Busy and Broke…

Let’s see… After my last entry I found out around Sunday or Monday that my left leg is likely longer than my right. I walk with my left foot pointing a bit to the outer side instead of facing completely forward. I usually rest on my right foot and let my left leg rest angled instead of straight up and down.
We also concluded that when walking I need better shoes. So, I wound up spending around eighty-something dollars on new freaking shoes. Sigh. They had better do wonders for me.
The rest of the week is a blur to me, but I do know I worked on my dad’s B-day gift off and on during the afternoons. I have some Sculpey and made a sunflower with a slight back ground. It turned out good and then after it was baked, I painted it with some acrylics.
My brother had come by during those times as well. He had laundry to wash and a blanket he needed my mom to patch up. He saw my process as well as a few additional things I made with the polymer clay.
Three-dimensional art is not my forte. Still, I find it a lot easier than painting. I think it all turned out well.
Mom got to see the end result of the sunflower. When Saturday was to come, she told me she’d take me to the crafts store so I could get some other things to finish the project. Yeah, I was going to do more with it.
Friday was normal. We went out to eat that night at the Mexican restaurant we like. It was all good.
Saturday was busy again. Dad and I got groceries a bit earlier than usual. Mom needed the car by one. She had a conference-like thing to go to. I worked off and on painting one of the other Sculpey things.
By two or such my mom came home and we left to the craft store. I got a frame, some backing and acrylics. Mom then checked out the fabrics for ideas and eventually we headed to another area to look at candles. She got three candles and then we went to check out. In total my gift to my father was about twenty-five to thirty bucks in supplies and who knows how much in time and preparation. Heh.
We left then and stopped by a health food store where my mom bought some sort of drink that was thirty-two ounces and cost forty-freaking-bucks. I said nothing though. “To each his own” is the phrase I believe. Besides, I’ve likely gotten insanely priced things from time to time too.
After that we headed across town to get pet supplies and then stopped by Hallmark to get birthday cards. When all of that was accomplished we then stopped by the mall-like area and Mom bought some shirts for Dad’s B-day and then got a few things for herself since it was tax-free weekend and all that. I can’t recall how much she got, but like… for six to eight nice things she got all for about fifty-nine bucks apparently.
When we were in the car Mom spoke of being tired and I spoke of craving Chinese. She apparently liked the idea and decided we should eat some. So, we went home. We unpacked and I hid the gifts in my closet as such seems to occur with all gifts, and we headed out. Dad wasn’t interested so it was just Mom and me.
It was good. We got out usual orders, saw Jennifer – the lady who owns and knows us well as customers – and talked. Mom certainly felt better after getting some food in her and I simply liked the taste as usual.
We returned home with leftovers when that was over with and for a while I worked on the Sculpey thing. I was saving my dad’s gift for later when I knew he’d be asleep. In the middle of it, my mom checked on me. She wanted to watch TV. I obliged.
When nine came I returned to my room once we watched all that was to be watched. I returned to painting and then did whatever. When I was quite certain everyone was asleep I decided to work on my dad’s gift.
It required cutting, pasting and painting. In the end, I think it turned out fine. I put it into the frame-like shadow box and I was finally done. It was the ungodly hours of the morning by then.
After cleaning up, I rested in bed for an hour before my cat wanted out again. I stayed up after that and meandered out of my room around six. I saw my dad, he asked why I was up, I told him half of the reason and I got my meds. I think I went to bed around seven after that.
I woke up at one that afternoon. I don’t remember quite what I did other than read a bit out of a book I got the day before via mail. I had fallen asleep again at some other point and woke again around… five maybe? My dad made comment about it. Why he cares about my sleep patterns is beyond me, but it is bothersome.
While doing some dishes, I saw my mom and asked her if she wanted to see the end result. She liked it. That was reassuring.
After that, I am not quite sure what I did, but around six I ate a bacon sandwich for dinner. I had watched the end of “Ocean’s Twelve” with my brother, which is the only amount I’ve ever seen of it anyway, and at some point my mom asked me to sew up the bedspread as well as wash the sheets to it by Monday.
I hate sewing bedspreads.
Well, around nine-thirty, I fell asleep again and didn’t wake until one. I got up then, ate a midnight meal, cleaned up the kitchen and started the washing process of the bed sheets. I went back to sleep around three and woke again around seven. Somewhere in between I received my meds.
I saw my parents before they left, did some chores and ate breakfast. They left, I meandered. I went to bed again at some point to wake up around twelve. By then the sheets, covers and bedspread had been cleaned and dried, so I piled them up.
Dad came home not long after and we made the bed together. I then made myself a peanut butter sandwich and we chatted a bit or I meandered. He left sometime later… maybe around one?
When two came I got in my walk and around three or four I vacuumed. My sister arrived around four-thirty and since I was back in my room, I didn’t hear her at all. The doorbell and knocking mean nothing back here. What got my attention were the dogs eventually.
My sister had been waiting outside. I opened the door and she came in. I had no idea she was coming today. I thought she was coming tomorrow.
Well, she got in, had a phone call from my parents and I meandered back into my room. The rest of the afternoon is a relative blur to me… not much was really done. My mom and sister went to the gym soon after. My dad got to watching TV and I of course stayed in my room and ate dinner.
I fell asleep early… around seven-forty, though. I woke up again around nine-thirty. I was just in time to see my mom get ready for bed. Ha.
Tomorrow is my dad’s B-day. I reminded mom about the card and pulled them out for her so she could sign hers. She left the card and the shirts she got him on his desk chair for him to find tomorrow morning. I merely left the card. I plan to give him the gift I made personally, thank you very much.
So… here I am. From what I know my sister is staying tomorrow, tomorrow night and leaves sometime on Wednesday. My mom and sister took time off work to see each other and plan to spend time together. At lunch they’ll be eating out and I’ll be joining them. We are hoping Dad will be able to join us as well. After that they apparently intend to go to the park and do some kayaking or paddle boating… I draw the line there and plan to stay home after that.
Other than that… nothing really comes to mind. Well, I think my eldest brother is starting school again on Wednesday, actually. Yeah, he’s going back to college. Hoo…
That is all!

