Do I remember…?

Hrm… I knew I wanted to type up what has gone on, but now I recollect- wait. I might know now.
Um, yesterday my father arrived here around 3:30. He brought down a computer keyboard, monitor and mouse. I cleaned up the keyboard to replace the one iIwas using. It matched the tower better.
In midst of waiting for my mom to come home a package came. It was addressed to my mother, but I was questionable. When my mother was home I opened the package when she went off to get a knife to do it instead. It was my order. I was all smiles.
Sometime later we went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. When we were back home we watched two shows together. After that my mom came into my room to watch the weather due to a tornado warning. Whilst she did that, I stuck on my head phones and worked on one of my packages. A Mobile Suit Gundam kit… joy. I spent all night on that then.
By four, I was done. I took a shower and then hit the bad. Simply put, I was achy.
I woke up around eleven to go out furniture shopping with my parents. I have no idea how long we were out. They let me pick out a bed frame and with it some night stands. There was also something meant for an entertainment center, but we figured I’d use the empty space for something and the rest could be the shelf space I needed.
When that was accomplished we went to get groceries. The price was high. We got home and unpacked. after that I cleaned the kitchen some and did some laundry. Finally I collapsed on my bed. The running around finally started to effect my tensed muscles from last night… in fact, even my fingers still hurt for the night before.
I have no idea how long I slept, but I woke up again around six when my father finished making dinner. All of us at at the table, talked some, and in the end I retreated to my room and now am here. CP is on and I’ve done a bit of searching again.
I guess that is it. My dad will be leaving Monday morning. I’ll see the therapist around five thirty that night. Okay-oh…