Turkey Day

Well… Turkey Day has come and gone. Thursday morning I got up around seven. I ate breakfast around seven thirty to eight and took a shower at eight thirty. At nine thirty I wound up snoozing a bit and then we left at ten thirty.
My mother, brother and I left to see relatives. My dad stayed home this Thanksgiving to look after the dogs. As previously mentioned, my mom’s dog is healing. Well, she didn’t want to leave him alone at an empty vet clinic in a cage for two days. Also, if he didn’t stay, then his dog would have to be outside in the cold all day until we got back… so Dad stayed. Oi.
Well, on the road my small family went. My brother drove for us. We headed first to see my eldest brother and his girlfriend. That was a two hour drive. We visited for a while and then all of us filed out. My eldest brother and his girlfriend were going to follow us to the eating site.
So, we headed off for another hour drive to reach our cousins. On the way there we stopped by the cemetery that holds my mother’s parents and her grand parents. We changed the flowers to my grandparents’ graves and the grave to my mother’s little brother, who died when he was an infant.
All of us looked around some. My two brothers wandered elsewhere to the opposite sides of the cemetery. Mom, my brother’s girlfriend and i just stayed together. It seems my bro’s girlfriend had only been to a cemetery once before this visit. My mom was surprised. I just took it to be mildly interesting.
Anyway, after that we continued our way and soon reached our cousins’ home. My sister arrived there thirty minutes before us. Said cousin is my mother’s first-cousin. Thus her children are my third-cousins. Her children are all older than me and married. I learned upon arrival that Justin, the older of my two third-cousins there, will be a father around the beginning of next year. Yes, his wife was obviously pregnant. My other cousin, his sister is married and looking fine as always.
My mother’s first-cousin, thus my second, seemed to be doing okay despite her hard times as of late. I know her as my Aunt really. Her children I see as first cousins. Odd, but that is how it worked out.
My great aunt, who I see as my grandmother, seemed to be doing okay. She still repeats things over and over from what I hear, but she got around and interacted. My sister said she looked a lot better that day than she had the last time she saw her.
Well, soon enough the food was set… my mom brought vegetarian lasagna, a salad and ham. The rest was done by my “Aunt”. Mom said grace then and we lined up to get our shares – buffet style you could say. Everyone got settled at available spots and we ate. It was good. There was joking between my cousins that in turn made my siblings and me laugh. We updated each other a bit and ate well.
I finished first. That is nothing new. After that I just sort of lingered about. I spent time mainly around my great aunt, my eldest brother, his girlfriend and my mom. I found some trivia cards and killed some time with my brother and his girlfriend through that.
Eventually my mom and brothers got the cameras we brought along to get some memories on film. So, when our cousins were working on making some dessert, Mom and my eldest brother were snapping pictures. It was fun.
After that we settled down again and tried out the desserts. I actually sampled some this year. I never have been a dessert person, but I decided to try out a small bit of the pumpkin pie. I didn’t care for the consistency really, but it tasted good. I didn’t really sample the pecan pie, though, but I did pick the pecans off to the top a bit. Bad me.
Well, after that it was just sort of lounging and talking. My sister got into a piss poor mood later when it came to what camera she was supposed to be able to take back with her – apparently she was taking one for a trip she was going to have some point. That and she needed two cards for spending and emergencies, but Mom somehow left one behind. I think the majority just ignored her.
Well, my sister cooled off sometime later after pitching a fit over it at our father on her cell phone. After that all was dandy. In the living room our third cousins and their spouses watched football. My second brother was in there too. The rest of us remained in the kitchen/dining room area and just talked.
My sister was the first to leave because she had work later I think. I sort of piddled in between the groups for a while. It was near five when we took leave though. My brother needed to get back in time to go to work that night and my eldest brother and his girlfriend had other engagements as well.
So, we all said goodbyes, filed into our respected vehicles and left. The ride back was spent mainly asleep for me. I was achy and tired by then. I think my mom slept a lot of the ride too. Still, somewhere during it my brother got a call from his roommate. He managed to find a black cat in front of their apartment and brought it in. We are assuming it had to have been Smokey. So, the two have been exchanged again. I just hope it really is my brother’s cat this time and not some third black cat.
Well, we got home around seven thirty. We brought in the leftovers and my brother got in his own car and left for work. I tried to stay up, but I was still achy and had trouble staying coherent. So, I hit the bed not long after and was out of it until around twelve thirty. I caught up on some net things then, ate “dinner”, and stayed up until four.
I slept from then until late that morning. I ate breakfast and did some chores, but was still tired. I took a shower and wound up going back to bed. Yeah… Today was pretty much all sleep. I’m not surprised though. I always require a lot of sleep after gatherings. Despite I enjoyed Thanksgiving, being around a decent amount of people and socializing drains me easily.
Well, I woke up around six thirty because my Mom checked in on me. TV time it was. So, I got up and watched TV with her. I had sort of skipped lunch today. I ate half a bag of Baked Lays. So, when it was around eight I cooked a potato in the microwave, cleaned up the kitchen, took out the cooked potato, garnished the cooked potato with cheese and bacon, settled back down and ate.
The shows began to drizzle once I was done eating and after watching the news a bit, I retreated to my room. I updated myself on some things via the net, chatted with Shred very briefly, found some songs I liked in my past and am now writing this.
I’m sure I’ve left out some things, but I am somewhat on auto-pilot here. Then again, I kind of feel like I’m on auto-pilot almost all the time. Anyway, that is all that comes to mind in events accomplished.
The Christmas tree might come out tomorrow or Sunday from what I gathered from my dad. Then on Tuesday I’ll have my wisdom teeth taken out. I’ll get to live off soft foods for a while after that. Bah.

