Merry Christmas, Huh? …

Okay… This weekend I have been out of it… as in unconscious for the most part. I more or less missed my brother’s birthday. Instead of the perfume, he was expecting his house shoes, so my mom grabbed that out from under the tree and he got his shoes. I managed to go to the grocery store, got my things and then waited a long time on my father to get his. I was feeling really under the weather, so once everything was put up, I crashed.
Sunday was spent out of it for the most part as well. Sometime during my sleeping hours my sister arrived. Late afternoon or perhaps near evening my parents returned from picking up my E. brother from the airport. Pizza was ordered for dinner and everyone has been doing their own thing.
Somewhere in between or perhaps even all week, my hand has been dwindling on me. First it was simple cramping, then pain and exhaustion, then shaking, then slight impairing on using eating utensils and eventual pain when not even using my hand. This is mainly due to coloring old drawings of mine and of course drawing here and there. I have a picture in the works that is very detailed so far… I won’t be able to finish it before 2008 though. My hand is far too injured now. The funny/annoying thing is, I took breaks and rested it often. Sometimes I’d do as little as possible with it so I would be able to draw just a bit the next day. It just hurts. Oi.
Um… Monday would probably be dubbed movie day as far as I a concerned. I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory around mid-day mainly because I could not focus my mind on reading or anything else. Later on, after my sister and father come back from getting some things from the grocery store, my sister finds I have not watched The Da Vinci Code. She thinks it is the time, so we sit own to watch. She fell asleep sometime through it. My dad watched with us only for some of the beginning. I cannot say it is something I’d buy, but it was a good watch. Heh.. I even guessed the thing to the scroll combination before “Robert” did. Ha, ha… Still, all that other stuff, I never would have figured out… so… yeah.
Later on dinner was cooked – pasta – and my brothers, sister and I watched a movie called Superbad. I was game and my E. brother, like me, had not seen it and wanted to. It was okay. We were all entertained, so that is a goody. As for the rest of the night… that is just a blur. I think I slept all night, I think I might have woken up, I think I just don’t know diddly.
In anycase, I got up around ten, I believe, this Christmas morning. I did chores, found my dad piddling around the house and that all my siblings were asleep. My mom was at work. After eating breakfast and having nothing to really do once I got what chores I could get done without waking my siblings, I just lay down and spend quality time petting my cat.
Come one thirty or so my siblings are up, my sister is the last. My mom soon arrives home and I’m still petting my cat. I eventually get up, my dad takes pictures of the family for a couple of minutes and my brother keeps looking at the presents impatiently.
Soon enough, we begin the unwrapping. My siblings went through their stockings. I warned my brother, who was taking them off the mantle for us that mine would have nothing since I helped fill all of theirs. He checked anyway. Silly human. My mom did get a stocking stuffer for me… Only, it did not fit in the stocking, so she stuffed it in a bag. Kitty house slippers to replace my flat, matted ones. Yay. My sister got a similar pair later on, but of monkeys. My mom even got herself a pair that were of dogs.
Anyway, Mom liked the gift I got her. She loved the necklace Dad spent on her and was thrilled when she received from my brother the yogurt maker she thought everyone forgot about.
E. Brother remembered my gift… I’m not sure what he truly remembers, but he and I talked about it before. In any case, he liked it. He got a gift card from our brother and I think it was a new phone or such from my dad, mom… both? He either lost his or just could not pay his bills on it… so… this was a sign of, “Call us, damn it! Also, receive our calls, double damn it!”
My sister was content with my gift, which were three packs of all the sour flavored jelly beans by Jelly Belly. I was right in my choice. The sours were her favorite. Yeay. My mom got her a gift set of gloves, a scarf and a hat. My brother got her a gift card. She had a Visible Changes gift card in her stocking and some other gift card I had never gotten a look at.
For a stocking stuffer my bro’ had received… I think a card to get gas for his car. He got his perfume and of course sprayed it on the moment he opened it. He got the fog lights I helped Dad get for him. When “allowed” he quickly got to work on his car.
Now, my dad was the best part. Well, my brother got him two CDs he wanted, of course, but what got him was the gift my brother, Mom and I pitched in together to get. He was in tears over it. Freaking humble guy, he is. He was going on about he did not deserve it. Ha. Right. He does not understand himself enough. Heh.
Me? As said, house shoes for a stocking stuffer. My gift card was to Amazon, which I had stumbled upon when checking my email earlier when I had woken up. My brother got me two things. A “fake” book – I do not quite know what I shall do with it, but it is very nice anyway – and a safe. Yes. I knew it was a safe as well. Heh. He apparently did not remember saying it to me, but that was how he got the idea for getting it for me to begin with. It of course received a knowing smirk. So… while he spent time on his car, I spent time on my safe. Heh. It is not like it will hold anything of importance to a robber, of course. Like I’d have something like that… No, I’m sticking in a journal my mom gave me, a book Shred gave me, some old writings by my E. brother, an old view master with reels my mom played with as a kid, an old deck of cards from, I believe, her college days and old trinkets of my grandmother’s.
Well, the rest of the day sort of piddled on, as usual. my dad worked on fixing supper. I watched television with my sister. My brothers were doing their own thing. My mom… I’m not quite sure. Dinner came soon enough at five. Everyone congregated and waited on my brother to take a break on his car. We finally all arrived, said grace and ate. Mid meal my sister spoke of being tired and soon fell asleep in the living room after leaving the table. My brother finished and went back to work on his car. I started cleaning up as did my dad while my mom and E. brother talked in the dining room still.
We soon went back to piddling. E. Brother started making homemade cookies. While the cookie dough batter was chilling, my brothers decided to go around the town and try out my dad’s Christmas present out. Heh. My dad… I’m not too certain. I had left him a bit after the cleaning. Mom and I gave my cat his medicine. My mom then decided to iron and then read her “Bones” book. My sister was either still asleep or watching TV. I snuggled under my mom’s blankets and into her bed for warmth. By eight or so, my mom wakes me up and I piddle off to my room to finish sleeping.
I woke up maybe an hour or so ago. I cleaned up the kitchen that was suddenly a mess again. The sink was full of my E. brother’s aftermath. Once everything was rinsed and the dishwasher was a full as it could get, I went off to started a load of laundry. Once all was set in motion, I ate a small bowl of leftovers and am now here. Yeah.

