I’m Not Lazy, Damn It…

Well, last Friday was a bust. I went to get a flu shot, but the vaccine hadn’t gotten in on time and the doctor had a family thing going on. No shot.
The past week so far I have been sleeping much. I’m assuming it has something to do with my body’s chemistry since these sorts of spells happen every month – that and I’m drinking my water up, which also happens for about a week or so each month. Such joy.
Tuesday my mom took off work and only told me the night before that I had an appointment to see the foot doctor. So mid morning, we go to see the doctor. It is raining out. Meh.
Well, we went there, we filled out stuff, we waited and then finally we were taken to a room. We waited some more. Well, I finally meet the doctor who had told my mother about her uneven legs. Well, I have uneven legs too. I also don’t push up on my feet so my calf muscles don’t get a work out apparently. There were questions asked and answered, he studied my ankles and all that junk. It was strange being barefooted. He also had me walk up and down a hall for a while, balance and he touched my sides to see if my hips had any issues. Meh!
Well, it seems my left leg is shorter than my right. I also had my feet cast for orthodics. Then my mom and I left for the other side of town to get my hips x-rayed for further examination purposes. I remembered getting my chest x-rayed once when younger… It wasn’t much different. The guy even told me to take a deep breath and then breathe out for the whole thing.
Well, after that, we got a hard copy. Since we were over there, Mom checked on something else that dealt with our eye doctor. Then we headed back to the foot doctor, dropped off the hard copy, went to the bank, searched for something, then we went to a different bank to do a deposit and finally we got home.
Mom and I ate lunch, I believe I did some chores and I headed to my room after that. The next few hours I have no idea what my mom did other than some point she took a nap. I believe I worked on something via the computer.
Um… well, around three I checked on my Mom… she woke up and had to do another errand regarding her cell phone. She left the home phone with me in case my brother called. Well, she left. I stayed up despite tired by then and sometime around four she calls me.
She got her phone, my brother contacted her and they were off to do some more errands – she wanted to get some gravel for the yard. With all that settled I hung up and went to sleep. I have no idea when I woke up again after that.
Wednesday and Thursday were mainly sleep days for me. I got up to do chores in between, but I did skip some meals without meaning to. To my fortune, it only affected my chest a little.
Friday, I managed to stay up. I hadn’t done a daily walk all week and planned to do such, but my ankle acted up and for some reason my lower back was hurting as though I had lifted something heavy the wrong way. Oi.
Um… Some of the books I ordered earlier in the week or maybe the end of last week arrived. I had ordered four in total. They are for my eldest brother. They are Christmas gifts. Yes, Christmas gifts. I get the things when I know I have enough money and when the idea for a gift comes to mind before I forget all about it. People are hard to get gifts for in my family.
Also in the mail came something for my mom. It dealt with an old case that dealt with my grandmother’s death. Asbestos exposure and thus lung cancer… Now, Mom should have gotten it a month ago, but my stupid eldest brother didn’t send it to her until two days ago. It made me question about actually giving him his Christmas gifts this year.
Anyway, the item sent was very important and my mom was freaking out about it possibly being time sensitive. She looked over it and my other brother looked over it. It seems there is no deadline. Still, there could have been one and if there had, all of us would likely have to hurt my eldest brother in some way or form and I doubt my mother would ever forgive him.
So, tonight, we went out to eat. My dad was tired and said he was still full from eating BBQ at lunch, so he didn’t join us. Well, we went to Chili’s and while there my mother and brother talked about the mail package still and we all spoke about how we should treat the eldest son for his lack of responsibility. We later went onto less stressful topics.
Well, after dinner, we went our ways.
Mom and I eventually settled into the “sewing room” after being home for a while. I was tired, but my mom expects me to watch TV with her, thus I did so. By nine-thirty we were basically done. I brushed my teeth and all that. Mom did whatever and eventually got ready for bed as well.
Tomorrow, Mom must get up early do to a reunion thing being held at her work. No sleeping in for her, poor thing. Since she’ll have the car, Dad will have to call my brother to use the second one. The rest of the day should be the usual though from what I can foresee.
That is it. I am tired.

