Not in an Updating Mood…

My dad got here on Friday. We went out to eat, at The Lakehouse. He made fun of a guy speaking in Espanol, which in turn ended with my lightly hitting him on the forehead and reprimanding him in what little Spanish I knew.
Saturday was a busy day for him. My mom’s car battery was having problems, my brother needed new shoes, the dryer died on my mom, and I am sure there were a few other things. My sister dropped by that afternoon.
Later we went to check out three houses. We loved the first one and the second one. We had to drop off my sister so she could do her homework and then chaecked out the third one. The entire family liked both the first ones so it was something of a toss up. I was adment about the second one though and argued the points of both places and the best one for the long run, which all pointed to my choice. Heh.
We just might go for it. I am not too clear about such things, but I think my parents are trying for it. Anyway, after that, we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. The talk at the table left much to be desired on my behalf. All of the talking in the car grated my nerves a bit, if my recollections are correct. My sister, brother and sometimes my dad all were talking. Sometimes they were trying to talk over each other…. I just was getting irritated by it. I tried to listen to the music on the radio, it was even playing a song I had not heard in a long time… I could not hear that over their voices though, thus it made me more annoyed.
When we got home I pretty much jumped out of the car even though it was still on and faintly moving. I had to hide out in my room. I cannot remember much about the rest of the day other than my sister coming into my room and borrowing a DVD from me.
Sunday… I cannot remember quite how it started, but I think I was up all night from around twelve and onward, so, I was moving around all morning. My dad woke up whilst I was making some noodles around five in the morning. The day continued and we left for the grocery store after he washed my sister’s car. After getting the groceries my father suggested stopping by Hastings. Over time, I have concluded that Hastings rarely has any of the stuff I am looking for in particuliar so I had best not get my hopes up there. We then left for home, unpacked things and then the day sort of blurs off.
My dad got preheated lasagna and we had that for dinner last night. I watched two rounds of Without a Trace with my parents, and then all three of us went to bed. I was out pretty much all night and into all day today. I did manage to get most of my chores done though.
All throughout this time, I worked on making screen caps, read and at one point drew Sileas.
I cannot think of much of anything else. I will be seeing Mrs. Wynn this Friday though.

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