Well, My E. brother should be heading back for Chicago tomorrow. I do not know about my sister, but she will likely be going back to her apartment tomorrow as well. Friday I see Wynne. Sunday the family will be going to see Aunt Lillian. Nothing else comes to mind for the rest of this month.

Survived Another Year…

Well, my E. brother will be coming down for Christmas after all. While that is nice, it annoys me how little will my parents have. For a while they told him they would not pay for his trip down here. They caved. Well, my mom caved into my dad’s persistence really. My dad is such a softy. Why it bothers me is that it costs so much. My brother needs to quit relying on my parents’ money. I mean he is twenty-seven for all that is nutty. They have enough problems with money, bills, credit debts and junk. Sure, they say it is his Christmas present, and I know money should not matter so much over family time… but… my brother is one of the reasons my parents are in such debts to begin with. Sigh.
The beginning of the week hasn’t been really eventful. Thursday was my B-day. I was sent an e-card from my parents. I did my chores and then worked on an old picture I drew. While in the middle of it, my brother told me to come out. He wanted to show me something. He snatched a present from underneath the tree. Apparently it was my birthday gift. I opened it. It was a small oriental lamp/night light. I thanked him and he helped me put it together. After that I resumed on my picture.
Around noon my mom came home. She wanted to take my brother and me out for lunch. A birthday lunch apparently, but nothing interested me, so we went to Chili’s. It was just another regular lunch to me. We went back home, I went back to working on the picture and when it hit three-thirty I rested on my bed since I did not sleep much the night before.
Near four thirty my mom wakes me up to take my cat and my brother’s cat to the vet. Perhaps it was the abrupt awaking, but I felt like crap then. The doctor checked out my cat first. They drew blood and would run tests. They moved onto my brother’s cat, so I went back out into the waiting room with mine. The results were positive. My cat’s levels went down a bit. Instead of near seventy he is in the sixties. While we won’t be checking him in again until March thirteenth, perhaps fourteenth, I hope his level drops to the fifties in two weeks. He really should be at thirty-six at highest… What the levels are measuring, I do not know. I just know we want him near the thirties. This visit was “cheaper” than last time. 140 bucks. Oi.
We returned home around five, settled in, got out respective dinners and then gathered around to watch some television. After that my dad hit the hay, my mom was piddling about and I wished them goodnight before retreating to my room.
Friday was spent sleeping. Yeah, I was really out of it for some reason. We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and at some point we were talking about iPods. After learning about them a bit, I commented I might consider investing in one after all.
Saturday was grocery day. I took a nap after that because I had not slept the night before. After I woke up my dad showed me his iPod and gave it to me. I spent some time questioning him if he was sure about this and eventually I accepted it. I spent time learning how to work it and would occasionally ask my dad questions to reestablish my discoveries. During the early afternoon I worked on sorting things on it.
Around three, my mom and I went to do some errands. We went to get things for Christmas. It took a pretty long time and we got back home around six. Now, since the last time I ate that day was sometime in the morning before the grocery shopping, I was getting pretty low on my blood sugar count. My parents then began the process of making me some homemade French fries. Yum. I asked for that to be my B-day present. When they were ready I dug into them like a fiend. My mom and I then settled in her room and watched television together. Around ten I returned to my room and worked on putting my stuff in order with the iTunes. Around one I hit the hay.
Most of Sunday was spent mainly asleep. I awoke a bit before eight in the morning, did some chores and after my parents left for church I ended up falling asleep again. I awoke once more around two, did some more chores, worked on the computer and got a headache. I rested some and then dinner came. My mom and I watched a Christmas show while eating. When we were done it was seven thirty. My parents went to bed around eight forty and I around two to three.
It is now Monday morning. I woke up about an hour ago and did chores. We need air filters, damn it.

