Ill-like Feelings…

Well, I started Zantac on Sunday and now take that every morning and every night at least thirty minutes before eating. Monday I completely skipped my meds and I think that was the reason for my waking up in a full sweat and yet feeling cold two nights. Such joy it was.
I’ve heard from one of the girls a bit this past week and while the news has been down, I’m just happy knowing they are alive. It is a shame I am so bloody helpless though. I can’t do a thing for them. Sigh…
Friday was the “haircut expedition”. It was okay. The car ride there was an hour or so of feeling like I was on the verge of hurling though. It has been a while since car sickness had affected me so much. Simply put, I was miserable. When arriving into town, we stopped to eat brunch and I did fine with that. We then headed to the mall. I was still a bit queasy.
We looked around a bit and stopped by Lens Crafters to look around. I needed new lenses and my mom needed glasses solely meant for bifocals. We picked out some we liked and soon my mom had to head for her hair appointment. Therefore, we separated.
I wandered about the mall. It has stores that I never knew existed before. They were mainly clothing and shoe stores though. That isn’t my style. I did buy three tank tops for about eight dollars each at Foot Locker though. The ones I am still wearing now are like… three years old.
After that I headed to Earthbound. I meandered and looked at things. Not much was new, so I highly doubted I’d buy anything. Well, there were no worries in that. I glanced at my watch to find it was twelve on the dot. I rushed out of there because that was the exact time my appointment started and I just so happened to be on the other side of the mall.
I got there in time though. My hair was washed and then I got my usual cut. I’ve found after all these years I still only understand half of what my hair stylist is saying. Still, she’s cool. She knows my hair and she’s nice. That is all that matters.
After that, I paid, left a tip and then headed off to read a book I brought along with me. It still annoys me that the mall no longer has a bookstore. That is bloody evil.
So… i read for an hour or so. The book was good so far. When it was two, I decided to check on my mom. She was just getting her hair dried and styled, so I settled down and just watched. Soon enough she was through and my sister popped up. We were to eat lunch with her.
Well, before that happened, we stopped by the glasses store again. We browsed again and wound up getting glasses completely different from our first selections. My sister even found a pair of aviator sunglasses that fit her. Finally, we got around to paying for the buggers though. That took a while. My sister began getting restless and my mom was tired. I do just fine waiting, so I just sat there as usual.
Well, the place didn’t take insurance, so my mom almost didn’t get the second pair of glasses if she had to pay half a thousand dollars for them. A discount was doable though and it became a more acceptable price. Mom paid for hers. Then it was my turn. I found out I’m so blind my lenses are like coke bottle ends. I just knew I was happy I wasn’t born back in my mother’s time. I would have been stuck with those depressing, wide-rimmed, dork glasses. Because of this though, I had to get the priciest lens design due to how thick it would be. Without the discount it would have been around seven-hundred freaking bucks. Instead I got them with a discount. I paid five-hundred and something… pretty much my bank account is near empty. I had enough to buy my groceries though until my next check. As long as there is no over-draft or whatever it is called, I’m fine.
I’ll be getting mine shipped to me in ten days. Since I have such… “special” needs in my order, mine wouldn’t take an hour to do. Bah… Oh, well. I can wait.
We finally got out of there slight before three thirty then. We left, stopped by a soup and salad buffet and my sister was kind enough to pay for both my mom and me. We ate, we talked, my sister asked my mom about how she and dad got engaged and to our disbelief and amusement she didn’t even remember. She admitted some other things to us too that assured us their beginning was no where near romantic. I couldn’t help but laugh.
Well, after that we parted ways. Sister had to get to work and we had to head home. I was lucky this time around because I slept most of the way back. I think I sort of forced it too. I was not in the mood to be conscious for another two-hour trip of being carsick.   Well, we got home about ten to twenty minutes before seven… Yeah, apparently it took three hours. I guess Mom ran into traffic some point.
I headed to my room, semi-unpacked and found an email from one of the girls. It was worrisome, but nothing is certain yet. Sigh.
I can’t remember the rest of the night after that really, but I did watch television with Mom as usual. I also got some writing in on that second story at least. I hit the bed at eleven thirty as well.
Despite the early bedtime, I wound up waking up at twelve today. Oh, well. My meds were never given to me, so I took them four hours off schedule. Oh, well on that too. I ate half a peanut butter sandwich and then took a shower. With that my dad and I headed for groceries. We went, we shopped, we bought, we loaded, we went home, we unloaded and we then put up.
When things were done and settled again, I went to my room and read the rest of the book I started the day before. It took me about four hours or so to read it. Now it is evening. Whoo…
Well, that is all. Bah.