See, Speak, Hear…

Well, like last month I’ll likely be teetering towards broke. That is okay, though. As long as I don’t go into the negative numbers all is good.
Some point, perhaps the weekend, perhaps earlier this week, I heard my brother will not be doing chemo. Apparently his choice was made for him. Why they gave him three options when they were going to the reigns anyway is unknown, but through all of this, things have seemed rather ridiculous. So, my brother shall be going in once a month to have tests run on him. It sounds quite burdensome. From what I gathered during Friday dinner, he will be going in on Wednesday (19th).
Speaking of Wednesdays, I got my glasses finally this past Wednesday (12th). My mother called the place the night before demanding to know why it had been a week since the time they should have been shipped. The man checked and my mom thinks his claim was faulty. He said they had just gotten mine completed that day and would send them out.
Happily, I am patient with most things, so I was just happy that they arrived. I tried them on, tested them and actually raised my fists in triumph. Yes, my eyesight had become that poor. I could see clearer, but some things seemed a bit doubled at times. I figured it was just my eyes adjusting to the new prescription. Friday night, however, leads to second thoughts. A week ago (7th), before getting them we ate at a certain restaurant and more or less did “I see, you see…” I learned of what many others could see and they learned just how blind I was.
Well, we ate there yesterday (14th). It seems my sight still is not up to par with theirs. This was quite discouraging. For, now, I’ll just be content. I can see better than before at least.
Another thing happened yesterday with the vision discovery. I pulled out a pen drawing I have been working on since then end of December 2007. Yes, back at that time I sprained my wrist and hand royally. Thus, for almost two years I have been working on it. It will be my last detailed pen drawing. Well, I worked on it early Friday afternoon. By the time I stopped though, my wrist ached.
I shall put off any drawing for a long while again as not to cause any further damage. It actually bothered me when I ate Friday night dinner… handling a fork had made it act up. In fact, it bothers me some now as I type. Sigh.
After dinner, I cannot recall much. I think I read some and then around six or so sleep took me and I remained in slumber until maybe one. I got up, read some more, checked through some websites and made a peanut butter sandwich. I even saw Shred online for a brief time and that was nice. He showed me a picture and looking at his significant other, I couldn’t help but think he suited Shred aesthetically. He left a while later and I resumed dallying until four.
I woke at ten today, ate breakfast and took a shower. Soon my father and I were off to the store. We got a bit more than usual because my eldest brother and his girlfriend were coming by this afternoon. Chips, dips, breads, cheeses and meats were gotten.
After getting everything and packing it up we headed home. When everything was taken back out and put up, I wandered back to my room. My lunch, as most Saturdays, was half a loaf of French bread I got at the store.
I did chores, vacuumed and eventually took a short nap. Upon waking I heard voices and knew our guests had arrived. Dad was watching golf in the living room. Mom, Brother and Girlfriend were in the kitchen. I slithered on in and listened to them talk for the most part or wandered.
The afternoon was mainly talking. In between I hid out in my room, but not much. We lounged in the living room and at some point the topic of computers came about. I told my brother about how mine always had low memory. He told me there are three things that deal with memory: the processor, the hard drive and the RAM. We talked a bit and he showed me something. I relayed some stuff to him and it seems that something of mine is at the lowest possible amount that the processor can run on or some such.
After that, my brother showed me some computers of prices I could handle and at one point I was about to buy one, but was stopped. Apparently my brother intends to build me one. He kept hinting at it, saying hypothetically. I don’t care for indications. One must be frank with me or it goes over my head. Well, he finally spit it out. He said he could build me one, since my birthday will occur by the end of the year. I asked him if he could assure that offer. He said he could. Thus, I stopped my process of purchasing one… I had been in the middle of filling the form out.
I plan to pay him back in some form or another though. Be it bought or made, a computer is still expensive – particularly for me. Now there are these hard economic times, the entire family has some financial problems in some area or another and likely various other things come into play. The highest I can say for a gift is around a hundred bucks – and I say only for a single gift that has not others with it. Any higher, I would say he or she must return it, or I am paying back. The only time there is an exception is if the item is of great sentimental value.
Anyway, after that we ate sandwiches with chips. Everyone had sliced deli meat be it ham, turkey or beef. I went for bacon. We congregated at the living room for this and again there was talking or watching television.
After dallying out there for a while I returned to my room and read, fiddled about and so forth until evening came. I heard the front door open around eight or so and thus darted out. My brother and his girlfriend were leaving. I stayed out there long enough to say good bye, but once I had managed to get bitten three times by standing out there for only a few minutes, I retreated.
In my room, I did my best to focus my mind on something so the bites would not bother me. Then, by nine or so I ventured back out. I thought both my parents had gone to bed, which was surprising considering my mom, but the lights were off minus a few lamps. I went to the kitchen and proceeded to do the dishes.
When that was done, I finally saw my mother was at the computer. We talked a bit and at some point she rose to go to the back room, AKA the sewing room. She might still be in there now. In any case, she was in there and I returned to my room to read. In taking a break I recalled about my journal and thought I had enough things to write about for an entry of decent enough length.
That is all. I shall return to my reading.

