Happy Holidays…

My sister came down on Thursday night. That day I woke up and got to work. Dusted, washed all the blankets in the guest room, cleaned the kitchen, dried the blankets, vacuumed, folded all the blankets and put them back, sprayed air freshener throughout the house, worked on dishes in the kitchen more and got to the real laundry. I was done by noon and kept a lookout for her until I had to take a short nap late afternoon. She didn’t get here until seven.
Well, she wanted food eventually, so we ordered takeout. Before that she dug into my chips and after that she ate some of my mother’s yogurt as well as searched for candy. Eventually she hunkered down and feel asleep. She of course woke again in the middle of the night.
The effects of her arrival… I was quickly drained though I only saw her for two hours and went to bed at nine. Mom was likely drained too. The cats were terrified and the dogs were hyper to only be exhausted. Dad… I have no idea.
My dad took off Christmas Eve. He woke me up at eight thirty and we headed out for groceries. My back was still hurting from the stress my sister caused the night before. We got what was on the list and headed home. After putting everything up, I ate breakfast at nine. I had no appetite, but ate anyway. I got to talk to a friend online for a bit until he went out for brunch. I collapsed after that and slept until four.
Upon waking I found my sister had slept all day, my mom was back and she was taking a nap and dad was up. I felt sorry for him. He was home for the day, but I was asleep. Poor Dad…
Well, at five we went out to eat this time. My brother’s birthday passed, but we could do nothing for him since he had to work and all of that. So, that night he got a birthday dinner. It was nice pretty much. My sister nagged my dad for getting a salad though so he changed what he was going to order. Mom and I were annoyed. Poor Dad couldn’t eat without my sister getting onto him. Well, she paid for the meal at least.
Anyway, after that we got back, I’m pretty sure everyone settled into their own thing. Yes, last night is a blur to my memory. I believe my sister got to her laptop, mom might have gotten on hers or watched TV. Dad, he might have been doing the same as mom. I was on the computer reading, I’m sure.
In between that mom and I did some chores, like folding clothes and getting some things in order. She also got to working on making some banana nut bread, a tradition of hers, and had me assist while I was washing dishes.
I stayed up late last night and in the middle of the night got to work on the stocking stuffers. My sister had woken up in midst of this and asked if I had any sleep meds she could take. I don’t take sleep meds. Jeez. Well, she later on made popcorn from what I could tell by the scent in the house and my dad woke up ate some point because I heard him talking to her.  I think I went to bed around three.
Well, Christmas Day came. I didn’t wake up until eleven. Cleaning a bit, I cooked some leftover rice from Thursday night. Mom and Dad showed up from Morning Mass soon after and Dad took some pictures of Mom and her pup. I got to cleaning off the kitchen counter and pretty soon my dad was working on the Christmas meal by tacking the potatoes.
Dad then took his dog for a walk a bit before my brother arrived around twelve. My sister woke sometime around then as well. Once Dad was back and the food was worked on a bit more, we settled into the living room. Grabbing a trash bag, a knife and some scissors, we got to business.
As years go by, the present count has flipped. Mom and Dad get the most gifts. It is a good thing. My sister got Dad the top gifts this year. It was a photography manual and a wallet. Mom’s greatest highlight was a Nook. My brother’s greatest highlight was high thread count sheets. Mine? Mine was a rose I saw a long time ago, earlier this year. It is a real rose that was dipped in 24k gold. I was surprised my mom remembered and actually got it. We intend to put it in a shadow box later.
Well, after that everyone got to their things. Travis was helping my Mom figure out her Nook, my sister got on her laptop, Dad got back to cooking and I sought solace in my cat, because having him for another Christmas is a joy. After Peabody’s death… yeah… I am grateful for all the Christmases I get to have with my pets.
By three, “dinner” was ready. It was a good feast. There was corn on the cob, put-back potatoes, asparagus, ham and rolls.  Once I ate my share I cut of some ham and gave the cats small shares. It is their Christmas, too, after all. They were grateful. Poor buggers… I doubt it was a perfect consolation for what they‘ve been through with my sister, but hopefully it made them happy.
After that I got to cleaning the dishes. Cleaned and dried the plates, stocked up the dishwasher with pots, platters and silverware after scrubbing them clean, cleaned off the counters as well as the table. Mom was packaging leftovers during this.
When I did all that I could, Mom and I talked a bit and then I headed for my room. I cuddled my cat, read a children’s Christmas book and then found I couldn’t stay awake. My back was hurting again and I needed a nap. I slept until nine.
All was right when I woke again. My sister was gone by then, my brother left, my dad was in bed and my mom was up fiddling with her Nook. Upon rising, I hugged her and checked her progress. We chatted, venting to each other about my sister’s nagging. Hilary badmouthed my mom’s dog as usual, saying he had Down Syndrome. She badmouthed my Dad’s dog saying he was fat. This morning when she and I were seeking out some lotion (it is really dry here) she whispers to me how dirty the house is. The list could go on, but those are the main things that come to mind.
We even complained to each other about her past behaviors as well. The sad thing is, my sister has no idea how insensitive she is. She is down right cruel and mean, but she doesn’t even realize it. Mom was just glad Dad never heard her comment about the house. She said it would have broken his heart. Sigh. We love my sister, but she is a major bitch.
Anyway, rejuvenated once more, I got to cleaning the kitchen some more and handled some laundry. After that I ate some leftover soup from Thursday just to get rid of it. Really, I have had no appetite since the holidays started… which is when my sister showed up. Heh.
Well, it is almost over. Tomorrow my eldest brother and his fiancée will arrive. The family will give them their presents and we’ll eat a dinner of spaghetti together. I hope they like what I got them.
That is all, I guess. Thank god, that is all. Heh.

