Saddening Times…

Unless one goes off the grid electronically, I see it is hard to avoid the insanity. Just simple ads that show up on some places I go to have shown me enough.

I admit, just yesterday night as I was going to bed, having heard something my mom recounted about a friends son being threatened while he was walking home from school, accidentally seeing a thing about a KKK parade in honor of Trump and various other situations of racism… my paranoia spoke up for a moment.

Today we were to have our Internet provider come over to upgrade ours to high-speed. There was a chance I would have to answer the door at some point should my mother be away for a class she was teaching.

Yes… admittedly, for a brief moment, I thought, “What if I have to answer the door and it is a white guy who has always been racist, but only now feels vindicated to show it?”

Having dealt with my paranoia for… pretty much all my life, I quickly reasoned that down. Still, there has been unease resting around my stomach the past few days. The only way I know to combat it is to try to fall asleep so that my body will relax and keep the unease from possibly developing into anxiety, which in turn could lead to an annoying panic attack if not kept in check.

Tonight, I do not feel that unease, thankfully. Instead, I think of the people I have friended on Facebook. With some of them it was quite clear who they were supporting during the election. In turn… the one who obviously supported Trump…

Does ANY of this occur to that person?