It Was a Cold…

Picking up from my last entry, I was wrong. It was a cold. As colds go, I do five things if possible.
First, sweat. Sauna, hot shower, light exercise… any of those three are fine. One, you get rid of toxins. Two, it helps the aches and pains. Three, if you get your heart rate up just a little it helps get the blood flowing and thus the white blood cells out and about.
At the side, if you do exercise lightly, you will likely take a shower or bath. Hence it will lead up to steam should you take a bloody hot one. That in turn will relax your muscles more, clear out your nasal passages and begin your resting period.
Second, eat something warm. The nutrients will help your body keep up its energy to fight your cold, the warmth is an extra plus – now you are warm all over, helps with the aches and aids your body in what it does naturally to fight germs anyway. As said, chicken soup is excellent for this case.
Third, take a mild pain killer… Advil, aspirin, Tylenol, whatever brand you use. It helps with the aches and all that good stuff.
Four, drink some water. You lost a lot fluids in sweating and all and you need to keep more hydrated than usual when sick anyway.
Five, hit the bed. Rest is essential and by then you should be less achy, breathing better and freaking tired. Sleep should be easier then. In between, when you wake up, drink water and remember to eat.
So, yeah… minus the warm meal and Advil, I did all that Thursday morning. I woke up, ate breakfast, did my chores half-heartedly, constantly washed my hands… When that was done, rested a bit and then hit the treadmill for twenty-five minutes, going at quite a slow pace. Sweated a bit, got off… my muscles were limbered up nicely and that helped.
Hit the bathroom, ran a freakishly hot bath, soaked, sweated, relaxed my muscles and began to breathe better. I got out, got dressed, had nothing warm to eat around the house, and so I ate the usual peanut butter sandwich.
Felt a heck of a lot better, drank some water, can’t take aspirin, so I went to bed. I think I slept all afternoon then. I woke up around the time my parents were going to bed, or they were in bed. Stayed up, ate dinner, soaked in a freakishly hot bath again and hit the bed once more.
Friday, exercise went out the window. Sleep took the place of it, but everything was the same. Heat, sweat, eat, water and sleep. I was up in the afternoon and decided to watch Good Will Hunting. Good movie. Because of this, I managed to up by the time my parents got home, and feeling better, I went out to eat with them. I only managed half the meal and was in a somewhat apathetic mood, but I was almost over the cold… I was just weak – thus making my breathing troubled – and my throat was still suffering.
I managed to stay up that night, watched a show with my mom… maybe two even? I took another hot soak and I think I went to bed again after that.
Saturday, I woke up very late. Similar to how I was the night before, I was weak, had some trouble breathing and my throat was still healing. I managed to go to the store with my dad. We got the things, paid, left the store, went home, got home, unpacked and after eating half a loaf of warm bread, I collapsed. I woke up again around six. I think by then I was close to being my usual self again.
Sunday, I was basically the same again. My throat no longer hurt, but still a bit hoarse. I was still weakfish, too… but I could breathe and had more energy than I had in a while.
I did a light walk, more than I had on Thursday, but less than I would when back to normal. Dad returned form his own walk and asked if I’d go to the store with him. I took my shower and we went.
Ironically, my dad decided to cook me chicken soup for that night. So we were going to the grocery store again to get the ingredients… I can’t remember what else happened that… I think I probably read all day. Anyway, I certainly smelt the soup cooking and when I tried it… Well, I was surprised. It was a bloody success.
By three, I was hungry, so I screwed waiting and got myself a bowl. My mom cooked herself some sort of soup as well and had the same sentiments. So we ate our dinners in the middle of the afternoon. The rest of the day… I don’t remember, really. I likely was still reading and such.
Monday, things got back to normal, I believe. Basically that time to now if rather a blur… I was reading a lot, so I believe that is the reason. Either way, it was the same old, same old.
Now it is Wednesday. I managed to finish off the rest of the soup tonight. My dad is infamous about making meals too big for this small family. There are only three people in this house and my mom doesn’t eat the same stuff as we do. It also isn’t like my dad will help me much in eating his creations…
So, yeah… big pot of soup all for me… in total from Sunday night to tonight I ate maybe nine bowls of the stuff. Add in what little he ate… that is enough to feed five or six people depending on who decides to have seconds. I like having soup… but it doesn’t keep long and I’m the one stuck living off it a whole week until I am utterly burnt out. Oy.
Well other than that… nothing much comes to mind. I do have to get a flue shot though… that should happen on Friday if everything goes to plan. That’s that!