Dilation Sucks…

Not much has happened really. I did get a reply from one of the girls though and was updated a bit on what has happened where they are. It explained a lot and I wasn’t surprised. Sigh… If only I was able to take them away from all their problems.
Um… That story I started has come to a stand still, so I began writing something else. It is 125 pages now, but it might end up coming to a stand still too. Why? My head was screwed over again.
On Friday I went to the eye doctor for my yearly checkup. Well, my eyes wouldn’t dilate from the drops the first time. The lady put in the drops a second time. There was still no result. Thus, I got them a third bloody time! Finally my right eye dilates, so it gets tested, when moving onto my left, it is finally dilated, too.
After that a headache started. A few more tests occurred and some other sort of eye drops was used for something else. Finally I get out of there. The lady warns me my eyes will likely be dilated all day.
Well, wasn’t that the bloody truth.
I mainly was in bed the rest of Friday and wasn’t even going to both with the vacuum. Focusing on anything that moved too much or was not just a few feet in front of me hurt my head. I could use the computer a bit, but had to wear sunglasses when doing so… in fact I wore them whenever I was awake.
That is something, because my room’s windows are always covered by closed blinds and at most I have a single lamp on. I kept the lamp off that day. I housed a headache most of the day and I can’t take anything like Advil… ibuprofen is still a major no-no for me. Oi.
Then my parents come home when five comes around. We are going out to eat. I don’t know how well I’ll handle it, but I get out of bed anyway. Checking my eyes, they were still dilated like mad. So with sunglasses on, I went out with them.
I survived and we headed back home. My eyes were still dilated. I managed to watch some shows with my mom though as long as my hat was shielding my eyes. By nine thirty I don’t bother anymore and headed for my room.
I can’t really remember much of the night, but I was able to work on the computer some. I tried writing that second story, but it was very… hard. My head felt blank but I typed anyway. I went back to bed after fighting a headache late… maybe it was two or so?
Well, Saturday came today. I got up around ten, took a shower and found my eyes weren’t as bad as yesterday, but they were still dilated. Bah. I wasn’t in the mood to step out into the bright light and then enter the brightly lit grocery store either… but I always go with my dad. I had to suck it up.
Since my eyes weren’t as bad as the day before, I decided to rely on my hat rather than my sunglasses. Bad move. By the time I’ve been through the store for a short time, I ask my dad for his sunglasses. I took them and put them over my regular ones – I’m blind without prescription sunglasses. Well, we managed to get through, but my head was suffering and because of that I began feeling nauseated as well.
We finally got out of there, packed the groceries and I gave my dad back his sunglasses. In the car I could keep my eyes closed. We stopped so he could get his usual lunch and then headed home. Just entering the house helped. With the windows and natural daylight, no lights were on.
I put up the groceries as my dad carried them in, ate lunch and when able to, I retreated to my bed again. My pupils were still the same. So… from one or so to about five-thirty I was in my room, keeping it dark and made sure I did nothing so another evil headache didn’t strike again. When I got up though, my pupils were a bit smaller. They weren’t there usual size, however. Oi.
My mom calls me around six or seven? I cooked some noodles and we watched some shows. I checked my eyes in between… they still weren’t the right size yet, but closer. Finally we stop watching at around ten.
I did some chores after that. There was laundry and the kitchen per usual. My mom was on the computer and noted something to me. It looked to be a connection error, so I checked mine. Well, it was just the browser she was using. She goes to bed then and I check my eyes.
They are back to normal finally! It took a day and a half plus an extra hour, but they finally were back to normal! Hallelujah! They were back!
Well, that is it… that is all that is “news worthy”. Heh…
Other than that, nothing much has occurred. I will be going for the usual “haircut expedition” this coming Friday though. During that I’ll try getting some new glasses too. My left eye has changed dramatically. I’m so bloody blind now. It is evil.
Well, my head is still blank… so… yeah. End…

Slowed Down…

Well, my brother saw the Oncologist yesterday. The results were the same. He has three options: constant testing, chemo for a while or surgery. Oi.
I saw fireworks on the fourth… they were the small town kind, so they didn’t last very long and they weren’t those big, spectacular ones. Still, it was nice seeing them. It reminded me of a time I wasn’t able to see any – previous town I lived in never did fireworks.
All of my tiredness last month meanwhile died down. The bad thing is, I no longer feel like writing. I did get to three hundred and eighty pages though, so that is cool.
The birds I saved are gone. I’m hoping that meant they finally learned to fly. Still, we don’t have strays running around here… there is a fine for that and such. Thus, things seem to be likely good.
I haven’t seen the girls for half a month now. Oh, well… It isn’t surprising. One, it is summer. Two, they are always freakishly busy during the summer. Three, their lives are quite complicated most of the time. Still, I miss them though.
I also bought two things. They are Christmas gifts admittedly, but by the time December is around the things likely will no longer be sold. At least I got some of that out of the way. I wonder how much it will affect my bank account for this month though…
Well, I guess that is all. I’m not in a writing mood.