Animals Issues and Net Friends…

Last Friday Mom’s dog went in to the vet. He had been sick for a few days and ran a fever the night before. A place where he puts too much weight on had rubbed enough to build up a lot of liquid… about the size of a baseball. Well, that finally got infected. He’ll need surgery… complicated surgery that will cost maybe 1,000 dollars and such. He is on a lot of medicine right now too.
This past weekend I’ve been out of it. I’ve been sleeping a whole lot… It is rather annoying.
A board I have been going to since around the beginning of this month has really made me happy. It is nice going there and I’ve actually made some casual “friends”.
Back on the sixteenth I let a person who contacted me read the first part of that LONG story of mine. Well so far the person doesn’t seem bored. Yay!
I also chatted with a few people on IRC one night and it was very interesting. I had a hard time following the conversation, but they were nice. I learned about how “gender” is a misused word and what it truly meant when it was a psychological term. I also learned obsession was like that too. It used to be affiliated with the mystical and was similar to being seen as being possessed.
In joining that board I’ve also began “collecting” abandoned dragon eggs from dragcave.net. It is fun. I like watching the eggs slowly hatch and then the hatchlings grow. I have four fully grown dragons now!
Sunday night, my brother told me about Smokey… it seems a black cat who looked very much like him had been outside his appartment the other night. My brother’s roommate let it in and stuck him in my brother’s room. It wasn’t Smokey… so when my brother gets home he picks up a black cat laying in his room, but soon sees one dash for the bed… Yep… there are two black cats.
Well, my brother isn’t sure which one is Smokey now. He decided one had to be his cat and put the other back outside. Still, he doesn’t seem to be quite certain.
Monday I fell asleep around three in the morning, woke up for breakfast at eight and went back to sleep an hour later. I finally got up again at around one thirty. The night before I had been reminded of Peabody… I became quite sad and looked at the memorial page I made for him… I sniffled and my eyes watered some… sigh… I miss him.
Anyway, Monday was pretty normal after that… I did my chores and got online to check out the board some. When dad got home, though, my brother called. He asked my dad if Smokey had been neutered. He had been. He asked because the cat he has now doesn’t seem to have been. Oi!
Well, a while later my brother came over. Seeing its eyes… I knew it wasn’t Smokey. It is smaller, younger, it hasn’t been neutered and it doesn’t have the flecks of single gray hairs on its back… the gray it has is on its belly… My brother lost his cat…
Sigh… well, I went to bed early that night and woke up around seven Tuesday morning. I ate, did some chores, took a shower and got ready. My mom, dad and I got int he car. Mom dropped Dad off at work and we headed to see the foot doctor. It was just a checkup to see how the orthodics were doing. I’ve been doing great with them, in truth.
Well, after a bit of talk, the check up was over and Mom and I paid what the insurance didn’t cover… they were a whole lot cheaper by then. Yay!
After that my mom and I got back home. She did a few things and then left for work. I cleaned up some and spent the rest of the day as I usually would. I did take a nap in the afternoon, so I woke up again around seven. Mom wanted to watch NCIS, so we did that, ate dinner and by nine she needed to go to bed. She’s really into facebook right now, so before she goes to bed she tends to check it. Other cases are where she gets a message by cell phone and she says, “I have to respond”. I just smirk. She doesn’t have to respond right that second, but she does.
Well, it is midnight here now and I guess it is time to go to bed. I’ll likely write about Turkey Day Thursday night or Friday… Night-oh, night-oh.