Blacks and Whites…

Well, I’m doing okay. I haven’t updated in a while… then again, I have little to say. My sister did stop by last Sunday, though. The past Monday and Tuesday I watched an anime Shred suggested to me. I liked it. The beginning was slow and rather confusing for me, but it got better. Despite I liked it I doubt I’ll watch it again… If I do, it will not be any time soon either. It was the sort of show I often have trouble keeping up with. Those cause headaches.
I really can’t remember anything before that… Yeah, last week and the week before that is no longer in my memory apparently. Bad me…
I have been drawing some and writing some. That second story is still going, but no inspiration is coming. I’m just writing as I go along now. The drawing has oddly been inspired by the story as well as a short story I wrote. What is the inspiration? It is chilling. I think it is a good thing Jovan doesn’t know me anymore. My muse is Pierrot.
What is so surprising about that? I have a character who is nicknamed such and in side stories she has been known to clown and such. It should be normal. Not in my case. Writing is one thing, drawing is another. Admittedly, I wouldn’t mind showing them to the aforementioned Jovan because he has coulophobia.  Then I stop myself because I know that would be undeniably cruel.
Anyway, yeah… I’ve been drawing French clowns of all things. They are headshots really, but still. I cannot say my drawing experience has ever led me to believe something like this would be a subject. It rather clashes with my all my other drawings. Heh…
While back when I decided to pick up the name “Pierrot” for my character, it was just a brief passing. I read a small summary of the character, a bit about Commedia dell’Arte and thought… “Wow… he reminds me of my character a bit.” Then, since my character had a nickname for her best friend, I figured, why not have her friend give her a nickname? Thus… Pierrot it was.
Well, after… like… half a decade later or so, I am now actually reading up more on the character. In the end, I do believe he is endearing and in turn like him because he reminds me of my character. Bah!
In all this reading, I’ve also wound up reading some on clowns. There was a bit of history, a bit on the phobia of them and such. I think the majority of them are freaky looking. I can somewhat understand Jovan’s fear even. Old posters of Barnum and Bailey clowns should have scared every little kid on the planet. Still, so far, all of this has been strangely interesting. I even learned a bit about mimes.
Clowns, mimes and so forth are strange… but I have come to appreciate them in the similarity to how one appreciates a ballerina. Strange, some might think… but it is true. (By this I mean the real entertainers…) The energy, the ability to make use of any unforeseen situation, complete control of your physical movements and so forth… that is admirable.
Another change is… I’m drawing in pencil. I have disliked drawing with pencils for about a decade now. They could always smudge easily and the detail could wear away soon. I preferred pens. Well, I can’t do much with pens anymore. I can still do simple cross hatching, sure… but that doesn’t allow as much detail as my more intricate drawings of the past.
Well, with the Pierrot thing came the pencils. I find I’m a bit better handling them now. I don’t shade as nicely as most people can with them; in fact, there are a lot of dark areas as opposed to light. Nevertheless, they are turning out nicely from personal view.
From what I read, something said that “le Pierrot” is often female. Then there was talk of Pierrotte. While that rather left me at loss, I decided to draw the character as female despite Pierrot is a man who pines for a woman. After all, in plays and so forth, the youngest male characters are often played by women. Apparently it was the right decision… they look oddly… pretty.
I finished a picture tonight. It was done in map colors this time… just so it would have a color to it… Red. It is spare more or less… just the lips and about 45% of the background. Other than that is it is black, grey and white. I like it.
Sigh… well, other than the nonsense written above… I’ll still be struggling a bit money wise perhaps. This Saturday I am taking my cat in for his vaccination shots. Hopefully they won’t cost too much. Oi.
I also learned my next dental appointment is October the sixteenth for my teeth cleaning. Such fun! Bah! That is all!