Different Sort of Weekend…

My sister is coming over tomorrow. The indecisive bugger she is, this visit has been flip-flopped around a couple of times. First she’s coming, then she isn’t, now she’s coming again. Of course the final decision is last minute.
This visit is all to get her ready for her long trip to Virginia. To see us and give goodbyes seems to be an added bonus, since before her final decision my dad and brother were going to visit her. From what I know, all of this is about getting her car ready… inspect it, get it new tires and so forth.
My dad will likely buy the tires. He’ll also likely buy all the gas when they are on the road together – yes, Dad is going with her. Well, hopefully buying my own clothes and such for the wedding will ease that a bit… doubtful. My expenses wouldn’t leave a dent I’m sure.
Mom woke me up this morning to tell me all of this. I’ll need to tidy the guest/sewing/cat room up more than usual just in case my sister stays the night. She’s allergic to animals so hello washing bed covers. I’ll try to get some dusting in as well.
I’m not quite sure when we’ll be doing groceries though… Maybe we’ll go this evening opposed to tomorrow. Who knows?
I guess it is also a good thing that my mom is taking a break from walking this weekend since when my sister comes along “so much goes on” and she can be energy draining for us introverts. I think she is actually the only extrovert in this immediate family…
Mom is taking the break from walking because her hip has been acting up big time lately. She even went to see and doctor about it yesterday. They did electrotherapy or something like that. I’m not too sure, but it had something to do with that. She said she felt better after the procedure though and she’ll be seeing the doctor again on Mondays. It isn’t certain if this will be a long term thing or if the Monday appointments will dwindle in time, but good luck to her.
Anything else? Nothing comes to mind. Okay!
I just felt like getting this out. Whoo.