The Busy Season Continues…

Well, my sister arrived Saturday morning around seven. Earlier in the week it was assumed that my brother and father were going to go to where she lived to help her get ready for her trip this coming week. My sister being who she is, changed this at the last minute. We were expecting her to come around noon as well.. Well, she crashed in the guest room. I guess my washing the bed coverings, cases and so forth was of use.
I woke up two hours after that. I ate breakfast, did some chores and took a shower. The day was pretty normal for a Saturday minus the lack of going out for a walk. Mom’s back had been bothering her a great deal so it was decided that we would skip walking this weekend. It seemed fine enough a plan since my sister would be here.
Dad and I went grocery shopping around ten and got back around eleven. After putting up the groceries I ate lunch and admittedly I cannot recall what went on after that. I possibly took a nap. Well, I know I was up again around four. My sister was up an about, I’m pretty sure my brother stopped in soon after as well and I got to doing some chores.
Making a quick dinner of ramen noodles I mainly kept to myself and stayed in my room the rest of the evening. Around nine my sister decided to go to the grocery store to grab something – likely food related items. She asked if I needed anything and if I would like o go. I declined. It was nine at night and I was preoccupied.
My decision was sound. My sister called the house a while later. She had gone to the store, gathered her things and it wound up she forgot her wallet. Dad had to fetch it, drive over there and save her. Yep, I am glad I didn’t go.
The rest of the night was pretty normal. Well, I stayed up quite late, but I could get away with it since I wasn’t going out walking in the morning. Also, I slept a good deal during the day so it was inevitable. I’d leave my room at times to do chores and I’d see my sister either dosing or watching something on her computer. I eventually went to sleep around four that morning.
I woke again around one P.M. Sunday. To my surprise my sister was still here. She was still asleep even. Well, I just did my usual… ate, did some chores and pretty soon my sister woke as well. She took a shower, Mom made herself lunch and pretty much breakfast for my sister. I sampled it, but I knew it wasn’t my thing anyway. It was a good thing I had eaten an hour before.
Anyway, my sister’s time had come. Her car had been checked out, my dad bout her new tires… It was time for her to leave. She left around two to three thirty. All she had left to do was get her things ready for tomorrow and say goodbye to her friends. She of course does this by partying and staying out until four in the morning. Dad was not pleased.
Monday morning around eleven my sister finally left for her long road trip to Virginia. She should have left at eight for good timing, but she’s my sister. She does things her way. This rather angered my dad and he tends to take this stuff out on Mom. Mom of course confided in me. We have a system. Fortunately after driving all day and into the night she made it was starting point A to point B safely. Dad even called her up to make amends later that night. Now she had two more days of driving after that.
Mom also went to see the chiropractor again. They took x-rays and did things to help alleviate her problems. She came back admittedly feeling a difference and got some answers. Now it is the slow progress of helping her get over one hurdle in order to reach the smaller ones.
Tuesday, I chipped a decent amount of my left front tooth off around noon time. I had finished eating and was flossing my teeth. I’ve had a small chip on the edge of it for a while, but it never really gave me problems other than snagging floss at times. Well, it really snagged some this time. Fibers were lodged so I used some more floss to get those free. Well, it certainly got them free… took off a nice chunk too. To my fortune it hasn’t caused sensitivity or anything. I just know if it stays like this for too long I’ll likely irritated my tooth or the gum line near it because my tongue is just drawn to it like mad.
Well, something will be done about it soon. My mom made an appointment for me with the dentist. It will be tomorrow afternoon at one thirty. Along with that my Dad’s birthday is to be celebrated. We got him the cards and his gift a while back as mentioned. It seems Mom completely forgot, too. I checked the calendar and it was confirmed. So I got out the stuff and handed her the cards. Her reaction said all. Well, the cards are signed and enveloped. With his sunglasses, they are safely resting on his desk to be discovered tomorrow morning. Other than those two things, I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be the usual.
Also, out of the blue, I must mention my sister again. Tuesday she made it to point C and today she made it to final point D mid afternoon. Dad should sleep better tonight and hopefully my sister will get some much deserved sleep as well.
As for Friday and the weekend everything should be the usual… well, minus the Chakra class Mom and I will be going to on Sunday. Then on next Friday we’ll go on our haircut expedition. Oh, joy.
I still have no idea when my brother is going to come down for his birthday though… Mom said she emailed him about that a couple of times now but he hasn’t answered back. If she got any reply recently it slipped her mind to tell me.
Anything else? Well, my mom called the podiatrist to talk about getting her orthodic leveled with a cork padding again. That is one factor to her back problems. Well, the doctor wanted us to come in for a check up, so I’m reeled into that now too. That will occur later in September on the twenty-seventh.
Then on the thirtieth mom and I will have our teeth cleaned at the dentist.
That is all for this month and the coming month  from what I know so far.