Eh… I’m not really in the mood for typing anything, but I figured I needed to type up something on this sucker. Well… My mom’s Ebay gift came. “MIB” apparently meant something different to the seller than it does to me. I was relatively disappointed and thus felt dread over my mother’s response. Why? She was looking forward to it and was excited.
I checked the thing out when it arrived to make sure there was no damage. Well, there was no damage, but what was “advertised” had… come to be… lacking. Therefore, the rest of the day I felt sick due to anxiety. Basically, I was sick to my stomach, breathing very shallow and was overall miserable. I went to my room and went to sleep just to make the feeling subside some… and to avoid my mom when she came home. I wrote a note before I did such though.
My mother came home, obviously read said note and came into my room. I woke up… the rest is a blur, but overall she assured me she was happy enough. I still feel doubtful of that and when I cleaned up, I found the note I had written her and I occasionally saw the gift. It just made me feel a bit down. I had tried so damn hard, and yet failed. Sigh…
Today an email from a site I ordered something for my mom’s birthday. It gave notice that it was being shipped. I hold better hopes for this one. The only way something bad will occur in this scenario is if it never arrives or is broken during the travel. Even then, it has refund. Here is hoping.
In other news, CP appeared out of nowhere on the previous weekend… in fact, it was Saturday, the very day my Dad came down to visit us. We only saw each other a few nights and now she has disappeared again. I assume it is due to catching the flu. Last I saw her, she was feeling feverish and noted that she had emptied all of her stomach contents right before she left. Good luck to her. I still have not encountered Neko, however. I was informed she was in a slump, therefore I leave it as that.
The next week and through March, I will have spaced out appointments. On the 27th, I am off to see the family doctor. I think it is mainly for a physical. In March, I will see Cindy on a Thursday (8). On a Wednesday (14), I will see the dentist. On a different Wednesday (28) I see the eye doctor, I believe. Then, some Tuesday in April, some other doctor about a specific issue I have. Oh, such joy.
Um… nothing else really comes to mind. Yeah.