Kyle is Insane…

Well, the other day, Kyle decided to pull out the big guns. He sent me a computer, which he built. My first train of thought when I opened it was, “What in the world has he done?!” My second thought was to call him up and pretty much yell out some randomness that would show my utter shock. I stopped that when I considered he might be busy and that he does live around six or so hours away from me.
In the end, I contacted him via messenger and we got to chatting. I finally moved many files I wanted to keep from my old computer elsewhere. I had the intentions to hook it up myself.
It seems my brother and father deem me helpless at such things. How silly of them. My brother kept telling me that he’d hook it up for me. Well, I thought I knew how. I mean, I’ve unhooked my old computer plenty of times and opened it up to later reclose it and then hook it up again. I took my luck, and tried. It took me a while, because the set up was faintly different. After a few times of not having it come on, I finally got it booted. The only thing I really needed to read on the instructions was for the password to the computer. The rest I relatively remembered, or lacked the necessity to look back on.
The only real issue I had in the end was the Internet. Kyle logged on and we worked on it together; he put me through steps. It finally worked. The rest of the night was spent replacing things on my Firefox. Links and all of that jazz needed to be retraced and put back on. Then I worked on placing back files I had saved in my email account on.
After all of that, I decided to see if I could work the scanner. It was a bloody pain. I think I have the idea down, it is just very complicated that I am limited. Perhaps over time it will get better. Once that was accomplished I tried out the pain program. It is nothing like the kind I’ve been using. It is a bit discouraging, because I do things on a certain basis. I figure I’ll learn over time, but… well, it is frustrating. I will likely be out of commision in regards to my DA account for a while. Sigh.
Kyle mentioned the music files on it. I looked through the music files and was blown away. I later let all of them play through the night.
I went to sleep after that. When I woke up the next day I did my chores and then got back to trying to get the computer closest to my standards. I worked on the Internet and eventually spent most of the day working on the music files. I have yet to accomplish the task. I’ve been getting rid of some of them because they just are not the sort of things I listen to just to listen to. The rest of the time was working on putting them in an order that works to my standards.
No matter how much I’ve accomplished though, it still is an ongoing “battle”. Somewhere in between I worked on trying to make a share port with my brother’s computer since I saved my other things on there, considering that my email account could not load so many things of such sizes. I made a port, I just did not know how I could make it allow me to access them from my side. My brother helped me with that when he woke up.
The rest of the day was pretty much doing all of that – working on making the computer to a level that I am comfortable with.
I did spend two hours away to spend time with my mother, and later when I recollected I lacked in eating, I tried to cook noodles. My easily distracted mind forgot about them and I burnt half of them and the rest were mushy goo. That was a waste. I commented to my mother that perhaps it was a sign I should not eat. She recommended I should try to eat something. I did so. Thank you, TV dinners.
After that I did some more work, like burning a few of the songs onto CDs so I will not be so overwhelmed, and now wind up here.
So… time to back track.
On Thursday evening my father got here. What happened before that, I have no recollection. Friday likely had little done, since I remember almost nothing. Saturday, he and I went grocery shopping and I am sure there were some other things, but again I cannot remember. He got the DVD Narnia though. My sister came by later. She and I watched the DVD that night. Sunday is another day I cannot remember well, but my eldest brother and his girlfriend came down and in the end the family ate dinner together. My sister, brother and his girlfriend left that night. Monday is a blur and on Tuesday morning around six my father left for his appartment. I also left the oven on for hours because I fell asleep. In fact, most of the time was a blur likely because I slept a lot.
There is not much left to say. Tomorrow, or today however it is seen, I will have an eye appointment around 2:30. Friday, my mom will be checking the house we have been hoping to get. Friday is also the day we will know whether we will be getting it or not. Here is hoping.
Oh, and the twins are nonexistent at the moment. I have not seen them for about a week now. For shame.