Well, Friday I wound up having an eye appointment Mom never told me about. It was at eight. So, after dropping Dad off at work we headed over and I got in pretty quickly. After the typical wait, my eyes were examined, tested and so forth.
Mom and I noted how my eyes weren’t at the same ability as hers or my Dad’s. Well, after some more tests and checking to see if my glasses were aligned well, it was determined that it is just my extreme near-sightedness and astigmatism that makes my vision not as good as others even with glasses that give me 20/20 vision.
That is fine. At least we know there was nothing wrong with my prescription and that while my eyes are healthy. Everything is right. There is just the fact that my eyes are so bad visually I’ll never see as well as others. Meh.
Other than that bit of news, there is nothing else to really note. Saturday was normal and it is now Sunday. Whoo.

Health and Tombstones…

Let us see… A week ago, I finished up my physical by giving blood work. Fasting twelve hours before that, my mom and I stopped at IHOP’s to eat. We did some errands too… I cannot quite remember all of them. I do know we did get flowers to put on my grandparents’ graves though.
Last Thursday I had my appointment with the specialist. By his word I don’t have to have any tests run. Yay. Instead he suggested I take this concoction-like drink three times a day. I’ve been doing that since Friday… I seem fine. My side still has twinges, but I’m able to eat normal food. Also, we got a call back about the blood tests. My cholesterol could still be better. The doctor says for me to avoid sweets again. I don’t even eat sweets and when I do it is on a very rare occasion. I don’t know what else he really expects of me. It is just nuts. I figure this cholesterol thing is a genetic thing, really. Other than that, I am fine.
Friday my parents and I went to the cemetery where my grandparents rest. On the trip we stopped for lunch first though. We ate at Abuelo’s and after a three, maybe four, hour trip, we reached the cemetery. My parents put flowers in front of Grandma and Grandpa’s tombstone. I meanwhile put the ones for my mother’s baby brother in.
After that we walked around, visited the site for our cousins’ elders and then just looked about the cemetery. Mom pointed out plots that held teachers she had when in elementary school and others she was aware of. When that was done we headed for home.
Saturday was pretty normal for me. My diet has changed a bit more as well. It has been a year since the ulcer diet started, so now I’ve added in some cooked vegetables and am working back to eating grains again. It has been working out fine.
Sunday I don’t remember much and Monday I was tired for some reason that I slept pretty much all day. I didn’t even see my parents that evening. Tuesday I managed to stay up most of the day.
All throughout this, I picked up some web crunching again and have added onto a site I hadn’t worked on for likely three-fourths of a year. It is pretty packed before I added more, but there is much to cover. Well, perhaps not really, but this is me… I’m extensive.
Well, other than that, nothing else comes to mind. that is all.