There is a Season – Turn, Turn, Turn…

This week has been fine enough. There was nothing great, nothing of utter terror… just… here. Friday went on per usual. Saturday my dad came down. It might have been Sunday did my E. brother come down to eat dinner with us. That night I joyously saw an episode from CSI: LA that I had missed and was informed by my mother to be utterly gruesome. I expected worse. Oh well.

Well, by the end of this month, E. Brother will be heading forChicago. I believe I picked up somewhere that before he goes he’ll stay with us for a while just to make up for the lost time when he is gone I guess.

Monday was a bit of a blur. I was up at eight and helped my dad on moving things from one storage unit across town to a closer and bigger one just a few minutes from us. Around ten I was getting woozy though due to not eating for a while, so my dad dropped me off. I did the chores and by eleven I collapsed on my bed due to a headache. Much to my annoyance I fell asleep for four hours.

At that note, that is how I’ve been sleeping lately. Four hours down, up again, four hours down and up again. Next week or so I’ll probably be sleeping all day or night for a while and then that will change into something else. Ah… my odd brain chemistry.

I think it is all conditioned. Half of my middle school years were spent getting four hours at max every night. Later on there were sleep meds. Farther on when I was out of high school I spent a year able to sleep when my body needed rest. Then there was the change of trying to stay up all day. With so many changes each year or so… No wonder!

Oh yeah, due to my lovely sleeping hours, I saw Shred a few times this week via messenger. I learned two things that deal with the past.

One, the school thought I was crazy. Yeah, I should have known that, but still. It bothered me a bit too. If they all thought I was crazy, why did some poke at the fire? Why egg me on? Were they hoping I’d explode or end up mentally screwed to the point of being in a nuthouse for the rest of my life? Lovely.

Two, all those times I would rant and such to him… I really did not think he got anything out of it. I guess that is why I apologized for pouring my issues out to him. He told me not to act like he did not gain anything from it and informed me what he gained – knowledge that he was not the only person who had so many problems.

I had not really considered that. I was just constantly worrying that I was just wasting his time and telling him stuff repeatedly while he had enough to deal with on his own. Pretty much, I was surprised or something.

Anyway, after I woke up around four, I meandered out to see if my brother was home. If not, I could vacuum. He was home and much to my surprise so was my dad. He usually leaves on Mondays, so I figured he had left without saying goodbye to me. Nope. It seems he would be here until Wednesday.

The day went on and around eight I hit the bed. I awoke around twelve or so. The rest of the night was spent revamping a picture. Late morning my dad went in for a job interview. Odd, no? He is finally retiring and is now looking for a job. Well, one he always needs to do something. After a while he’d get bored I guess. Two, there are still house payments and the like.

The place he applied at is what I assume is a somewhat separate community for the more privileged in this city. The job my dad is going for is selling homes there. He came back, told me it went well and from the looks of it, he already has the job… it just depends if he wants it.

All I can say it, good luck to him. If all goes well, he’ll take some classes for a month or so. Business should be smooth enough for him considering the place is for those who are rich; therefore he’ll be dealing with people who can actually afford the houses they are looking at.

On Wednesday, my dad left back for his apartment for the last time and should be back for good at the beginning of next month. On the third he’ll be going back to talk more about the position.

He’s pretty overwhelmed with all the change. My mom is excited. During the afternoon she came home earlier than usual. She spoke to my brother and me about the job. She and my second brother talked about money. I sort of tuned that out since even when I am listening it is just a bunch of numbers to me.

In any case, my mom hopes the job does suit my dad. She spoke of possibilities of the future based on such a path. Basically it was focused on paying off the credit card debts, then the car payments and hopefully my brothers’ loss of money… stolen, wasted or otherwise.

All that does to me is cause the need to shake my head at the fact that they have to do such for them to begin with. My parents are wonderful though, so I suppose such a situation is to be considered.

Wednesday night to now (11 AM) was spent awake. The day has gone as usual. My mom went to work; I wished her luck on her day. From six to around the time she left I did chores with the addition of dusting and some mopping. I took a break since I was getting tired. I was intending to go to sleep, but I seem to be wired or something. Joy.

Maybe I’ll sleep after I post this and eat something.