Nonexistent Crisis…

Dad is also a dork… God, please help him.
My mom came home early this afternoon. She went walking, ate dinner, watched half a show and went to a meeting at six thirty. My dad and I finished watching said show and I fixed myself something to eat. Around seven fifteen my brother calls up. My dad became upset and pretty much does his usual “blow things out of proportion” act. My brother called asking to talk to my mom, but as said, she was gone. Dad tried calling her. She either had her phone turned off or left it in her car I guess because he couldn’t contact her.
I did my best to ignore him, so focused on my food and the rest of the show. Usually when he is like this, I tend to get worried, frustrated, sick or something. My main coping measure these days it detachment I guess. So, yeah… I did my best not to notice. It is all routine anyway.
Dad, as usual, was angry at my mom. He always blames her when she isn’t around during a crisis. My dad can’t handle anything that might occur in the family. This wasn’t a crisis. I was rather annoyed. My mom underwent emotional trials because of the son he was worried about. She was at the meeting to help her cope or some such. He said she needed to be here and not at some meeting. I believe I rolled my eyes over his comment. He later goes out to the garage and paces. My mom finally comes home and he of course was mad at her and whatnot. Oi. She simply told him to stop and called my brother back. Good for her.
Well, they talked and the conversation sounded fine from what my mom’s voice sounded like in the other room. In the end, my brother simply didn’t have meds he needed. He never got in an appointment with his doctor on Monday and Tuesday was of course a holiday. Today, his doctor was at his main office that happens to not be here, so there were difficulties. It was nothing to get panicked over. My brother just needed to talk and find out how to get his meds.
Well, mom helped my brother… they got in contact with the doctor after much miscommunication and glitches and the doctor got the meds prescribed. My brother should be able to get them soon. He called my mom not to long ago to tell her I guess. They talked. Mom relayed how insane Dad was being and I added in a comment. They laughed a bit and eventually hung up. I then asked what the whole deal was over and sighed. I figured it would be as much.
My mom also talked about the meeting she went to. It seemed beneficial I guess. She seemed pleased with how it went, so that is great. After that she headed out of my room, I wished her a good night and hopes that she sleeps well and now I’m here finishing this.
Heh… it is so interesting how one day I’ll be frustrated over one person and then annoyed with the next when both people were on opposite ends elsewhere. About the only one who doesn’t do such ridiculous things would be my mom. I’m always sympathetic with her.
I love my dad… but he is a strange, sick, co-dependent, loving, well-meaning man. He just really has bad perspective on how dire a situation really is I suppose. I could go on about all his frustrating oddities… but I don’t have the mind or interest to right now… I just think back to the one wish I’d make when it comes to him. Please let him find some sort of inner peace… nirvana… whatever. It would do him good.
Last words… despite all that is happening… I am actually grateful. Compared to plenty of families out there… mine is likely quite tame. We are all just relatively nuts be it the good kind or the bad.