there! Pretty insane, it was. They had a Subway and Chic-fillet at the food court and there was a conjoined movie theatre.
Well, soon enough eleven rolled around and my mom went in for her hair coloring. My dad and I left the mall to go to one of the stores nearby. It was Barnes and Noble. We wandered around. I looked for some books I had in mind. As expected, they weren’t there. I never have luck in bookstores. The book I’m interested in is usually not in stock or too old that it is no longer printed. Heh.
Well, I ended up getting a complete collection of Grimm’s Fairytales. My dad got some magazines. After that we headed back to the mall. I went in for my haircut and my dad wandered off to get a latte and to read his purchases.
Thirty minutes later I was done. I checked on my mom, she still had maybe an hour or so to go, so I headed out to find my dad. I found him soon enough. I got a smoothie while he finished up his drink and we wandered about. We stopped at a calendar place and I found two calendars that suited my mom and one that suited my eldest brother. Suggesting my Dad buy one of the calendars I saw for my mom, we got all three when combined. My mom keeps calendars all over the place, so getting her two is no problem.
Well, after that we checked out a hat store. My dad was on the prowl. Alas, they had nothing that interested him. We continued on our way then. We checked out two stores my mom and I noted. While they looked interesting on the outside, they weren’t so on the inside. Oh, well.
After that my dad and I wandered back to the food court and just rested there for a moment while talking. We got up again to check on mom, but she was still getting her hair done so we stopped by a candle store for a while. After that we just waited a bit more and soon enough mom was done.
Mom really wanted to check out Barnes and Noble, so we left the mall again and headed there. She purchased three books, some cinnamon tea and a calendar. Dad and I exchanged glances in regards to that. I think we will still be safe as long as she doesn’t try to buy a calendar when Christmas times comes around.
Well, it was around two when that was over, so we decided to eat a late lunch since we ate a late breakfast. There was a Chinese restaurant in the mall, so we decided to try it out.  To my pleasure, they had Lo Mein that I actually enjoyed. It has been a long time since I have had any that really tasted good to me. My mom really loved to tofu dish she had… so it is decided… we will eat there more often whenever we stop by that mall.
I thought the trip was very good and I enjoyed it.
After our meal, we then headed home. Mom and I fell asleep during the trip again. As we neared home, we stopped by the vets. My brother took Chewie in that afternoon. He had a lump on his hip so it was to be looked at. When he fetched the cat, he found one of Chewie’s canines sticking out. In the end it had to be pulled and while he was under they went for the lump. It looked like some sort of fatty tumor from what I gathered. They are sending it to be tested. In the end, Chewie has to stay over night. He’ll be back home tomorrow morning.
Additional news is… the IRS is wanting money from my parents again. Oi. I don’t quite understand the situation, but it apparently isn’t to pay for a bill like earlier, but it does have to do with taxes. Sigh.
Well, that is it. I’m pretty sure the rest of the evening should be normal, so I am going to get off now.

Kitty Pride

No, not the super hero. This morning, my cat finally caught one of the mice that have been plaguing our cabinets. Well, it might have been only one, but you never know. I was passing by him as he sat under the rocking chair and noticed a long, thick string. Thinking he might have been playing with a rubber band again, I checked. He had a mouse in his clutches!
Atticus wouldn’t give it up either. He was growling and snarling at it even though it was obviously dead. My mom, she hates rodents. I called her over urgently since she was the most disturbed by the “little visitor”. She was happy. I am meanwhile proud of my little boy.
It took a good long while for him to give it up though. We assume he was making sure it was good and dead. He was growling and snarling all the way. Well, when he finally let go, I scooped him up so my mom could dispose of the mouse without worry that my cat would try to run off with it again.
I find it rather interesting though… the cats I have gotten so far are the only ones who really have been mice chasers. My purebred Chinchilla Persian had been the one to chase that huge rat that my mom freaked out like mad about. Now my Siamese/Color-point made a kill. Despite that, we have to ally cats in the house and my mom’s purebreds as well. While I know one of our alley cats chased and killed mice in his younger years, he is quite old now and likely wouldn’t do such anymore. The other three… last time they cornered a mouse it was all of them together and they had no idea what to do with it. They just surrounded it out of curiosity. So yeah, I am proud of my cat. He still has instincts.
I do feel sorry for the mouse though. ‘Shame we couldn’t get rid of it and have it still possess its life… I mean, it was just hungry. Still, though… passing of parasites and it was likely full of contaminators…
Oh, well.
As for the lack of updates for a bloody long time… I’ve had nothing much to write about.
Other recent news… Eileen sent a reply email to me recently. Despite she still has problems galore, thus news about her life is not a joyful note… I am very glad to hear from her even if it should only be once a year.