Anyway, this Saturday is my brother’s birthday. My mom got him cologne while we were out and about during the weekend.
My eldest brother will be coming down on the twenty-third. That is his birthday gift.
Then of course will come Christmas, which will be odd this year since my mom and brother work both Christmas Eve and day. We’ll likely do gift exchanging sometime around the end of Christmas day between when my mom is back from work and when my brother goes in around nine or ten.
The next day E. bro’ goes back up to the North.
The twenty-eighth is my day to see Wynne.

My December…

Well, on the third I saw the dentist. Other than some places they need to keep watch over, the lady said my teeth are fine. Yes! I just hope I can keep them that way. Oi.
I think it was Tuesday that I was out of it, but I cannot be too certain. Perhaps that was the day we did some errands.
Wednesday, my mom and I left for haircuts around eight thirty. We got there around ten fifty. Mom’s appointment started at eleven and mine at twelve, so I had an hour to kill. I always go to three places, but I know that I will never find anything I am looking for. It proved true this trip as well.
Thursday I cleaned and I think there was something added into all that, but I really cannot recall. Anyway, I took a brief nap and then my mom came by to have me help her with the storage shed. Yeah, we have a shed crammed full of things that are likely useless, but no one has really had the time to go through the items and decide what is needed and not.
My mom was hoping to do that that day. She was way over her head. Silly woman. We spent our time there sorting and in between checked at the Laundromat where she was trying to get a huge quilt-like top blanket. By the time the thing was to be dry, we stopped on our attempts in the shed. It was getting dark out.
Friday is a bit of a blur. I believe my mom got her nails done. When she came back we went to do errands. We stopped by the grocery store. She got some of the necessary groceries, while I got my usual. After that we stopped at a place called Sally’s to get her a new hair brush. Once home she got ready for a work related Christmas party.
She and my dad left around six thirty. My brother came home, got us some dinner at Chili’s and after I ate, I collapsed. I was out from seven until one Saturday afternoon. Dad meanwhile put up indoor Christmas decorations and the tree. When my mom was ready she and I decorated it. Some point later I hit the bed again, still out of it. My dad eventually comes in to tell me dinner was ready. I obliged, ate and I believe I passed out again.
Hm… Sunday I kept in my room most of the day. I meandered out here and there. My sister “magically” appeared somewhere in all that when I was spending time with my cat and suffering from coldness. I read, slept, read, slept and other things most of the afternoon. My sister and I watched an old video from 1998 when my cat was only eight weeks old. The day piddled on.
My brother at one point told me not to leave my room. I responded okay. A while later he comes back to tell me to keep away from the other side of the house – my mom’s room in particular. I respond okay. After a while I wanted to see my cat. I moseyed out and made sure I did not go passed the halfway point. I called to ask if I could meander out. No one answered. I called to him, my parents, sister and then anyone. No one answered. I sighed.
In the end everyone had been in my mom’s room. What was it all about? Guess. Christmas presents. It was something my brother got. Obviously it was something for me. Apparently everyone decided to look, watch or help him wrap it. Oi. Silly humans.
Dinner came, we had lasagna and in the beginning we were all in the living room. That changed after some minutes of watching the sort of comedy my brother and father prefer. Mom was the first to leave. My sister was the second. I held out. Some humor was gross and my father could not believe he was watching that with me next to him. I just smirked and kept eating. Once done though, I meandered off.
For a while I was in my mom’s room listening to her and my sister talk about a girl she (my sister) knew. Certain things made me go retrospective or something like that. I brought up things to my mom once in a while through the conversation in uncertainty. What struck me interesting though was at some point she said, “It is because of your autism.”
I’m not offended or anything, but it was interesting to actually hear that from someone else when not in some sort of session with one of my doctors.
Anyway, my sister eventually left around seven. I likely disappeared into my room around then.

