Weekend Thankgiving

Well, Saturday I was up until eight-twenty. Yeah, I was unable to sleep the night before. I took a nap before we had to leave. I wake around nine-fifty, eat a bowl of cereal, get my music player and wait to leave. We pack in the food we are bringing and the flowers for the graves and then head off.
After making half the trip we stop to visit my sister. We see her apartment and she talks about her job. Eventually we get her to go with us. Also, she is still using her laptop. She found out getting a new one was too expensive. Heh.
We head out to get my eldest brother and his girlfriend then. It took about fifteen minutes but my dad was impatient and freaking out about “traffic”. It is the city’s capitol. Meh. Well, we get there, dad and my brother go in and then we hit the rode once more. The rest of the trip is to get to the home of my mom’s cousin.
We arrive around the time the food is done being prepared and say grace. Most of the young people eat in one room. That was my brother, sister, cousins and their spouses. In the other room were my parents, my great aunt, my cousin’s mom and another cousin known as Patty.
I ate a lot compared to usual since we wouldn’t be home but six hours later. After that I meandered about, talked to my dad, talked to Cousin Karen, and eventually talked with my mom, Eryn, my brother and cousin Patty.
I mentioned my computer. My eldest brother mentioned something about the mother board. It really wouldn’t surprise me if that was it… the mother board going kaput on me. Sigh… well, my computer is of little use to me now. I’m too afraid of it dying on me while in the middle of something, the screen is worse than the last time and all that junk. Whoo…
I had a killer headache all through the stay though and it only got worse, so I asked about Advil. Only one who had anything useful was my eldest cousin. He had some Aleve and got it out for me.
The rest of the time I simply rested my head. I sort of felt like I as back in school again since I was in a wood chair, and rested my head o a wood table. I heard everyone talking in the background and my head hurt. Yep… ‘sort of felt like school.
Eventually my parents get ready to visit my grandparents’ graves. My sister and I accompany them while my brother’s and Eryn go back to their home. My second brother mainly wanted to rest. He and my sister didn’t really sleep the night before either. So, we head out.
We went to the cemetery, took away the old flowers and put in the new. We talked some and eventually returned to the others. We stayed at Karen’s for another thirty minutes; I rested my head again and heard people talk in the background while my sister played with the cat.
After we said out goodbyes we piled into the car again and went to fetch my brother. We get him, drop off my sister and head home. Other than stopping at a convenience store for drinks it was a smooth ride.
We arrived home then and I went straight to my room to collapse. After that I slept through the night with only a few times of waking up. I finally woke again around eight thirty this morning. I took a shower and am now on my dad’s computer since mine is even worse than it was two days ago. My computer was off almost all day yesterday to this morning.
I guess that is all.