Princess Gabriella

Ever since Tiger died, Mom has slowly gotten the kitty crazies. Following a Humane Society shelter website, she was taken by two lynx point Siamese kittens.
Yesterday, we stopped by the shelter to check out the kittens. So focused on getting a Siamese, she mainly paid attention to them. In the cage next door I saw this cute little gray kitten. She won me over in an instant.
Finding neither of the lynx points were really warming up to her, she looked into the other cage since they were of Burmese mix. She liked the one with chocolate markings, but upon learning he was very shy, she decided to look at the one I had my eye on.
My instincts are spot on as usual. Mom fell for her and the little kitten fell for us in return. Reading up on the breed more, Mom has come to conclude she is perfect.
Named Gabriella by my mom, she is three pounds and about three months old. She is very lively, adventurous, but melts when you pick her up and pet her. Her personality is a definite queen.