Wrists and Cats…

Mom liked her birthday gifts. She went to a seminar on Asperger’s on Thursday and spent time with my sister.
My sis’ has been having trouble as of late in terms of testing. She wants to get into a grad school. She has always had major test anxieties. As of late it has gotten to the point that she had a panic attack in the middle of one. My mom thinks she has ADHD or something… maybe it was just ADD? Sis’ is against seeing a doctor to test for it. If she did end up with such a diagnosis it wouldn’t do well for the job field she is pursuing to have such a thing on her records. Then there is the case of her lack of health insurance…
Um… the weekend went pretty normal. Eh… I got a brace/cast-like thing to support my wrist Saturday as my mom and I did some errands. It seems to be helping while being irritating at the same time. In any case, I feel sorry for people stuck in casts. They do not have the fortune to undo the thing to relieve the heat or the discomfort.
Sunday I was out most of the day for some reason. I rarely got anything done in regards to chores. In a later attempt to keep myself awake I watched a movie, but was soon out of it once it was finished. I did wake for the last time around ten that night. I did some chores and then worked on coloring a picture on the computer for hours on end until my wrists were becoming tired and my head was hurting. I slept for a while, woke up, saw my parents and did some more chores. After they left I got in my shower and spent time with my cat. I’m a sucker for him. After that I did a few more chores, retreated to my room and finished the rest of the picture.
By the end of Monday my mom pops in earlier than usual. She made an appointment to get my cat checked on. They ran blood tests and he is worse than before. We cried, “What are we doing wrong?!” The doctor says we are doing what we can. It isn’t us. My cat’s kidneys are what is doing wrong. Sigh. I found out what those levels were. BUN. His blood urea nitrogen levels should be at 35 at least. Nope… they are at 81 now. Sigh. To help flush out his kidneys the doc tuck him up to an IV and let 5 cc of some sort of fluid enter his body.
He lost a bit of weight too. The doc gave us another sort of prescription food on him. He took to it well. He was chomping down on it when we got home. Despite he took breaks in between, he ate all the serving we gave him… he rarely does that. Sigh… The result now is that… my cat has just months at best now.
Tuesday was just another day other than that I made some sort of inventory/record/list thing. My mom came home around 4:50 and we checked my cat in for another IV treatment. We got some more of the wet food he tried out the day before as well. Once done, we headed for home. Again, the rest is just as usual.
Wednesday was pretty much the usual. Again, around five he was at the vet to get some fluids. I paid for the services for the week, but found the woman apparently did not understand what my mom told her, so I simply paid for that day and my brother’s bag of cat food despite my mom had already aid for said cat food… Oh-kay… We of course intend to look into that again when we have the time.
Anyway, it is now Thursday, slightly after two. The day again has been the usual. Tomorrow shall not be, however. Why? Haircut Day. Pretty much that means I’m gone most of the day.