The First Week…

Well, Sunday I wound up being in one of my fogged dispositions. My brother and his girlfriend came as noted. We had an okay dinner, but I was really out of it so by the time it was over and the food had settled, I hit the bed. Monday to Wednesday are really a blur by now.
Thursday my parents and I went to the mall for hair cuts. We left around nine, got there around eleven and ate at a Denny’s restaurant. After that we went in. Mom and I had appointments at twelve. When I was through, my dad and I wandered. We ran a look out for a certain toy my mom was interested in getting for her new puppy. We didn’t find it, so we continued a more languid wandering. We hit the bookstore for a while. Dad bought me a smoothie afterward and we checked a Brookstone store to see if there was anything my eldest brother might like.
After that we checked in on mom. She was done and so headed to a candle store. She made a purchase or two and then we headed off to the pet stores again for her to look at something. After making two purchases there, we decided to head back home. We got back at five and after settling back down, dad ordered Chinese. The evening ended rather normal, other than that my mom was able to stay up late since it was her first day of winter vacation.
Friday is a blur to me… I believe I got up, fed the cats, did some chores, ate breakfast and wound up falling asleep again at some point. Then noon time came around and I heard whining. Yep, I woke up to the arrival of the new puppy. He whined most of the afternoon away. I think I either hid out or I slept some more due to the likely headache he caused me. Fortunately, he quieted down more once night arrived since he was getting used to the change by then.
I don’t remember the weekend, but I’m sure it went the same as usual minus the new puppy to tend to. He would whine like mad when put into his kennel at night and then around twelve to one he wakes up and whines to be let out. Thing is, I’m not getting the worst of it in that scenario. My parents are in the room with him when he does that. I’m on the other side of the house and simply hear him.
Well, he’s settling in. The other dogs are having some problems with him at times still and my mother’s other dog sulked and growled a lot in the beginning… they are lightening up on him a bit and my dad’s dog has shown a great deal of maturity and patience. It just makes a person proud of him.
My cat is green to all of this. He is the second youngest pet we have and unlike the other cats, he has never experienced the bringing home of a new baby pet. So… for the longest time he has been hiding out in my room and sleeping the day in here. I like it, but it does worry me since there is no litter box in here and he doesn’t get as much water since he prefers to drink from a faucet rather than a bowl. Well, fortunately on Tuesday he decided to venture out more.
Today was a busy day. We went on a shopping expedition in a small town made for shopping. It was my parents and me. We hit my mom’s usual shop sights and a few that she doesn’t always go to but likes to check out and then at lunch at a German-themed restaurant. After doing a few more stops after that, we headed home.
Upon reaching home, I hit the bed though. I had a headache since eight and was just out of it… so… yeah. I woke up around five, got up and did some chores. The rest of the evening was typical… made something to eat, watched shows with mom and did some more chores…
Mom took her older dog to the vet today while I napped. He has one bad ear infection going on and will need surgery. A specialist will be contacted, if I am not mistaken. He’s on antibiotics right now I believe. Said meds cost one hundred ten bucks. I hope her dog getting some sort of infection that requires surgery later doesn’t become a tradition for this time of year in later years. Actually, it kind of reminds me of how I always got the flu on Christmas Eve or the ungodly hours of the morning on Christmas Day when little…
Anyway, now I’m here… Typing away…
Oh… yeah… since my last entry my trichotillomania has acted up again. I think I’ve pulled out more hair than ever before this past week. My mom asks if it is the puppy or if it is because she’s been home… I tell her I have no idea. Consciously I am just fine. Subconsciously, I don’t know. I figure it is a subconscious thing, anyway. Some people have dreams… Me… I cut or pull my hair out… I think the hair tends to come first… cutting is usually a far into it sort of thing.
Am I worried? Not really. Some day my hair might not grow back in that area though. That’d suck. I told Mom if that happens some point in the future, I might have to get the bald spot tattooed in black ink. She noted a wig. I’m using my hat for the moment.
Hmm… if not mistaken the day after tomorrow I’ll be seeing Mrs. Wynne. The hair pulling thing will likely become a topic of discussion. Oh, well. After that my mom and dad will have to go to a work related Christmas gathering. The weekend should be the usual… and… I’ll be another year older come next week. Funny thing is, my mom is going back on that day. I wonder if she planned it that way. I’ve teased her on that in any case.