Lost 5 Pounds…

In the first week of March I began having abdominal problems. By the weekend there was immense pain. My mom looked up various possibilities and in the end I began a liquid diet. Ensure, broth, Gatorade and water was my nourishment. I wound up sleeping my life away for a while due to no energy.
Off and on I’d encounter discomfort to pain. Since I was out of it most of the time, I cannot really keep track of what days those were… Everything just melded together. I think it was the second week I was able to have pureed soup. I was bloody grateful. That weekend I had another bad bout of pain, however.
On the 16th I had considerable pain that went across almost all my abdomen and my lower back. It started after drinking a cup of soy milk. The pain lasted for two hours. My mom finally decided to make an appointment to see the doctor. Two in a half hours later we went.
Exhausted, I wound up falling asleep. Our appointment was delayed due to many patients coming in. We saw him at five.
Nothing could really be done. He checked me out, asked questions and eventually there was a suggestion to see a specialist that dealt with intestinal problems. We decided to see how things went and would check him out when spring break was over, since he was out of town for vacation.
Well, the rest of the week I wound up doing fine.
Sunday did cause slight problems… again what preceded it was a cup of soy milk after avoiding it since Tuesday. Mom decided I should keep avoiding it. After that, there was no problems.
Yesterday my mom and I had our physicals. My heart rate is fine and all that jazz. During this whole liquid diet thing, I’ve lost five pounds though. Bah. How annoying. The doctor checked me out as usual and we mentioned about the second episode and the soy milk.
It is just a theory, but they wondered if I was allergic to protein… This was brought on when it was noted that I’ve never really liked it. It is true. I have never liked eating meat. The only time I eat it is when I crave it and that is usually well cooked bacon, lean chicken or beef jerky… I usually require it to be a bit dry too. Any other meat I’ve tried either immediately makes me want to hurl or eventually does… even said chicken has done such on rare occasions.
So, there is a theory… it will likely be brought up when I see the specialist. I won’t be seeing him until a week from now though. Still, I’m doing okay so far.
This passed Sunday I tried eating a peanut butter sandwich on white bread. There was only a paper thin amount of peanut butter, but it gave me no issues. Since then once a day I’ve been eating a soft, solid food… basically a peanut butter sandwich. I’ve been just fine.
Oh, yeah… I got my tetanus shot yesterday as well. I was apparently overdue. Every time I get a shot it always reminds me of how I got them so often as a child. To my fortune I am apathetic about getting them. I feel sorry for those who fear them.
Anything else? No idea. I don’t really care either. I seem to be very apathetic now. I just thought I’d write this all out so I’d have something of a time line and record to relay to the doctor next week. Bah.