Detachment is Back Up! Yosh! …

Well, on Thursday, June seventh my Uncle Mike passed away. He was diagnosed with MS a long time ago and dealt with cancer in his later years. My father had intentions to visit him this spring but for reasons unknown to me, he didn’t. It might have been the expenses, it might have been something else.

Dad intended to see him that weekend. We knew the cancer was getting worse and that my Uncle’s time on Earth was running short. Mom had said when Dad received call that he should come soon, he had whimpered in his sleep that night. On the morning before my Uncle passed, Dad heard a dirge being played on the radio (Mom likes to listen to classical music) and he had to change the channel.

Afternoon came and Dad arrived home around two pm. I was surprised only to be surprised even more when he broke the news to me as I was giving him a greeting hug. Dad didn’t make it in time. Mom had spoken about his putting it off and while news that Mike died surprised me, the fact that Dad never made it in time didn’t.

Dad left home around four in the morning on Saturday to take a flight off towards the East-coast. My sister lives near there and drove the way. The rest of us stayed here. Dad really needed to time to mourn on his own and with his childhood family. My father isn’t the type to look to my mother, much less his children for comfort.

Mike’s funeral was on Monday.

Mom and I were home by ourselves while Dad was away. We took care of his dog, Augustus, and kept rather busy. The entire weekend was spent doing chores and errands really, so in the end we were both exhausted by nighttime.

I’m not sure what day it was, but I believe it was Sunday, I was helping my mom as she went to buy a birdbath from a grocery store. Bought and paid, we headed out. It was light enough for her to carry one part and me the other. So, while she held onto the bath plate, I grabbed the base.

Heading for the car, I couldn’t see when the pavement dropped to the road, so my right foot began to twist inward. To save it my left leg braced itself, which in turn over-strained my bad ankle. While it was out of instinct/reflex to do that, even if I had to choose whether to fall and save my ankles or remain standing and save the base from breaking, I still would have saved the base. Yeah, my ankle is just now getting back to decent so I am not limping anymore, but it is nothing new. It is just instilled in me to not fall off my feet.

Despite my ankles are weak, I’ve always have had considerably decent balance. Took to ice skating well on my first try as a seven year old, had good balance on a bike (despite having bad judgment of distance and when to turn) and seem to excel when it comes to balance in yoga. Yeah… logically I really should have just let myself fall in order not to hurt my already bad ankle. But I see the benefits from the original outcome to be better.

Anyway, as said, the weekend was draining, so Monday I was out like a light most of the day and my mom was a zombie at work. She wound up staying home on Tuesday. It was nice. Able to spend time to recover, she began to feel refreshed again finally by the end of the day… only to know she’d have to go back to work on Wednesday.

Dad returned home Wednesday afternoon. He seemed okay. With him, though… it is hard to tell. As mentioned before, he doesn’t rely on us for such things. Still, since then I’ve heard nothing from my mom.

The rest of the week was pretty normal and has continued to be so up to now.

Another thing to occur since my last update was… I lost my website in the middle of May. Well, okay, I still had and have it, but all of the content was wiped. I thought I lost my journal completely as well, but my friend, known as Shred, Leeky and various other names on here, restored it last night! As said to him twice: Awesome!

Anyway, since that time I have been slowly re-uploading my various web-shrines, pages and so forth again. No, I didn’t have any backups of the HTML crunching, but I still had 95% of the content still on my computer. So, slowly I’ve been HTML crunching again and have been putting everything back up again. The real pain will be the pictures that were lost… I took a ton of screen-captures and didn’t back them up because of the room. I should know by now that I should keep backups on things even when I don’t think I’ll need them…

Well, the writings were what were most important to me, so no point in regretting about pictures. I can always take screen captures again. I cannot write all the content again and expect to get the same results, much less have the same energy and inspiration for it. The question is… will I ever have the stamina to take all those screen captures again? Oh well…

Other things that have occurred are just the usual appointments (we had dental and hair appointments) and health-related issues. I’ve still been dealing with keeping my energy levels decent and had some problems with my side again. Then of course there was the ankle thing. Yeah, I apparently have a lot of health issues. Half the time we don’t know why though.

I guess that is it. That, or I just don’t feel like writing much more. My brain is idling…

For a reminder to myself, though: Go through this journal and select the important things to keep. Yes, I received a backup of this journal from Shred and have stored it in a hopefully safe place. Still, though.