Ice Water…

Well the past week we have had some water problems. First the hot water was off the charts… then there was none. Something about a circuit I think? Anyway, I was unable to wash clothes for days and with the weather, washing dishes manually left my hands numb. That often led me to go back to my room, turn on my space heater and thaw them out. Heh.
Bathing also was affected. At first small resources of hot water was still around so for one day we took really quick showers. After that I resorted to boiling water to temper the water from freezing, ice cold to pool cold temperature. My parents resorted to sponge bathes.
Finally… FINALLY today we were able to get a guy to come by and fix the water heater. He came by at eleven, but after fixing something, it seemed there was still no hot water… so, he came back again. After two had passed, it was said the issue was solved. So, an hour later I decided to work the clothes washer. Happily, it worked.
Tonight mom talked about how she stood under the hot shower for a long time. I was happy to no longer deal with ice cold water when washing dishes and I could place the freshly scrubbed items into the dishwasher…
Sorry, but just hand washing and scrubbing never was good enough for me… I want it disinfected as much as possible and using the same dish towel over and over again to dry is just… meh. I am pleased to say that the kitchen feels a lot cleaner now that I am able to use hot water again. Joy.
Well, a whole week of cold water during winter has definitely reminded me how bloody lucky I am. My mom grew up back when hot running water didn’t exist in homes. She had to warm up dish water for hand washing dishes and had to warm up water just to take a bath in a small tin tub. I’m sure I could survive in such a way, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to. A week is enough for me.
Thank you for flowing, hot water! Thank you!