God bless my dad, the soft-heart he is. Sigh… To my great annoyance, my father came home around noon and I find my brother in the house. My dad was outside letting his dog out and my brother was in the house unsupervised. Sure, it was only for a minute or two and all that other shit, but I’m not lenient like my father.
Apparently my brother has the ability to come and go freely today because he has laundry to be washed. That annoyed me. My brother stole thousands of dollars worth of my mom’s belongings and he still gets to come here to get his laundry done. He should be ashamed to come near this house. I just kept wondering which room I should stay in while he’s here… my parents’ room or mine. I decided to take all the jewelry my mom has left (well, what I could find) and take it to my room.
Sigh, my dad went back to work soon after he came back. I asked why. He said he and my brother went to get some groceries. That made me even more frustrated. My dad got him groceries! Oi… My dad quickly goes back to forgiveness and trust. While I can understand the forgiveness thing due to Christianity… the trust is given far too soon. I mean, my dad is just enabling him. My mom loves to use to word enabling… heh. That is what my parents have always done in their forgiving. Forgiveness is fine, but from what my mom has learned, they forgive to the point that nothing is learned or changed.
Normally I’d forgive my brother, but his latest thing took the cake. I’m not forgiving him. I have conditions. For me to forgive him, he’d have to restore all of my mom’s possessions. For me to trust him… he’d have to go through a program again and actually stick with it this time… allow us to take surprise drug tests on him every once in a while even.
My brother might have gotten a tad of respect from me if he had refused my dad’s help. He didn’t refuse. No shame and no sense of responsibility. He should feel too guilty to accept such. That or at least have some pride in the matter. “I’ve done enough taking, I shouldn’t take more.” No… he still takes. I mean, medical help, sure… I can see helping him on that… other stuff… he has a job and he should get his own damn groceries.
Sigh… just thinking of him makes me tired. Sure, this entry seems quite fueled, but compared to previous times it isn’t. I just want that idiot out of this house.