Nyxity is Purity…

From the Side View Generator at http://en.genzu.net/sokumen/

I entered in “nyxity” and got the following:
The ‘nyxity’ that saw from side might be a ‘purity’.

It is rather ironic since my first (real) name means pure.

I then remembered to capitalize the N and received this:
The ‘Nyxity’ is a ‘Nyxity’ even if it sees from side.

By then I determined I rocked. 😀

Its Been a While…

I have nothing much to write on updates because there seems to be nothing memorable lately and writing out the same old stuff minus doctor visits or a relative visiting seemed pointless. Well, good times like that never last long apparently.
Let us see. My mother’s side of cousins has been experiencing problems. My “aunt” is still having problems with trying to sell her house, her faithful dog died and so she is now all alone since her kids have grown up, moved out and married. Her mother, my great Aunt, has been in a home and she’s getting worse. Also, her brother’s wife has stage four liver cancer or something like that. Sigh…
Added onto that is my dad and my case. Mom just told me the people who withheld our checks due to overpaying us last time are doing it again. Apparently my dad goofed again on his tax returns in 2009. So, in September and October we will be getting no checks. Mom with be stuck with all the mortgage. So, starting today it is only groceries and necessities again. Shame too, I was hoping to buy something rather expensive – for me anyway. Still, that saving up may help in the long run now.
Well, that is all in regards to important stuff.