Night Owl Once More…

Well, it has certainly been a busy week since with Atticus I have been “obsessive” as my mom and dad put it. Well, I remember being as bad, if not worse than this, with Peabody and my dad often freaked out with me.
Since he has no official birthday, I decided exactly eight weeks before we got him would be the day. So, he’s a March 23rd baby. I still think of Peabody though and worried about what he would have thought about all of this. On perhaps the first night I thought to him and cried some.
Atticus seems to like dry food over wet and for a few days I gave him simply dry food as it was until my mom corrected me. Since then I’ve been “fixing” it up by adding a bit of water and microwaving it for five seconds.
He still doesn’t seem to get the concept of lapping water despite he licks the broth made from the food-water combination. He seems to understand that if he goes to the bowl and sits I’ll either catch on or he needs to squeak to get my attention and then he’ll get a water fix by me feeding him water through a dropper.
Sometime during the weekend I had gotten him a cat bed. My mom and I stopped in the pet store to get flea killer. I brought Atticus along and since he wasn’t accustomed to such a high place (my chest) I let him rest on one of the pet beds. He took to it in a snap. Therefore I got it for him as well as paid for the flea killer since my mom had already paid for a litter box, food and a few toys for him the day before.
The week days were spent mainly paying attention to him. He had plumbing issues, fixed eating times, need for water and the like. He often would keep me up at night due to being in a playful mood and so I’d be exhausted during the day. I still got most of my chores done, but dusting was completely skipped.
Each day I took him out of my room around lunch time to see a different room in the house. He met the other cats and they were all bewildered/spooked and either hissed, growled or tried to swat at him. Poor Attius. I pretty much shunned the cats a bit after that. I mean, what do they think he’ll do? He’s smaller than all of them by far. Peh.
I gave him another bath on Wednesday and he opposed just as much as last time. I get light scratches more from his playing though… in fact despite his very forceful struggles I don’t think I got a scratch at all when I gave him baths…
Atticus met my dad’s dog on Friday noon. Auggie seemed to like him. He watched Atticus, wagged his tail and sniffed him, but overall was friendly. I was happy with that. Atticus was of course intimidated by his size, but I knew at least one of the pets in this house would be nice to him.
Anyway, this morning I had to get up around eight despite I received no sleep last night to take Atticus to the veterinary clinic. He was given shots and something to check for worms. After paying, mom brought us back home and I lay down for a few hours.
Dad came in soon enough and I got up to get groceries with him while I left Atticus in my mother’s care. He met my mom’s dog. Killian passed the test as well. He reacted to Atticus much like Augustus did. Atticus reacted with the usual – tail raised high and spiked out. Despite this, my mom reported he calmed down after he realized Kilian wouldn’t threaten him. That made me really happy.
Well, Dad and I did the shopping errand, came back and then unpacked and put up groceries. I think I did a few chores then as well as prepare Atticus some food and once completed I finally could collapse.
Atticus slept me for a long time until finally he woke up around the same time I did.
Since I had to check out his litter box after he used it, I looked for worms but was uncertain most of the day. I now know that he has both. My mom intends to call the vet’s to see what to do about it since what they didn’t treat for tape ones.
Night came; I ate some soup since I had only had a bowl of cereal around 8:10 this morning. Cleaning my room a bit and doing a few chores, I left my room to find Atticus following. Across from my room is a guest room. It took a while for him to get from my room to it since it was about a yard away. Once he reached it, I picked him up and shut the door behind me. Mom and two cats were already inside.
He got “reacquainted” with the two ally cats. Tiger was a bit better. Chewy hissed and growled again. Peh. Still, they will have to get used to him eventually. Freakin’ wusses. He is just a kitten for crying out loud. Oi.
Anyway, after a while I brought Atticus back to my room and spent the rest of the night here doing my usual activities. Thus, here we are.

Hello, Atticus…

I’ve wound up with a kitten. I named him Atticus Jack Finch. He is about 8 weeks old now. He came to be ours by a work of fate perhaps.
Today my mom and I were doing errands. We stopped by the pet store to stock up on some things and some people were holding a pet adoption outside. I didn’t intend to get a cat; I just like to look at the cats and dogs. Well, they had three barn-born Siamese kittens. I took to one of them. It mainly looks Siamese, but I think it has some ally cat in it, since there are faint stripes.
So, I decided to get it. Sure, he isn’t purebred, a cross and such, but it needed a home and it actually caught my attention as well as stirred up fondness. My mom and I reserved him for 25 bucks, got some supplies for our new family member and finished the rest of our errands, which was get sheets, my mom an intimate and me some light weights to strengthen my wrist. We swung by again, my mom filled out a contract for me and we brought the little boy home.
He was tired when we settled him in. My mom kept thinking about his brother, who looked like him, but his back feet both had six toes. A Hemmingway cat, a person called him. They were gone by then, however.
After that it was around two. I was tired and thus took a nap with my new kitten. He finally showed some signs of life around five. I tried feeding him and the like. I made sure he understood the concept of the litter box since he was a barn cat. After that, now that I was certain he was bright eyed and bushy tailed, I gave him a bath since he likely had fleas. He fought and cried. I found fleas of course. I killed seven in the bath and off and on the rest of the evening I got rid of about four more. Hopefully I got all, but if not, I’ll find them tomorrow.
I did some chores in between my time with him, my mom came in the room and we watched TV while she ironed and after that she went to bed. I’ve returned to my room now, situated sleeping places and moved the litter box.
Well, after that I paused to write this. I need to stop now since he is vying for attention. I’ll write more when I have time…
I’ll be so busy now. Bye-bye pastimes.