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Welcome to The Foyer. Here you can get acquainted with the origins of Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ (ネオアンジェリーク Abyss) and learn more about the series in general.


The series Nyx (ニクス) comes from is known as Neo Angelique. It is a neoromance game from Japan, which is part of the Angelique franchise. Neoromance literally translates as "New Romance". It is a genre term for series that have a reverse harem situation. A reverse harem indicates a scenario where there is a female surrounded by a group of males.

The Angelique series started out as a video game developed by Ruby Party, a division of Koei. It was released in 1994 by Koei and NEC Home Electronics. The series soon grew and had many continuance games and eventually a spin-off.

Angelique Dating Simulation Games:
Angelique Special 2
Angelique Trois
Angelique Etoile
Neo Angelique

Neo Angelique

Neo Angelique is the spin-off. It is a renewal of the original series, but with new characters. An animated series based on the game soon followed. It is titled Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ and is divided into two seasons, the second being titled Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ Second Age.

The setting is in a fictional world known as Arcadia. For centuries the people of Arcadia are threatened by life draining creatures known as Thanatos. The majority of the population is helpless against the monsters but there are few who have the ability to fight back. They are known as Purifiers. They have the abilities to destroy Thanatos.

The series begins with a sixteen-year-old girl named Angelique (アンジェリーク). She attends an all girls boarding school and seems to have an ordinary life. One day she is visited by Nyx, a Purifier, who read about her exhibiting healing powers. Interested in her potential powers, he invites her to join him and his organization of Purifiers. Not believing she has such powers Angelique refuses. She would rather stay in school and follow her dream to become a doctor to help people like her parents were.

Angelique's decision is changed when a Thanatos attacks her school. Despite reluctance, Nyx manages to pull her into the fight. Witnessing Nyx and his colleague, Rayne (レイン), fighting a hard battle against a Thanatos and being surrounded my multiple victims, Angelique's powers are unleashed due to wishing to be able to protect everyone. Unlike Nyx and Rayne, however, her powers actually purifies the Thanatos rather than destroying it.

Revealed as the only female purifier, an explosion of light rushes from where Angelique stands to the sky. An aurora borealis of legend appears, which signifies that Angelique is the Queen's Egg. She is Arcadia's hope for she is a candidate to be the Queen of Arcadia.

The show then proceeds to follow Angelique as she joins and meets other Purifiers and fights against Thanatos.

Orb Hunters - Purifiers:
Angelique (アンジェリーク)
Nyx (ニクス) - Founder
Rayne (レイン)
J.D. (ジェイド)
Hyuga (ヒュウガ)

Celestial Order:
Mathias (マティアス) - Temporary Head
René (ルネ) - True Head

Knights of the Silver Tree:
Dion (ディオン) - Leader
Carlyle (カーライル) - Deceased

Artifact Foundation:
Yorgo (ヨルゴ) - Director
Erenfried (エレンフリート)
Jet (ジェット) - Artifact based on J.D.

Other Important Characters:
Bernard (ベルナール) - Journalist
Roche (ロシュ) - Information broker

Erwin (エルヴィン) - Angelique's cat
Hannah (ハンナ) - Angelique's classmate
Sally (サリー) - Angelique's classmate
Elder Of The Kozu Dragon Clan - J.D.'s father
Kai - J.D.'s deceased friend
Rouki (ロウキ) - J.D. and Kai's friend Captain Sedna

Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ and Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ Second Age were directed by Shin Katagai and produced by the Yumeta Company.

Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ was first aired in Japan by TV Tokyo, Arts Central on April 6, 2008 to June 29, 2008. Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ Second Age was first aired in Japan by TV Tokyo, Arts Central on July 6, 2008 to September 14, 2008.

The series consists of twenty-six episodes.

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