Not Much…

Well, Friday the haircut expedition occurred. We went to the old mall and stopped to eat around eleven thirty. Our appointments came up at twelve, so we soon finished to get to that. Mom and I went in at the same time and as usual I finished long before her. I paid with tip – and dang it… it was the huge price again. Oh well…
After that I spent time reading a graphic novel version of a Neil Gaiman book. When that was finished I checked on my mom. She was still getting her hair dye job done. So, I decided to wander. I don’t expect to find anything in the mall, but figure wandering will let me see what has changed – pretty much what has left. Well, more had definitely left. I found out later since the last time we had been there six stores had gotten out of there in January. When turning a loop, the entire edge were of empty lots and ti was kind of creepy to me.
Well, after loping about the entire mall’s top and bottom levels, I returned to the hair salon. Mom’s hair was finished cut wise and only had to be dried and styled, so I stayed put and sat like a statue, simply watching the process in a bored stupor. The times I do that, I occasionally wonder if I creep people out or seem weird. I also think at those times, I do great as a model for someone to draw. Ha!
Well, when she was done and all was paid for we headed back down to the first floor and Mom looked for some jeans. I was pretty tired then and just sort of drifted mentally… I was hungry too though, so that likely was also a factor. Well, after watching her look through clothes and head to the dressing room two times, she made her purchases.
Well, we skipped eating something and just headed out for home. I had predicted I’d likely fall asleep in the car and it rang true. I slept for two hours maybe? Anyway, the rest of the trip I was awake, but my hunger was evident. So, when we finally got home around six, we headed out to eat Chinese. Food is Godsend.
I ate well and despite I eat more than I used to before coming down here, my mom still comments at times that it is good to see me eat so much. Huh. Well, I ate my share and was comfortably full when usually that amount would leave me feeling a bit overly stuffed. Yeah, that is telling something.
Well, when that was all and done with, we returned home. As I had commented to my Mom earlier that day, sleeping in the car is “sleeping uncomfortably”. She was surprised I had intentions to sleep uncomfortably, but I asked her when had napping in a car trip ever left her feeling rested? Yeah, it helps some because you rest your mind, but other than that… crick in the neck and fallign asleep later is not an issue. It was not an issue.
I went to bed around seven thirty. I woke up again around twelve thirty. Now I am typing up this after getting a drink and fiddling on the computer a bit.
In other news, I think my drawing days are coming to an end. I tried sketching a bit earlier in the week. Maybe it was Wednesday? That night my wrist hurt like a son of a gun. The pain extended from my wrist, to my pinky finger and then on the opposite direction it went up to my elbow and even a few inches above that to my upper harm. Sleeping was difficult that night. So, I pulled out my old arm brace and put it on.
I wore the arm brace that night and the whole day after. Even at the end of this week my left arms, wrist and hand bother me a bit. So, yeah… it is rather useless… Sigh. While I hate the idea of not being able to draw anymore, I am able to say I have tend years worth of drawings… it could have been less.
When my mom told me it was a shame, I told her, if such comes to be… maybe I’ll try finger painting. I thought of painting with a brush, but that would require the same hand, the same position and holding a small utensil. Just using my fingers would put less strain.
I doubt it would be as fulfilling, but… well… one takes what they can. For all I know, it might start something new, or I’ll grow in the area and make some pretty interesting stuff in ten years should I keep up with it.
Anyway, typing is acting up my wrist now. Yeah, even typing can make my wrist hurt. I’m stopping this.

Atty’s First Snow…

Yes… it is snowing today. My parents informed me the day before that it would. I was skeptical and allowed myself to be… quietly, I figured, if I felt that way then the likelihood of it occurring would be so. Usually expectations get thwarted.
The last time it snowed here was maybe three or four years ago. It somewhat amuses me that I have seen snow here more in five years than I ever did when I lived farther north. Despite this, I hold no childlike wonder or giddiness over it. i looked out and thought, “Ah, it is snowing.” If anything made me feel delight it was the fact that it was my cat’s first snow. He isn’t all that interested either though, but it makes me happy.
Other than that, I have little to say. Well, something happened yesterday that is to be noted, though. What I get monthly is based on what my dad gets in regards to social security or something… well, a year or two ago they goofed and wound up paying my dad more than intended. Because of that they did the same with me. So, my dad now owes around two thousand and so dollars and I owe around a thousand and five hundred. My parents told me not to worry about it though… Huh…
Other than that… not much has happened that sticks out to me. I did get to talk with Kyle for a while the other night… it was the most we had really conversed in a long time. It was nice. There is also that haircut appointment at the end of the week. To bloody expensive if you ask me, but I’d rather have a terribly expensive haircut that actually looks good on me and feels right rather than a cheap one that is like a chili bowl and doesn’t… Oi.
That is all.

Forever, is Just Some Useless Word You’d Say…

I guess I just don’t have much to say. I’ve still not gone back to the forum much… just a few posts here and there for some people who like me there… but I really just don’t feel interested. I’m losing interest in a collecting game I’ve been doing that past few months as well… Tonight, I am not sure if I’m at my best. I doubt it is anything to worry about though.
It has been a long time since I’ve had a muse spark, but I’ve been trying to pick up something I began writing a while ago. There isn’t any inspiration at all, but I’ve somehow managed to write quite a bit. I also started drawing something earlier this month, but that has dwindled as well when my wrist and arm began bothering me… I guess it is only half done at best.
Nothing much has really happened. Back at the end of January I gave my mother her birthday gift. She seemed to like it. February has been something of a blur… and on the 26th I’ll be going for a haircut. We won’t be going to the second mall this time. While that means my mom has no chance of getting lost this time and all that, it is a bit of a shame because my haircut at the second mall was half the amount if have to pay at the one we are going to. Also, being lost in there gave me a whole lot more to do than the one we are going to. Oh, well.
Anything else? If so, I don’t really care, I suppose. This month I have found that while not often or constant, I have been thinking things like “Fuck the world” more often…