Um… I guess that is it… other than notes, anyway. The thirteenth my cat is going in for a check up again. I am hoping for better results regarding his health. If it manages to be, I will be very happy. My little cat…
The fourteenth is not a day I go to see Wynne. That was indeed moved. I think on the twenty-eighth. I think something is happening then… but I am not certain.
Some one owes me homemade fries that weekend.
My brother’s b-day will be coming up on the 22nd.
Christmas comes.
Somewhere in between all that we are going to try to visit my great aunt.



My mom and I were out doing errands today. The library was one of the stops. While my mom searched for certain books, I decided to look through one about Greek classics. I found nothing new, so decided to put the book up. In the middle up putting it back on the shelf my head suddenly hit vertigo and somewhat felt like it burst in a sort of heat. Next thing I know I was on the floor and a woman was checking on me. I fear I found the whole endeavor cool.

I asked the woman how long I was out, just in case. She said it was not long, just a couple of seconds. She relayed she heard me say “woah”. Then she either heard or saw me hit the floor. She kept asking me if I was okay for a while. I just kept saying sure. I bet she thought I was a nut.

Anyway, I figured I should get back down on the first level of the library in case such a thing happened again. My mom was at the computer/card catalog. I plopped down by her and asked her if I had ever keeled over before. She said no. After that I was all smiles and “Dude.” Mom, meanwhile, was of course worried.

On our way out she asked me if I ate, slept enough and how the whole thing felt. I had done such things and described to her about the burst of heat and such. She thought about stopping to get me something to eat or taking me home. I replied nay on both. So, we continued on with the last errand and then headed home. I figured in all logic I should probably lay down. I did and slept for maybe three hours.

So… yeah. I thought the whole thing was fun. Aren’t I a nut? I asked my mom at some point during all that, “There’s something wrong about me finding keeling over fun, isn’t there?” She said yes. Then she amended something about it… like “most people wouldn’t be giddy over such a thing”. Well… it was oddly exciting. I mean, I lost time! One moment I was standing and the next I am on the floor. I did not feel the fall or anything. I don’t know if I just fell over, if my legs buckled or anything. It was a “Woah.”

Yeah… I just wanted to record my first keel. Ha.

November to December…

(Nov. 21-25)
Peabody seems to be doing better. Wednesday morning he was hurking a lot, but that ended soon enough. He’s eating, responding and is more alert.
Thanksgiving went by quickly for me. I slept half the day. I figure it was due to having trouble sleeping the night before. Despite that, everyone seemed to have enjoyed it, which is all that matters.
My sister liked the card I got her and her cold seems to be clearing up. she was still coughing quite a bit, but she said other than that she felt fine.
Friday was more or less a usual day, other than the fact I slept a lot. Maybe it is the weather? Perhaps it is because my mom has had off time since Wednesday? There are other possibilities.
The weekend passed in a blur.

(Nov. 26-30)
Monday to Wednesday was the same. My mom had to go back to work, but after that, ten days of vacation for her.
Thursday was the big day on two accounts. My cat had an appointment at the vet clinic at one thirty. His results were less than… well… sigh. His levels went back up to the sixties. He is supposed to be down to thirty, at most thirty six. Mom and I were not supposed to give him protein at all. Well, my mom thought it would help him gain some weight and the broth would help him get more fluids.
By the end of the appointment, my mom asked him about how long my cat will likely live. Worse case, two weeks. Best case is two years. Wah… He is not even ten yet! Not until three fourths into April will he be ten. I had hopes of him living to a good old age of twenty. Sigh…
Uncle Mike is the second occurrence. He’s down here for a while. My dad left to pick him up from the airport around one. The place was two hours away, so… they did not get back here until five. I took a nap and woke up not too long after his arrival. We ate dinner together around the dining room table – a somewhat rare occurrence. Dad wanted to show him my room, noted to him some of my swords and then asked me to show him my drawings. I conceded to all.
In any case, the weekend has been a blur so far. It is pretty much the same, minus my worry for my cat. Sigh.

Anyway, Sunday Uncle Mike goes back home. The day will likely be another “usual”. Monday I go to the dentist for that postponed cleaning at 2. Wednesday my mom and I will go get haircuts. Hers begins at 11, mine at 12. Friday my mom and dad will be gone a good amount of the night for a Christmas party thrown by her workplace. I think I see Wynne on the fourteenth.

Other than that, I have little to note. I’m not really into the scheme of making updates as of late. Sigh. Well, it is 12:24 AM now… Yeah. signing off.