Just some notes for tomorrow…

Some things to tell the therapist tomorrow would also be my… interesting memeory patterns and ability to differentiate or recognise things. For the longest time I never can tell the difference between hunger and nausia. I lack the ability to identify a headache.
I cannot tell when I am hungry or not. I’ll note to someone “I think I should eat something…” In response there will be, “Well, are you hungry?” I’d reply, “I cannot decide if I am or not.” In the end the person tells me, “Well, then I’ll decide for you. Go eat.”
Then when it comes to remembering something, it is also quite… ridiculous. Either, I am easily distracted, it does not compute until a long time later, or I forget all together.
Well, that is what this small post is mainly for. My dad will be leaving tomorrow and I will see the therapist later on. Other than that, I slept from nine to… around three this afternoon. Why? I suppose it was due to my muscles being a real pain and the lack of my usual sleeping patterns. Bleh.