Well, Sunday my dad managed to fix my computer. My video card was halfway melted so he took out one from one of our old computers after finding out none of the stores here carried AGP cards. It took a while and we had some troubles to get it to work, but everything is running smoothly now.
I think I slept most of the day in result of Saturday. Little sleep Friday night, the killer headache, the long car ride and the socializing seemed to be the reasons in all logic. I think it might have worried my dad. Mom understood though.
Later on we had dinner. My brother came over to eat with us and at one point was seen coming out of my room. I hate it when people enter without my permission… It is fine if I am in there while they are, but without me… I get nervous. Habit. My parents were worried since my mom left some of her jewelry out in the open of my room. They checked and everything seemed to be there.
Monday I slept a lot as well. This time was due to allergies. I was very stopped up. The runny nose didn’t help either and thus I had trouble breathing. Lying down seems to make me breathe easier. I usually end up falling asleep for a while from simply lying there and trying to breathe. After a while I’m completely cleared up. Sometimes once I get back up the difficulties rise again but other times I stay cleared up for a good long time.
When I did more chores that day however, the vacuum suddenly died on me when I only had about four by four feet of carpet left. I have no idea what happened but by Tuesday it seemed to work again. Tuesday was pretty much normal for me until around five.
My mom popped in a few minutes before five and asked if I would go shopping with her since there was a sale going on. I went, watched her pick out clothes mostly for the Christmas party at her workplace coming up. After that we stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some meds for me. Only half of the order was fulfilled. Simply put my mom was annoyed. We then stopped by a small grocery store to pick up a lot of distilled water and by request was got some cheese and chips since I wanted to a BLT that night. We got home, my mom showed dad her pickings and I made my sandwich. The rest of the night ended as usual.
Wednesday was basically a sleep like the dead day. I have no idea why, but staying awake was not my strong point. To my relief, I managed to get my chores done before my parents arrived home though.
Well, that is the week so far. This Friday my mom and I will be off to get haircuts. Next week on Thursday my cat will go in for surgery. Saturday on the thirteenth will be my birthday. The Friday after on the nineteenth I see Wynn. Then Christmas will come. Busy month this shall be.