Gifts, Meetings and Plans…

Eh… I’m not much in the writing mood. Over the 15th to 16th weekend my mom shopped for things. Most were religious items, but she also looked online for lab-created diamonds. My brother stole her real-diamond ring. She got a lab-diamond ring on the Internet.
I’ve already gotten a Christmas present for my mother. It isn’t gold, but it is a religious item. It is a charm bracelet. My dad thinks she’ll love it. I ordered my father his present earlier during the week. It is a watch. I seem to be going to wrist adornments this year.
Anyway, this week has been pretty much the usual. Well, except Wednesday. My father went to a meeting with my mom. He went for her sake, really. I doubt he liked being there at all. When they returned and my mom commented similar sentiments, I noted that if she keeps managing to get him to come though she might convert him. After all, my dad never went to church for years. After coming down here, though, he goes now.
Thursday was normal, but around six UPS drops off my present for dad. I’m in the middle of washing dishes so I cannot take it from him. Waiting for me to finish, my dad squints his eyes to get an idea as to what it is. From the return address the company’s name is there. I just hope as hell my dad’s eyesight is as poor as it seems to be. If it isn’t, he knows I got him a watch. In truth the uncertainty makes me anxious and frustrated. I just hope he couldn’t read the typing. If he did, I’m angry at his curiosity. Mom reassures me though that “he can’t see shit”. That calmed me a bit.
Friday and the weekend went off without a hitch.
Well, this week Thanksgiving comes up. My mom will be working that day, but at her work place during lunch family can come by and eat a Thanksgiving meal there. My dad, and possibly I’ll go, to eat with her. Our real family meal will be over the weekend with my mom’s cousin and aunt. That way the entire family can be there.
Well, that is it.