Preoccupied with Other Writing…

Eh… I’ve been considerably preoccupied with writing frivolous articles/essays/interpretations/opinions/unknown… Whatever one might label them as. Frivolous due to not being anything “important” like politics, rights to things, et cetera. I write to write, to remember and to work my brain cells a bit.
At the moment it is one and three. I’ve been writing a thing of analysis, observations, opinions, theories and what not over fictional characters. A waste of time, sure, but it makes my brain concentrate like mad, which I think is a good thing for it upon occasion.
It is also an off and on hobby of mine. I used to do such with people I knew because I had a drive to understand them as much as I possibly could. Eventually I came up with a verdict that such was not necessary and fruitless to a certain extent since no one can truly know anyone. Thus, it was better to enjoy being near the person than waste time picking up every little detail to store away.
I came to the conclusion fictional characters would be a good thing to exercise this on. Profiling and analyzing a human like some people do would likely depress me; I’d lose my drive or hit overdrive and no longer be able to perform under such stress.
This is stressful. The amount of time I put into such things is endless and I mainly stop just to sleep. Eating is usually done whilst studying and writing. One might say this is what I do for my manic states.
Still, I find it enjoyable by means of accomplishment despite my rational side says it is wasting too much free time. Oh well… In any case, I still have a long way to go still. Once done though, rest will be appreciated.


Tuesday was mainly a sleep day since the night before I couldn’t sleep but for an hour. At lunch time though, my dad came home as usual, but he had news. He was in another car collision. Oi. It was a domino effect occurrence, but to what luck is there, he was rear ended and only got a small push since he was the farthest car in the line from the initial crash. Still though, his new year has been made up of a lot of… breakage. On New Year’s day his coffee cup slipped from his hand and broke. Later on something else broke or the like as well. Then we have the two crashes so close together. I just hope this isn’t some terrible omen for the rest of the year…

Lots of Ache…

Well, December ended without a hitch. I fell asleep early on New Year’s Eve and ironically woke up a few minutes before midnight. New Year’s Day was no big. The only tradition I know in regards to such is that my parents cook black-eyed peas. Mom went to work and Dad stayed home.
Friday it was back to normal. I think I sprained my ankle then. It might have been sprained around Thursday night though… Anyway, so, I got a limp. Yeah, it is the same ankle I hurt a long time ago.
That night my dad decided not to eat out with us. My brother couldn’t make it either so he ordered something from Chili’s. My mom picked it up and we delivered it to him. Mom and I ate Chinese and speculated as to what happened with my ankle. We assumed it was when I did a bit of yoga. The tree pose puts all your weight on one foot. Along with that my wrist acted up too. That one was never solved.
Once dinner was over my mom and I had errands to run. We stopped by Walgreen’s for a prescription and wound up waiting about thirty minutes to an hour. I cannot recall which. I’m guessing thirty. Mom finally gave up. She got some hand lotion and I got some white chocolate. We left the place.
Our next errand was at the outlet mall. Mom wanted to see if there were any good sales. By then I was really tired and my ankle was really sore. I remained though. Later my brother came along since he was given a gift certificate for clothes. He wound up getting two pairs of shoes since his wear out just as quickly as his socks. What my mom got, I cannot recall.
Well, we came home and I went for my room. I took some Advil and wrapped my foot as well as added my small wrist brace. I watched the last episode of a drama called “1 Litre of Tears” after that and I really can’t recall when I went to bed…
I woke late Saturday morning and went grocery shopping with Dad. I was still limping. I still had on the wrap and brace. When we got home, I put up groceries, took some Advil and cannot recall what I did after. I got two DVDs in the mail from my Christmas order to Amazon. I might have watched one… I don’t know. Saturday really is a blur…
Sunday was mostly a sleep day for me. I think I had been up all night. Mom prepared a crock pot Mexican dish and I could smell it begin to cook all the way from my room. I also could feel the onions because my eyes were burning. Yeah, they are that sensitive.
My dad and mom had gone to church as usual, but when they were coming back a car ran a stop sign and hit the front of their car. Dad had me come to see the damage once they returned. Mom’s chest hurt a great deal… it reminded me of the car collision I was in when I was in fifth grade.
I don’t remember much after that. I likely went to bed again after doing chores or something. I woke late. It might have been around four in the afternoon. Dad asked me to help him make some fried rice for me since what was being cooked wasn’t something I’d eat. It was definitely an experiment.
Dad cooked a yellow rice mix. He didn’t cook it long enough since the bowl still had a good amount of water in it. I didn’t tell him such though… He’s freakishly sensitive. He chopped up a small onion despite the recipe called for green onions. He had a can of peas and carrots despite frozen ones were needed. So… when the rice was cooked it wasn’t the best, but I could eat it. It was also pretty damn salty. I privately thought to myself I’d try having it made by my mother or simply do it myself next time around.
Once that was done, we had to wait for the other things to finish cooking so I went into the living room. My eldest brother and Eryn were there and Dad had a fire going. The house was chilly. It might have been around then did they start watching an episode of House, MD. We watched about half of it and soon enough dinner was ready.
We gathered around, said prayer and then ate. I left the table when politics and eventually whether addiction to drugs was a disease popped up. After a while I just decided to go on back to my room since I was chilled. It was around seven. I crawled under the covers and ended up falling asleep.
Monday I woke up around three. I took a shower and tackled all the dishes left over from the night before. I could only do so many dishes at a time so I then cleaned the counters off while the washer handled the washing. Sure, I scrub the dishes down and then use the dishwasher.
Most would say that isn’t doing much. Well, my dad says that when I do the dishes he usually cannot tell if they are clean or dirty in there since I cleaned them off so well in the sink. I just don’t trust hand drying and I hate using the liquid dish soap on the sink. Besides, the dishwasher disinfects better.
There was also a huge back up of clothes in the laundry room, so I worked on those. I took out clothes from the dryer, stuck them in my room to fold, stuck the ones in the washer into the now empty dryer, started a new load to wash and still had another load waiting for its turn after.
I returned to my room, folded the clothes and put them up. I had time to dally then and once the dish washer, clothes washer or clothes dryer finished, I’d go back and do the same thing over again. This continued on until about seven in the morning.
In between that time my dad woke up. He told me Mom was going to stay home and try to get in to see the doctor. Her chest was still hurting and she wanted to simply have it looked at for safety reasons. I guess she learned from her broken toe experience. I saw her later on, talked a bit and then headed to my room when it was near seven-thirty to eight.
I ate a bowl of cereal and watched a silent movie then. When it was over I left my room, cleaned my cereal bowl, put up cleaned dishes and loaded the washer again. During this my mom was doing something too. I think she was preparing herself breakfast. Well, when that was done, I took out the freshly cleaned laundry, folded the clothes and put in the last load of wet clothes into the dryer.
By then I was tired again; I suppose it was from working almost non-stop during the morning. Therefore around nine I went back to sleep. I didn’t get up again until maybe four. I finished the rest of the chores left over and Mom filled me in on her appointment. She wound up going to the emergency room. She waited about three hours and was only seen for about fifteen minutes. To her luck she had no broken ribs or anything. Her muscles were just really inflamed or something.
When I was going to go back to my room, my mom stopped me. She wanted to watch a show together. We watched Cold Case. Dad came home around when we started it. When the show was over I left for my room again. I read a book I got in the mail today and eventually meandered to my computer to do whatever.
By nine I left my room, cooked some dinner, did a few chores and am now here writing this. Also, yeah… my wrist is still bothering me and I am still limping. Oi.