Busy Year…

Let’s see. A friend of mine wanted an update… let us see… it has been almost two months admittedly. A lot has been lost.
Hmm… I think it was all through March, my dad was on jury duty for a whole month. Poor fellow. He had to sit there and listen to the ramblings of rich people. He survived it all, though. Interestingly enough a lawyer asked him if he played poker. My dad doesn’t. He asked the reason for the question. Apparently the lawyer couldn’t read his face at all. Either way, when it was over, my dad was relieved. Understandable.
Well, sometime in April or possibly May I started going on walks for about an hour and a half each day minus Thursdays and Fridays with my mom. That includes a lot a hill climbing. I’m in pretty good shape. My dad cannot blame my tendency to sleep a lot on lack of exercise. I know it never was about exercise anyway. First day of hill walking caused no problem except when it came to breathing.
In this whole experience I have learned I tend to have trouble breathing when I am tired, at higher leveled areas (top of hills) and when overheated. Well, those soon cleared up well enough. I take a nap before we go to avoid the tired, I’ve become a bit more accustomed to higher elevations and we don’t go out too often when it has reached beyond the eighties.
Walking has been pretty okay, but recently with the spiking temperatures down here and the long drought… we haven’t walked much this past week. It has been in the 100s lately. The 90s alone near kill me. Yep… it has been exceedingly warm all spring and hot all summer so far. Gah…
Other news… Well, during Easter holidays, we took off on a Thursday to get haircuts and visit my grandparents’ graves. On our way to the grave site, my brother called Mom. Many things were afoot at his workplace. Apparently he was called early in the morning and was asked many questions over the phone. In the end, his boss was doing some money dealings that were less than admirable. In the end, his boss resigned and my brother was considered for taking over his job.
Since then, my brother has gotten little sleep and works the entire press-room by himself… Well, okay, recently there is a second guy to help him, but my brother still gets little sleep. He is on a six month probation period when it comes to taking over the job. He’s lasted three months now and has been doing some impressive changes apparently. Financial changes, that is. All of us just hopes things tone down for him in time and hopefully there will be more hands on deck if they find more people to hire.
Another thing noted is that my eldest brother is going to get married to his fiancée by the end of this year. So, yes… there has been talk about that off and on. They will marry around the middle of November, but there are many things to plan and consider. I don’t like hearing about it. I’ve never liked weddings just like I’ve never wanted to go to funerals.
Mom is worried about the money we’ll have to spend on dressy attire, hotel bookings, kennels to keep the dogs, money for the rehearsal dinner and so forth. I really don’t want to go. I hate dressing up – dressing up leaves me feeling so naked. I hate leaving home. I hate being away from my cat. I hate being in churches. I hate crowds. Sigh. When the date gets all the closer, I’ll likely be needing to take my anxiety meds. How annoying.
Well, sometime after that in June Kyle popped up on the internet and we talked. It was nice… and then he asked a favor. As always, I replied, “It depends on the favor.” I say that because it is stupid to agree to something before you know what you are agreeing to. Sometimes people ask for favors a person just can’t do.
Well, he asked a doable one.  What did he want? He wanted to see me in real life as well as met his SO. I am of course leery of the whole thing, but that is because I am a freaking hermit. That, and the last time I ever invited anyone over to see me was when I was in… like middle school? Overall, I’m not social. I fear the awkwardness of socializing. I don’t know how to be a good host. I rarely lead a conversation. Oh, well. Kyle is one of my truest of friends. I just have a feeling that once the date is set, I’ll be taking anxiety pills until the day comes for it as well.
Anything else? Oh, yeah… Chewy, one of our cats has had surgery recently. He had a fatty tumor on his lower back earlier this year. Well, despite it is surgically removed, all of it wasn’t gotten rid of apparently. It grew back into the size of a small mouse. We assume it isn’t cancerous, but boy does he have a big cut slicing down his back. He should get his stitches out in half a week, I believe.
As for right now… My sister decided to come down on Saturday to celebrate Father’s Day with us. Yes, it is a day early, but that is because she “dislikes” our eldest brother and “hates” his fiancée. With this last minute news, Dad and I got to cleaning the night before. I was washing bed sheets, spreads and pillows since she was going to stay the night. Dad was dusting and such. Saturday morning everyone did last minute cleaning.
Well, Dad had a photo gig he had to do for work and went there around noontime. My sister met him at the show. During that time my mom and I did errands. We got back home, ate, Mom did some dusting and such and I did the dishes. Dad and my sister arrived half an hour to an hour later I think. After saying hi to her and Dad, I collapsed.
I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, then got up at six thirty that morning to go walking, then ate, got a shower, went grocery shopping with Dad, took a small nap, went errand shopping with Mom and got various chores done in between. Yes, I was exhausted. I woke up again around eight forty-five. In that time I watched a little television with my Mom and sister, did some chores, ate and did my own thing. I think I fell asleep again around four in the morning.
Getting up around eight today, I went out walking, fed the cats, took a shower, ate breakfast, did a few chores, helped Mom get my dad’s Father’s Day cards and gifts in order and then gave them to Dad. He seemed pleased enough. Now I am in my room. I talked with Kyle briefly, did a little web surfing and now have type up this.
Those have been the major things. In between things… Well, I have determined I am a very resentful person due to my dreams. It has been six years since I left high school and I still have dreams of the day or few days before I’m leaving. They usually end with some student-peer being mean or just plain annoying me… then, unlike in real life, I get at them. Punch, slap, smack… whatever… I do it to them.
The dream I had last night I was at a grocery store. This boy was making fun of me, so I picked up the shopping cart I had and whacked him a couple of times with it. Yep… my mom says I have a lot of unresolved resentment still lingering in my sub consciousness.
Other things going on… I finished a pencil drawing recently. I started it quite a while ago, but it required a lot of shading. It is my first officially finished piece for year 2011. Whoo, that is a long time to work on something. Well, my wrist isn’t the same as it was when I was little. Thus, not much art gets done. Oh, well.
I also slightly picked up a story I started in 2009. I only wrote about ten pages, but that is good enough. My muse died recently with all this Father’s Day, having my sister and eldest brother visit, planning stuff sha-bang going on. Meh.
Anything else?
Yes. On the first of July we have haircuts to tend to. Oh, goody.