My mom was considerably sick on Wednesday, thus she stayed home. She has asthma and possibly pneumonia… and allergies. It is something like that anyway.
Thursday we left for the capital around 8:30. We arrived around 10:20 and ate lunch. After that we went for our hair appointments. My mother went in around 12:15. I read a book by Neil Gaiman until it was my time to go in.
I got my haircut by a lady I knew when younger, but had stopped seeing. What can I say, the stylist I ask for now knows Asian hair. The lady I had is a great stylist, but her technique is very different… and my hair left some to be desired. Oh well.
After that, I merely waited on my mother. She takes longer since she has a bleach/dye job and then a haircut. I took out my Discman, played a CD and resumed my book. Annoyingly, I had a headache. I suppose it was lack of sleep. I went to sleep around three thirty and woke up around six. After that I had drifted in and out, light snoozing until we left.
An interesting thing is, in midst of reading and music listening, some lady gives me a card. I was about to turn off the volume, but I got the gist that she was leaving and merely said a brief apology for disturbing me. I found it amusing that the card had to do with a battle of the bands music competition. I smirked and used it to mark an extra page I wanted to keep in mind – I hate dog-earing pages.
Anyway, my mom eventually is done and we just head home. She was hacking up a horse when we stepped outside and I pretty much still had the issue of my head bothering me. My sister called her and eventually we hit the rode. I rested my head during that until we stopped for some drinks and fries. After that I felt better and then resumed listening to music.
I drifted off apparently. We were home before I knew it. Still out of it, I putted about and did only a bit of tidying up. I eventually got my second wind, my mother and I watched a show and then I went to work on my chores.
I began piddling and decided to lie down again. I never slept, but I knew my mind was too foggy to get anything decent done. About one to two hours later I decided to get. I did a bit of laundry and then wound up here.
Let us see now… tomorrow I will be seeing Wynne around 1:30 if I am not mistaken. Next week, I think on Tuesday or Wednesday I will see Dr. Givens? Then as mentioned before, my last appointment for this month should be my first dental operation on the 23rd… The other two occur next month. Oh joy.
Oh, and my dad and sister are coming down Saturday, Sunday all available family members will be down here for Easter… and… Yeah. I think my dad goes back on Monday or Tuesday. Blah…
That is it.