A Salad…

From around Monday to Tuesday I’ve been trying to think up ideas for what to get my dad for Christmas. He is the sort who is not materialistic and is more the sentimental type. Photo collages have already been thought of. His hobby has gone away since his arthritis interferes with his golfing as well as lack of friends to golf with here. He reads, but not often and I have no idea what sort of book he likes. Music has been done. Cooking a nice meal is out of the question… it goes on. In the end, I decide a watch. His previous one broke and now he’s wearing a cheap one from Wal-Mart.
Tuesday my mom was informed that an aunt of hers, one who had married into the family, died. Also on Tuesday Mom and I went to vote around five in the afternoon. We were the only voters in there. No line for us! It was either that day or the night before, my brother’s car was repossessed. He will be going a few hours away to get his stuff back from inside it. In any case, Tuesday was… eventful.
Wednesday in turn was uneventful.
Thursday started out as usual for me. My mom left for the funeral. It started around two likely. Around evening she called Dad and told him she was eating salad with her cousin – the one most of us call aunt. My great aunt seems to have made it through the funeral okay from what my mom says.
A bit before the call, my dad, brother and I went to the grocery store. My brother got a few things, my dad needed soap and I got some noodles. After that they stopped for hamburgers and we dropped my brother off at the apartment he is sharing with a friend/co-worker/someone.
My father and I returned home then, I cooked some noodles and we settled down to watch two shows. I rock when it comes to the shows my mom records. One of them was Criminal Minds, I figured out the unsub near the beginning. Heck yeah. I got all the twists! Well, after watching CSI: NY my dad turned off the television and we both went to bed.
Friday was pretty much the usual. Mom arrived back in town around five thirty and we met up to eat dinner. She had a good time with her cousin after the funeral was over. They caught up and spoke about everything and nothing.
I asked about my great aunt. Considering her condition, she is doing okay. Despite that, she isn’t the same person she used to be. She forgets things as well as repeats thoughts. Her voice is more raspy/hoarse/something. My mom told me she has a new heart monitor, but it is big and while some will send a shock to jolt the heart back into beating should it stop; this one makes her heart work all the time. Sigh…
Well, after that, we got home. We unloaded the car of Mom’s things and then settled in. Mom and I watched two shows together. One was the Criminal Minds I saw the night before. I was the master on that one. Ha! Yeah… she didn’t catch onto things or make correlations like I did. We either think the same things and figure the cases out in sync, she catches on before I do or I catch on before she does. Sometimes we never really get anywhere. After that, we then watched Life, which was mainly just watching.
Well, it is now almost nine. This is all I’m writing.