Changes and Such…

Well, today was my sister’s birthday. I have not contacted her or anything, but it is her birthday.
Also, today my parents got a new microwave. It is huge. They didn’t realize just how big it was until they took it out of the box. Our previous one sparked and made a small flame the night before, so it was no longer of use. Wah…
That reminds me of my computer problems… The day before my computer began to shut down more than usual… Yes, the suddenly “shut down and restart all on its own” thing. Well, eventually it got to the point that it only stayed on for five minutes and repeated the process… thus I turned it off and gave up on it. I did get to see my brother, it being the weekend and all, and asked him for his input. He went to a tech school for a while and almost graduated, but dropped out at the last moment.
So Saturday night he checked my computer, ran it on safe mode to check for any possible viruses and so forth… finally it was determined that it was a hardware problem… he opened it up and saw one of the fans was twirling slower than it should… so… The problem is that my computer has been overheating and while in most cases it should just turn off and stay off, mine turned off and restarted…
Well, I’m able to use my computer again. After giving it another rest over the night – I had done such before but the results were that it only shut down about twice a day. With the side panel off, my computer hasn’t shut down on me at all today. Yay! Still, I think turning my computer off every other night will be necessary.
Also, on Saturday my brother took Smokey – the terror of the house – with him. We have had to keep Smokey separated from all the other cats ever since he came here. Well, now that the cats who had to be locked up in my parents’ room destroyed the place… it was basically the last straw. Hopefully Smokey will do well with my brother… if not… I don’t know…
Hm… In other news, my parents still have little hope in their financial issues. They are going to try to call and set something up though… here’s hoping. The other worrying issue in the family is my uncle. The latest news on him… The doctors are going to put him on experimental medicine… Yes, he’s that sort of case… we can only gamble since his condition is that bad… Sigh…
Other things regard future dental appointments and such… My mom is going full out for crowns to replace the veneers on her teeth and on December the first I am to have my wisdom teeth taken out. Neither of us are looking forward to these things. To my fortune, I’ve never had fear of the dentist or needles… I just wish I could have gotten it done sooner since this is the time of year when food is a big thing. Oh, well… That and from what I know they will likely have to cut some bone and skin… so… that will be painful… and liquid food sounds annoying. Bah…
Hm… Is there anything else? Oh, I also found an old computer game I’d watch my eldest brother play back in the mid 90’s. I played it and won! I got through it in one day! Whoot! It was very nostalgic and fun.
I’ve also started walking a bit again. Despite I hadn’t done such for a few months after that cold and all… I was pretty much in good shape. The orthodics are really great. Walking is very smooth for me now. ‘Makes me happy. Along with that, last Sunday and this Sunday I’ve tried out some vegetarian dishes. My mom is vegetarian – wants to go full vegan someday – and I’ve never really had an interest in vegetables since they were rarely cooked the way I like them.
Well, last week she made a vegetarian lasagna with spinach, artichoke hearts, spinach, feta cheese and whole grain noodles. It was perfect. Tonight she made a rice dish that had wild rice, carrots, sea salt and red, yellow and green bell peppers… It was okay. I liked the taste and ate all of it, but the peppers still were distinct enough to make me grimace ever so slightly… Next time she makes it she intends to replace the green peppers with broccoli and cut the red and yellow peppers smaller… That might work out better.
Along with these added in vegetarian weekend meals I am going to try to convert to soy milk this week. I read an article about US milk… I’m… quite disturbed… I never liked soy milk – I didn’t hate it, it just didn’t suit me. Well, I’m going to try it out… If I get accustomed to it, great! If not… I guess there will be no more cereal for me… Bah.
Other than that… nothing comes to mind. Blah.