Somewhat Foggy…

Well, my E. Brother did not receive an iPod. Also, his birthday was actually yesterday. I always sucked at remembering birth days. I’m better at birth months.

While that is a good thing, the bad thing is the reason he did not get it. My sister. As my mom puts it, she is manipulative. My dad is easy to sway. My sister never asks my mom for help since my mom has learned over the years that doing such will only make her an enabler. Dad is a hardcore enabler… Apparently my sister knows that, hence the manipulation.

What did she do this time? Apartment. She is sharing one with two girls. Despite the rent is split through them, my sister tricked my father. He was just going to sign something regarding her and give in a fifty. I know naught on the details.  Well, it ends up, she really intended for him to be the guarantor. He instead would have to pay one-fifty and make up for all three girls if the rent is not met.

Mom and I agree he should have said no. He did not go there due to agreement on that. He claims that if it happens once, the three girls will just have to move out and he will only pay the first time it happens. My mother and I are highly skeptical about that. He is freakishly co-dependant. So, if my sister and those two girls screw up, it will screw over my parents.

The weekend went over smoothly other than that I was out of it most of the time due to stress, pain and thus much sleeping. Dad and my elder brother left Monday morning. My dad spent some hours fixing the garbage disposal, dishwasher and cleaning the kitchen when he stopped by the house E. Brother is resident in. Other than that, he made it back to his apartment safely.

The rest of the time has been a blur so far. There was a fright over my second brother’s cat though. The poor sucker was throwing up constantly. He did not eat though, so it was always just clear, lightly green tinted liquid. He became very weak as well. He had strained his throat enough that his voice did not sound like it usually did either.

Despite that, tonight he is looking a lot better. His meow is strong again, he does not seem as weak, and while I’m not certain about drinking or eating, I have seen him lap the gravy off the wet food.  Therefore, hopefully all the bad has passed.

Other than that, the week is uneventful and somewhat a fog. Today I’ll do my usual chores and dusting. Tomorrow I’ll have to mop the floors. No plans come to mind, so I’m pretty sure nothing will really come up the end of this week. I hope not anyway.