How Dry I Am…

Let’s see… my eldest brother’s birthday has passed. It was the past weekend. I did nothing though… why? Because I hadn’t seen him at all, I don’t talk on phones and I don’t know his number – not like he ever answers the phone anyway.
Last week I had only been able to walk two days – Wednesday and Friday. As said, my new shoes were giving me issues. This week I’ve been doing better though. I started again on Monday and have carried on to today. My left leg still acts up and cramps a bit once nightfall, but I think I’m getting into the groove again; therefore the shoes must be yielding. Ha, ha!
I’ve picked up drawing a bit as noted somewhere a while ago, I believe, but earlier this week I finally wound up straining my wrist again some. How annoying. So, yesterday I drew naught and today I drew naught. I’ve been doing my best to give it a rest and even tried to keep it from moving much when I was on my walk.
Um… I think I’m getting up on my financials again. Last month really brought me down low, so I am doing my best this month to help it rise some. Hopefully no medical issue will come up again. Still, I wonder about my eyesight a bit, but I could be letting my paranoia get to me.
Also, the weather is finally cooling down a bit here. All summer long, in fact even in early spring, it had been relentless heat… always the 100’s. Oy. Sadly, with this change – like ten degrees – dryness has returned and is plaguing me. I had a nosebleed a while ago and the beginning of this week my nasal passages were dry. Now I’m sniffling and my eyes require drops to keep them from… peeling. >.< Yuck. Ironically, this cool down is due to getting light showers finally – this summer was a freaking drought… no rain.
It rained slightly today actually, but I resorted to hooking up a humidifier anyway. I don’t know how much it is helping me, but here is hoping. I might need to put some more eye drops in though. My eyes ache almost like how they would when one has a cold. Oy, oy…

Achy-Breaky Back…

Well, my sister came by Monday afternoon. Tuesday my mom took off. Tuesday was also my dad’s B-day. Mom took my gift and gave it to him before I even woke up. She is notorious about that. Sigh.
It is when I saw him at lunch did I find he liked it. If my mom hadn’t told him outright, he wouldn’t have known I made it. That alone made me happy. The entire family minus my eldest brother ate lunch together at a small sandwich/coffee shop. It was good and my dad seemed to like it. My sister paid as her gift.
After that we all headed on our own ways. Mom and my sister spent the afternoon together. Their plans were to go kayaking. I was not interested and thus stayed home. I don’t remember much after that, but my sister did stay the night.
Wednesday went back to normal. My sister left back for her home that morning and both parents went to work. I got my new tennis shoes that night. Mom was more excited over them than I was, but then again, I wasn’t excited.
Thursday was another day and Friday was as well. We ate Chinese that night – my brother was unable to join us for dinner.
Saturday my dad and brother left for the big city to help my sister move into a different apartment. Mom and I did out own things until one rolled around. She got ready, I slipped on my new shoes and by two we headed out to get groceries. We hadn’t done such together for ages.
We stopped to get dog food first, then she went in search of a place that could actually replace the batteries to her watch without breaking it and then we headed to the grocery store. Since Mom left the cart in my hands, we went at my pace, which was quick and efficient. It reminded me of how I walked through the halls in school when younger.
Because of my speed we got the errands done by four instead of our prediction of five. With a pit stop for a refreshment we then headed home, unpacked and I had to sit down by then because the shoes were killing my feet. Apparently walking in them for two hours was a bad thing. The rest of the day my body slowly started to ache and I wound up collapsing on my bed because of it. I was out for a long time.
Sunday I woke up rather late. I was worn around the edges from the after effects still and in the end both my parents were pretty much the same. Mom was tired and my dad had moved a lot of my sister’s stuff as well as lugged them up three flights of stairs. Poor dad…
My muscles still ached and when my dad and I dropped by the store to pick up some things for him, my back was sore and bothering me. I wound up taking it easy all day and mainly remained laying down so my back would relax.
Monday was better despite I woke up with my entire left leg cramped up. Therefore I skipped my morning walk that day just like I had Sunday. Other than that it was normal. I did chores and whatnot.
Tuesday my left ankle was still bothering me, so I kept off it still. I didn’t need to strain it and start limping again or something. It was a typical day as well beyond that though.
Now it is Wednesday. I tried taking my walk again, but at a lighter pace. I did well, but I really felt it in my left shoulder close to the spine and when the walk was over my upper hips ached. I know these shoes are for my benefit, but dang this is annoying. Sigh…
Other than that, my eldest brother’s B-day is coming up this Sunday and the Labor Day will arrive and my dad will stay home that day. Mom will likely go to work as usual.